Iron Warrior

HP ??
Weakness Dark.
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Iron Warrior is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Iron Warrior Information

A large, headless giant wearing iron armor. These warriors most likely wore iron Minotaur Helmets.

There is a variant that wields a large mace with the same move set as the Smelter Hammer, but can inflict bleed. They are located in the same area.






Strategy Tips

  • Avoid their grab attack
  • If fighting them in the lower Foyer in the ashen area, the flame jets nearby serve as a great way to kill them, providing you have destroyed all of the powder barrels and hollows.
  • Keep your distance during the spinning attack
  • About half of the encounters with this enemy occur near environmental hazards or Barrel-Carriers. These can be used to the player's advantage, and this seems to be the intended method of defeating them in several encounters. 
  • Causing a Barrel-Carrier to explode near this enemy results in a one-hit kill (needs confirmation).


Move Set

  • Smelter Hammer / Drakekeeper's Hammer
  • Pauldron Fire Breath



  • --


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    • Anonymous

      03 Jul 2021 09:54  

      One time I was fighting one of these guys, and suddenly they randomly his legs started glitching and just clipped out of the game

      • Anonymous

        11 Jun 2021 23:05  

        Poison Arrows work pretty great against tanky enemies like the iron warrior, because poison ignores the armor and goes straight for the health, keep in mind you need like 5-6 arrows to poison an iron warrior and then some patience is needed. But it works well and does the job. Can used against practically anything though too. They're sold by Gavlan for 60 souls each, not to bad of a price.

        • Anonymous

          31 Mar 2021 18:27  

          Word of caution, don't bother hitting these guys while they're in their spawn animation.

          Because apart from not dealing any damage, for some unexplained reason it'll take massive chunks out of your current weapons durability for every hit that "connects".

          I found this out while farming the three that spawn in the spot where you get the iron key for Titanite Slabs.

          • Anonymous

            25 Jan 2021 03:20  

            I don't know how I did but I playing Dark Souls 2 right now and I broke A.I. of one of these guys. I posted a vid of it it to my twitter.

            • Anonymous

              21 Jan 2021 08:40  

              I don't know how I did but I playing Dark Souls 2 right now and I broke A.I. of one of these guys. I posted a vid of it it to my twitter.
              Twitter DOT com/LoyceKnight_/status/1352157417543356417

              • Anonymous

                18 Aug 2020 05:25  

                anyone else seen a dark spirit iron warrior on intensity 8 by the fume knights fog ?
                cant see any mention elsewhere

                • Anonymous

                  19 Feb 2020 23:55  

                  When I fought one of the ones in the fume knight area it became petrified during the battle. I have no clue how, but has anyone else seen this?

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Jul 2018 00:39  

                    This things kinda bullshit. An otherwise easy enemy (though bit of a hp sponge) only made annoying by the consistent spewing fire/lava from it's body that makes you have to wait for an opening in both it's attack and the lava, while also only getting one hit in each time.

                    • Anonymous

                      10 Jan 2018 20:24  

                      Really good trade item if you have extras. Use unupgraded chicken legs to trade for rare stuff like Heide Knight stuff or Syan stuff.

                      • unlucky?29 Aug 2016 11:02  

                        I had the goal of dual wielding smelter hammers, so I equipped jester's hat, gold serpent ring +1, munched on some rusted coins, and proceeded to despawn every Iron Warrior before the Fume Knight. I got a couple helms and 4 slabs, but only one hammer. Was I just super unlucky, or am I misunderstanding how these "luck" items work?

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