HP NG: 1300
NG+: 2600
NG+7: 5200
Weakness Thrust Attacks
Fire (On Land)
Lightning (In Water)
Resistance Slash and Strike Attacks
Fire (In Water)
Immune -

Ogre is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. They can first be encountered up a hidden path before the bridge leading to the Firekeepers' house in Things Betwixt


Ogre Information


"Ogres resemble a cross between a cyclops and hippopotamus, and possess a horn on their foreheads
Ogres have large amounts of HP and deal significant damage, and their attacks are relatively swift for enemies their size
Ogres can grab players and devour them, guaranteeing death for players. Ranged attacks and poison are recommended when dealing with Ogres






Strategy Tips

  • The easiest way to kill an Ogre is to bait out its fall-over attack. Move forward the ogre and immediately roll away when it attacks. If you're lucky it should swipe twice and fall over. During this fall over you can safely attack the Ogre with no threat. It isn't recommended to try and punish the 3-swipe combo, as the Ogre very will very quickly retaliate. The most important thing to watch out for is the grab attack, as it's extremely dangerous and is almost a guaranteed one-shot.
  • Alternatively, for a faster kill, you can try and bait out the sitting attack. Make sure that you have light armor equipped (Enough to be around 40%) and some weapon that has a pretty strong attack that it can execute relatively quickly. Now, approach the Ogre, roll UNDER the Ogre's attacks, and otherwise try to get behind the Ogre's back without getting hurt. Now, when you are behind the enemy, take out your weapon, and wait for him to try and sit on you; if he doesn't, get behind him and try again. In essence, you are trying to bait his sit attack. Once you have baited the Ogre's slam attack out, hit him. After performing this singular attack, stand behind the Ogre, and wait for him to use his move attempting to sit on you once more. You should be able to get in 3 or so safe hits per sit. Rinse and repeat until his swamp is yours.
  • As stated above, you want to either bait out an Ogre's 1-2 combo followed by its toppling over during which a swift 2 strikes can be dealt safely OR you attempt to get directly behind the Ogre causing its sitting attack, which is slow and easy to dodge and leaves a window for up to 3 safe hits. The sitting attack will continue to be repeated as long as you remain directly behind the Ogre, allowing easy kills even for low-level characters.
  • For Shrek & Fiona (The owners of the Transgender Coffin), it is simple. First, bait out one of the two Ogre Royals to the wooden tree bridge. Once you've gotten an Ogre on the bridge, keep them on it with aggro management, and try to get them to attack (without hitting you). Sooner or later, said Ogre will fall off the bridge. You can now kill the other Ogre with your weapon, or you can bait the fellow (whom is most certainly mourning the loss of their better half) over the bridge, allowing them to be buried with their lover.
  • Shrek and Fiona are also quite easy to kill with any sort of ranged weapon. This includes early access crossbows, bows, and throwing knives if you're patient enough. Simply backpedal across the bridge until they retreat while sending a continuous stream of projectiles at them.
  • 8 poison arrows from Dragonrider Bow +5 is enough to kill them in NG+.
  • The below video demonstrates how to bait the sit attack for a solo Ogre:


Move Set

  • Swings three times
  • Swings two times and falls onto back, attempting to crush player
  • Falls onto its backside, if player is attacking from behind.
  • Grab attack: Grabs player and gnaws on head. Almost always insta-death due to its considerable affliction of the Bleed status effect.
  • Uppercut



  • The solo Ogre in Shrine of Amana can glitch and fall through the ground if you attack it from afar.


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    • Anonymous

      just dont target lock em and they go from pretty tough to joke tier, they only appear to be fast if you fight them head on face to face. circling around these f**kers turns em into a total pushover, trust me

      • Anonymous

        Died twice to this **** with his invicible frames with the "grab and munch on your head" attack. Demented game design. Saw him die after I get tapped out.

        • Anonymous

          I have taken the opportunity to genocide the Ogres in the name of science, to get a better understanding of their drop tables. I was using the Traveling Merchant Hat and the Watchdragon Parma, for a total of 225 Item Discovery. For this experiment, 200 Ogres were killed, using the one that spawns near the Crestfallen's Retreat Bonfire. Drop results are as follows:
          -30 Awestones (15% drop rate)
          -42 Soul of a Proud Knight (21% drop rate)
          -28 Titanite Shards (14% drop rate)

          Total soul gain from this experiment: 86,000 souls in 3 hours, if we include the Proud Knight Souls.

          Obviously, the Covenant of Champions is required for the sheer volume of Ogres required for this data. This experiment was done on a fresh game cycle, with no Bonfire Aesthetics.

          In addition, I have discovered that Ogres have considerable damage resistance during their grab attack (~60-80%), and continues until their tail begins moving down as they stand up. This attack has a long forward reach, but can be easily strafed even without rolling.

          • Anonymous

            whoooaaaaa lets make a fat and fast **** that can grap the player even if he rolls over and Insta kill him... OH! Uk! UK!(MONKY NOISE) One more thing!! UK! UK! lets make this fat super fast attacks and lets give it invisible hands that can hit the player even if he ROOLLLS the **** 'CAUSE THATS HARRRD **** THE REST JUST MAKE THE GAME HAARRRD UH! UH! UH! UH!

            • Anonymous

              whoooaaaaa lets make a fat and fast **** that can grap the player even if he rolls over and Insta kill him... OH! Uk! UK!(MONKY NOISE) One more thing!! UK! UK! lets make this fat super fast attacks and lets give it invisible hands that can hit the player even if he ROOLLLS the **** 'CAUSE THATS HARRRD **** THE REST JUST MAKE THE GAME HAARRRD UH! UH! UH! UH!

              • Anonymous

                If you are melee user then you can bait the sitting attack by going behind it. Lock-on them and move to the left then hit them with a quick and strong weapon like rapier.

                • Anonymous

                  DS1: enemies have a background, and a reason for being there
                  DS3: enemies have a background, and a reason for being there
                  Bloodoorne: enemies have a background, and a reason for being there

                  DS2: lol. wait, wut?

                  • Anonymous

                    It makes me so happy that these things are enslaved and tortured in Aldia's Keep. Bite my head again, you obese retarded looking rhinos!

                    • Anonymous

                      For Shrek & Fiona I was usually baiting them to the entrance cave, since they are tall they cannot go inside but stuck at the door trying to reach me then I was killing them with hit'n'run at first levels to get extra souls for the start xD

                      • Anonymous

                        Old Radiant Lifegem does not drop just in the Scholar of the First Sin edition. I just got an ORL from an Aldia Keep ogre in the original PC version. Im sure it's a rare drop though. First time I've seen it drop from one, but I am wearing a Coveteous Gold ring +1 so I am sure that helped.

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