Steady Hand McDuff

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
1,860 1,600 Lost Bastille Titanite Slab

Steady Hand McDuff is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Steady Hand McDuff Information

  • Blacksmith McDuff is the only blacksmith in the game that can infuse equipment.
  • He must be given the Dull Ember before his services are made available.
  • In order to get the "Smith for Life" Trophy/Achievement, one must spend a certain amount of souls (14,000) and/or use every type of infusion (varies depending on version, PC SOTFS requires infusions), and then talk to him.
  • You can enter McDuff's room in the following ways:
    1. The Bastille Key will allow you to simply open the door.
    2. Push the explosive barrel down the stairs to destroy the weakened wall to the left of the door, revealing a bonfire and the rear entrance to McDuff's smithy. If the barrel does not explode on its own, you can simply nudge it into place and detonate it yourself with a Firebomb. May be able to set off barrel with any weapon that does Fire damage. A sufficiently large enough weapon, such as a Great Hammer or Ultra Greatsword should also work.
  • Once the torch in his room is lighted he will move near the torch to work on anvil leaving the chest he was covering before open for looting.




Lost Bastille. He is in the lower part of the Bastille, where three dogs guard a gate at the base of a long staircase, which has an explosive barrel and a large enemy at its peak.




  1. Titanite Slab




Item Quantity Price
Repair Powder 1 2500
Large Titanite Shard Infinite 2500
Wood Arrow Infinite 10
Iron Arrow Infinite 30
Iron Greatarrow Infinite 120
Wood Bolt Infinite 25
Heavy Bolt Infinite 50
Bastard Sword 1 3000
Uchigatana 1 5000
Greataxe 1 6200
Winged Spear 1 2500
Scythe 1 3500
Long Bow 1 2000
Light Crossbow 1 1500
Royal Kite Shield 1 2400




- First Encounter (Senile)

  1. Meh heh heh…
    Oh why can't they all be this easy?…Meh heh heh
  2. Hmph! Hmm! We've got a wild one here!
    Shape up! Shape up, I say!
  3. Oh-hoh hoh hoh! That's it, yes, that's the way!
    Dear flame…how brightly you burn! Meh heh heh…
  4. I ought to fetch a new ember…
    Flame, dear flame…

- After Obtaining Dull Ember
Flame flame…I smell flame upon you.
I'm McDuff the blacksmith; all I want is a little flame.
So, hand that ember to me.
Right now, you imbecile.

- Answering YES
Oh-hoh! What a marvellous ember!
You've got stones, I pray.
Give me stones, and I'll fortify your gear.

- Answering NO
Hmph! Oh, do it yourself, then!

- Using Talk Option

  1. Flame, dear flame…
    I give you my all, and you waver and falter.
    Meh heh heh…
  2. From the start of time, flame allowed man to flourish.
    And even now, he devises new fiery arts.
    But…His reason makes him doubt flame.
    And so we waver…and falter…
  3. The power of flame, power of the gods… In the end, it is all beyond our reach.
    And so, flame allures us, and we attempt to harness its power.
    Flame, dear flame…

- Meeting again
I ought to fetch a new ember…
Flame, dear flame…

- When gifting the player a Titanite Slab
If you walk with flame, then I salute you.
Take these.

- Leaving after using his services
Flame, dear flame…

- Leaving without using his services
Be gone.

- When attacked
You fool.
Enough with you.
You've offended the flames! (aggroed)
You scared yet? (50% HP)

- When player is killed
Ah, what a waste!

- Returning after defeat
You bloody fool.

- When killed
Flame, dear flame…




  • ??
  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      05 Jul 2021 05:24  

      Number one. Steady hand. One day, King Vendrick need new infusion. I do infusion. But mistake! Weapon break! King very mad! I hide fishing boat, come to Lost Bastille. No English, no Flame, no souls. Bearer of the Curse give me job. Now I have workshop, blacksmith hammer and new Flame. Bearer of the Curse save life.

      My big secret. I break King's weapon on purpose. I good blacksmith. The best!

      • Anonymous

        03 Dec 2020 14:37  

        Ate his big nasty bootyhole and he gave me the titanite slab!!! Poggers!!! Confirmed on SOFTS on Steam!!!

        • Anonymous

          12 Jul 2020 02:56  

          PC, SotFS, spent 14k to repair a Ring of Soul Protection and two thousand more on upgrading a Black Witch Staff to +2. Talked with him again and nothing happened. I took the Black Witch Staff to +8 (so somewhere above 14k) and then talked, and I got the achievement (gives Titanite Slab). No infusions.

          • Anonymous

            07 Jul 2020 01:32  

            if you obtain the dull ember and try to give it to lenigrast it will produce new dialogue saying he can't do it

            • Anonymous

              09 May 2020 01:06  

              His achievement is no longer a secret. Everywhere else list the correct info that you need to spend 14,000 souls on SERVICES not purchases, infusions count but isn't necessary. It has never changed with updates. Only people at fextralife are confused due to the constant slew of misinformation.

              • 05 Oct 2019 14:13  

                On PC in the latest patch of SotFS, purchasing 14,000 worth of goods does nothing, infusing weapons of all types did the trick, though. Judging by the spicy comments section, it seems to be different for each version so I added a note pertaining to that. Go ahead and update the page if you find out how it works in your version.

                • Anonymous

                  16 May 2019 22:38  

                  Just putting in my own experience that happened just now: Playing SotFS on Xbox One, following the guide on this wiki and just finished Shrine of Amana area. I've only bought a few wooden arrows from McDuff over the course of the game so far, maybe between 5k-10k souls worth total, and moved him off the chest by lighting the torch. Earlier in the game I also had him repair my jester's hat and gloves, a little over 1K souls each. At this point, still no slab or achievement. I then upgraded Havels chest armour to +5 with 9 twinkling titanites and 15830 souls. I spoke to him again (talk option in menu) and he gave me the slab and the "Smith For Life" achievement popped. AT NO POINT IN THIS ENTIRE GAME HAVE I EVER INFUSED ANYTHING. EVER. I hope this helps. Praise the sun.

                  • Anonymous

                    10 May 2019 16:36  

                    To get the trophy (PS4): Infuse 5 weapons with 5 different stones (10000 souls). Then upgrade any weapon till you spend 4000 souls more in total. That should credit the achievement.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Nov 2018 14:59  

                      There are some false info about getting their trophy... I only infused 1 weapon and got the trophy... however i must have spent a lot of souls on reinforcing my gear to +10 so i think that reinforcing also counts towards the trophy... As other have said... buying items does not count.

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