The Company of Champions in Dark Souls 2 is one of two covenants that are available as soon as you get to Majula. Being a member of this covenant substantially increases the game's difficulty level by making every enemy deal more damage (up to 50% in some cases, especially bosses), have more HP, and have approximately 20% damage resistance (tested on bosses under identical circumstances in SotFS), similar to playing in NG+ or using Bonfire Ascetics, while being in NG and without having to use ascetics at every bonfire. In addition, being in this covenant also disables cooperative play, removing the player's ability to summon anybody, including NPCs. Other players are still able to invade your world. This covenant also increases the range at which enemies will notice you. Covenant of the Fittests Trophy.png


Covenant leader: Victor's Stone
Where to join: Majula

How to join Company of Champions

In Majula, take the path along the coast to the right of the doorway leading to Heide's Tower of Flame to find the Victor's Stone monument. Pray to it and you will be asked to join the Company of Champions covenant.

Upon joining the covenant, players will also be given the Champion's Tablet. This item can be used to display a leaderboard showing the names of the players who have offered the most Awestones to the Victor's Stone.
While this covenant is strongly focused around PvE, it can be PvP focused as well, because defeating red phantom invaders in your world will drop Awestones, which you will need to acquire higher ranks.
WARNING: If you join this covenant you cannot be summoned or summon other players, NOT EVEN NPCs like Lucatiel etc... so their symbols will not appear. It should be mentioned, however, that you CAN summon red signs still, allowing for some amount of co-op if you have the item Seed of a Tree of Giants activated.



Covenant rank is increased by offering Awestones to the Victor's Stone in Majula. These stones are obtained by defeating invading red phantoms, both players and NPCs, and they are occasionally dropped by enemies as well. Note that it is NOT necessary to defeat player invaders to obtain the required amount of Awestones to reach rank 3 in this covenant. This can easily be done without PvP and without going to NG+ (Check out the Awestone page for information on how to farm them.)
If you focus on defeating invaders as a way of obtaining Awestones, and don't mind getting interrupted, you can use a Token of Spite and/or wear the Delicate String ring to increase your chances of being invaded.

Known Awestone-dropping enemies:


Rank Requirement Reward
0 (Initial) Champion's Tablet
1 Offer 10 Awestones Great Magic Weapon
2 Offer 25 Awestones First Dragon Ring
3 Offer 50 Awestones Vanquisher's Seal



Notes, Hints and Tips

  • Also known as "Hunters" or "Lures" by the online community, as they lure red phantoms to their world for quick Awestones.
  • Bell Keeper invaders (Grey phantoms) do not drop Awestones.
  • Red phantoms summoned by using their Red Soapstone sign do not drop Awestones.
  • Obtain Awestones by killing the red invader Bowman Guthry (appears on NG+) in Doors of Pharros at the first bonfire.
  • Rhoy the Explorer, in the Grave of Saints with Bonfire Intensity 2 or more, will also invade 12 total times (infinite times when you join this covenant). Farm him by going down and up the ladder outside of the second bonfire (his lack of reach can be advantageous) NOTE: Actually you burn the Ascetic by the FIRST bonfire, then teleport to the second bonfire and drop down the stairs & climb up to get Rhoy
  • Releasing Royal Sorcerer Navlaan will grant more opportunities to farm Awestones.
  • Joining this covenant will give all non-special enemies unlimited spawns for the duration you're in the covenant (special enemies such as the Aldia Warlock in Shrine of Amana or the necromancers in Huntsman's Copse will not respawn). Once you leave, all enemies will return to the spawning condition they had before you joined.
  • The enemies at Doors of Pharros have a chance of dropping awestone when you join the covenant.



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How to farm awestones

    • Anonymous

      08 Jul 2020 20:01  

      I was wondering why I couldn't see summon sign or why no one summoned me. Unfortunately I finished 2 playthrough. I guess dark souls 2 really encourage my messing around.

