Stone Knight

HP NG: 725
NG+: 1,050
NG+7: 2,000
Weakness Dark
Strike Attacks
Resistance Poison
Respawns YES

Stone Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Stone Knight Information

Knights in the service of sir Velstadt, the Royal Aegis. When Velstadt left with Vendrick through the King's Passage the men under his command dutifully remained at their posts, awaiting his return for so long that they eventually turned to stone.1

Wearing heavy armor and a helmet resembling the head of a horse, these sleeping statues which won't activate until approached or attacked (from range). When activated, Stone Kights have glowing red eyes and wield twinblades. Even though the gear looks heavy, they are still very agile. They attack with combos which involve turns, jumps and kicks. They can be "destroyed" before they get up to attack, in which case they have less than half of their regular health, do not drop items and can be distinguished from actual statues by being the only ones with heads. They are found in King's Passage.






Strategy Tips

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Move Set

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    • Anonymous

      05 Aug 2019 19:49  

      I know i'm years behind, but they seem to be particulary vulnerable to magic, as I could kill them in a single swing of Soul Greatsword

      • Anonymous

        28 Jun 2018 21:35  

        I don't fully get how you're supposed to fight these melee. They're easy to deal with by just luring them to their max tether range/a corridor and dealing with them 1 v 1, but they all wake up at once so fighting them 1 v 4 when they are so agile doesn't make much sense.

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