Rhoy the Explorer

HP NG: ?
NG+: 2700
NG+7: ?
Weakness ?
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Rhoy the Explorer is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Rhoy the Explorer Information


A Red Spirit with transparent aurous armor and invisible shotels






Strategy Tips

  • --


Move Set

  • ??



  • This phantom will only invade if you are offline.
  • He wears the right and left illusory rings.
  • Follows normal respawn rules.
  • Will not respawn until intensity 2, after which he will respawn 12 times per intensity.
  • Regulated by Harval's Resting Place bonfire in Grave of Saints.
  • Highly resistant to Dark, but vulnerable to Magic and Lightning.
  • Doesn't invade if you are in the Rat King Covenant.
  • He's a great source of Awestones. If you want to get the Vanquisher's Seal quickly, just farm him with Bonfire Ascetics.
  • Very rarely drops an additional awestone, along with the regular one.


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    • Anonymous

      14 Jul 2021 04:30  

      wasted time getting 4 bonfire ascetics to farm this guy only to find he spawns indefinitely. whoops.

      for anyone else who wants to farm awestones you can do it pretty painlessly by knocking him off the lockstone activated bridge, i did it with the 2 handed mail breaker r2. this prevents you from getting his other drops, but it also means you wont have to deal with rats and you can do it as soon as you can afford the silvercat ring
      i think you can also do it with the greatsword and the longsword. shouldnt take longer than an hour.
      happy fisting

      • Anonymous

        06 Nov 2020 21:11  

        Chad Rhoy the Explorer vs. Virgin Maldron the Assassin

        -Spends his time exploring

        -Stylish transparent armor

        -Fights to the death

        -Spends his time poorly imitating white phantoms

        -Hated by most of the fanbase

        -Shitty opaque armor

        -Runs away at the first sign of losing

        • Anonymous

          09 Jul 2020 11:42  

          I wish he could drop the Illusory rings. I just realised it without the wiki. I always thought he used his Fists because he did like no Dmg. I know, "just gid gud and play the game without bonfires / death". Yeah... I just got every achievement but I'm not Gud enough to beat this game and get both rings... Yet.

          • Anonymous

            11 Jun 2020 11:07  

            For all the time playing this I've never seen anyone discuss his bleed buildup when he hits you. If you look at the shotel it doesn't have a bleed effect in it. So what's up with that?

            • Anonymous

              04 May 2020 19:30  

              I would say that the game's community is retarded; and it's true, but unfortunately, not just this game community; is the vast majority of the gaming community. The 'retro' segment is the least dumb. I bet most of these pages were full of correct information, but people edited it and***** everything. I also hate it when I ask a question, or I'm searching some forums for answers and I see a crowd of retarded people giving wrong information. What's the matter with shutting up, if you're an idiot?

              • Anonymous

                22 Jan 2020 10:01  

                It's Januart 2020, and it still says he spawns 12 times per aesthetic intensity after the first use onward. That needs to be changed as he spawns infinitely at intensity +1 (NG+ equivalent)

                • Anonymous

                  20 May 2018 09:40  

                  He has shotels and an offhand Crossbow. Doesn't seem to be affected by the corrosive pool trap. He will try and keep his distance from you when you are targeted on him, however, if you shift your focus to an enemy, he may close the distance and try to hit you with Melee. From what I have seen, farming him for awstones, he doesn't have a normal drop table. Every few deaths for the first while of fighting him he would drop a piece of his set, but would never duplicate. It is possible that the drops are meant to be spread out over his normal 12 respawn cycle in order to get the full set, rather than random chance.

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Jun 2017 21:27  

                    So I just learnt about this guy. So I went back but he isn't spawning... I logged off and tried again still nothing... he hasn't spawned for his first time yet so I don't wanna waste a bon fire ascetic before I kill him once

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