Bowman Guthry

Bowman Guthry
HP NG: 1,700
NG+: 2800
NG+7: 5260
Weakness -
Resistance -

No (NG)

Yes (12 times, at NG+ or using a Bonfire Ascetic)

Bowman Guthry is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. 


Bowman Guthry Information

A Dark Spirit with a most unusual choice of armaments. Guthry will invade in the Doors of Pharros immediately after the player has passed through the gate into the Rat King's territory. Clad in armor of a Royal Swordsman, could she be a remnant of the Drangleic Army unit dispatched to Brightstone Cove Tseldora…?

Mainly uses dual Avelyns in combat, and appears to have no melee weapon. A 100% Physical-damage reduction shield will provide adequate cover as you advance on her.






Strategy Tips

  • Hold your favourite 100% physical damage shield up and get close to her.
  • Both her Avelyns are uninfused, and she will not use elemental ammunition. Regardless, the Avelyn's 3-bolt-burst can actually output horrifying burst damage if one is unprepared. 
  • Exercise caution when fighting her while on the ground level of the Doors of Pharros, as the water will slow your movement speed and leave you susceptible to her barrage.
  • Get in close as she does not appear to have or use melee weapons. Medium to low poise means she can be stunlocked fairly easily, but keep in mind that he can still fire her Avelyn's while in melee range.


Move Set

      Avelyn Barrage: Fires a standard 3-bolt barrage at the player. Has no elemental damage.


    • Physical Damage.
    • Can be blocked.
    • Cannot be parried.



  • Will ONLY invade if you are OFFLINE in Doors of Pharros. (May need confirmation, some players have reported Guthry-invasions while online.)
  • Only spawns once in NG, BUT, if you are in NG+, either by completing the game or by using a Bonfire Ascetic at the Ordeal's End Bonfire (just before the Royal Rat Authority), he will respawn up to 12 times before needing another Bonfire Ascetic to refresh her respawns.
  • Due to her location, he is probably the fastest and easiest phantom to farm for the 1000 required kills for the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2.
  • Doesn't seem to invade if you're part of the Rat King covenant.
  • Unmasking Guthry reveals that she is in fact female, and she shares the same face with Melinda The Butcher and Nameless Usurper. (May need confirmation. Conflicting information from players and additional sources on Guthry's true gender.) 
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