      • Anonymous

        25 Jun 2020 01:50  

        Dear lord.. I am new to Dark Souls 2, just recently bought it, and joined this covenant just because I could.. I wish I had known that it buffs enemies.. I was seriously wondering why everything 2 shots me and I played like this for 21 hours

        • Anonymous

          18 Jun 2020 23:15  

          Route that worked for me was do a loop of the shaded ruins. 7 ghost guys there, dropped 1-2 almost everytime for me. Or if you're absolutely hardcore, go to the foggy woods!

          • Anonymous

            24 May 2020 16:39  

            I know what the point of this covenant is. I just do not want to deal with the bullsh*t that comes with belonging to it. I will leave that to all you really hardcore mother f*ckers.

            • Anonymous

              01 May 2020 20:19  

              For farming later in the game, I like to use the Shrine Entrance bonfire at the Dragon Shrine to farm awestones and dragon scales from the Dragon Knights. The Dark Knights can be taken out from afar using a pyromancy flame, then I kite the Dragon Knights down the staircase. I often die a bunch, but I find its a neat way to farm both scales and awestones at the same time. Plus, I can retrieve the souls without much difficulty because the Dragon Knights don't aggro right away.

              • Anonymous

                28 Apr 2020 04:05  

                I joined this covenant at the start of the game to farm some souls at the Heide's Tower of Flame, but the enemies stopped respawning regardless, anyone know why? Also, the elephant-looking knights in the area where Bowman Guthry appears in Doors of Pharros have infinite respawns wether you're in this covenant or not, but they drop awestones at a good rate if you are. I usually farm them for souls as a hexer from the Royal Rat Vanguard bonfire, and the dwarfs drop titanite chunks and some stones for infusion.

                • Anonymous

                  23 Apr 2020 18:08  

                  I joined the Company of Champions, cleared Shrine of Amana about a dozen times (a blast, especially when it's even harder, right?), then enemies stopped respawning, just like in other areas before joining. What gives? Some facts: I joined Champions once before reaching Amana and abandoned it. And before I joined again, I have cleared Amana maybe three-four times. Could that affect anything?

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Apr 2020 14:32  

                    I think this causes the skeletons at Majula to stop spawning. I'm playing right now after burning a bonfire ascetic and seeing seven skeletons, then I went to go join the covenant to farm them for effigies and they're gone.

                    • Anonymous

                      22 Mar 2020 13:29  

                      There is a bit of irony in this covenant. After you have been getting your butt kicked and exhausted your enemy respawns (like I have been) you might feel inclined to join. That way they will respawn again and you can spend some time farming those souls. Doing that though is just a double edged sword making it harder for you to git gud. xD

                      • Anonymous

                        20 Feb 2020 16:38  

                        Pretty sure I despawned all the dragon acolytes in Aldia's keep, then after joining and leaving this covenant they still spawned (SOTFS.) Can anyone else confirm?

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Jan 2020 18:32  

                          If this covenant makes it so enemies dont stop spawning when resting at a bonfire, does this mean you could get basically infinite souls/items, if you’re determined?

                          • Anonymous

                            04 Jan 2020 19:07  

                            I have farmed several enemies out at different locations until they stopped spawning, while in a different covenant, and then after switching to the Champion’s covenant, i noticed they all respawned again. Does this always happen when joining Champions or is there some other reason for it?

                            • Anonymous

                              26 Dec 2019 14:38  

                              wooowoowowowwowwoowow im pretty sure i played my first playthrough of this game with this covenant in 2014

                              • Anonymous

                                04 Nov 2019 10:14  

                                So for my first playthrough I found this thing as soon as I entered Majula. No idea what it did. 3 hours later I find out I've been playing on Hard Mode. 10/10 would You Died again.

                                • Anonymous

                                  05 Aug 2019 01:37  

                                  Fun fact, the grave wardens in the grave of saints by Agdayne drop awestones. Another fun fact, as long as you don't directly target them, you can kill them with poison/toxic mist without aggro-ing them or Agdayne. Ergo, easy awestone farming.

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