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Full Dragon's Rest Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses goes here. You can add links, images. and other details. 

After going up the stairs from Dragon's Sanctum enter the building and turn right and drop to the level below. You now need to reach the bottom of the area so you will be doing many drops from now on.

Drop again to the next platform, go through the doorway, drop right to a broken bridge, drop again at the end of the bridge. There will be Drakeblood Knights in this area, they are tough enemies. Go up the small stairs and turn left then right into a room with a Black Drakeblood Knight and 2 switches on the floor. After killing the Knight check the switches. The switch on the left is hiding a Sanctum Knight. That room is empty, so don't bother with it. The switch on the right is hiding 4 Crystal Lizards, as soon as the big opening is on the top level they will run to the other side of the room, giving you a short time to kill them and collect the loot. They drop 4x Twinkling Titanite, 2x Faintstone, 2x Firedrake Stone, 2x Old Mundane Stone, 3x Petrified Dragon Bone, 2x Raw Stone, 3x Titanite Chunk and one Titanite Slab.

Now go out and keep going left until you reach another broken bridge, drop down and go right into the next building. Go straight ahead and you will see a body holding 10x Hexing Urn. Keep going throught that corridor and there will be another Drakeblood Knight, kill him and go down the broken staircase on the right. At the bottom, go straight ahead and turn left. Another left and in the middle of the corridor there will be an illusory wall on the left with a bonfire inside, the Sanctum Interior bonfire. After lighting the bonfire go out and keep going left, go down the stairs and deal with 2 more Knights. Turn left and again left and you will be in a room with several chest that are already open. There will be a body holding the Drakeblood Set.

Go out and turn right, go back to where you found the hidden bonfire, after the bonfire turn right and go straight until you see another broken bridge on the left, drop down here, down some steps and drop down again. Drop down once more, you will see a area you can jump to on the left, so run and jump there.

Turn right and then left, you will see an item glowing on a body, don't run for it, since there are 2 Drakeblood Knights close by, kill the first knight and pick it up, it is 3x Vine Balm. Go left and a body will be holding 3x Twinkling Titanite. Further down there are 2 more bodies holding items, but first you need to kill the second Knight. The items are a Large Soul of a Brave Warrior and 3x Twinkling Titanite. Turn left and another body holds 5x Small Smooth & Silky Stone. Turn left and keep walking until you see an area where you can jump to on the right side. Its close to the end near the wall. Run and jump to that area. Here drop down to the next level and then again to reach the bottom.

Here you will see a large fog gate that leads to Elana, the Squalid Queen. If you require assistance with the boss, there will be a few NPC summon signs in the area. After you defeat Elana and receive her soul (which can be exchanged for the Wrathful Axe at Weaponsmith Ornifex), the wall adorned with a giant dragon opens, revealing a passage, continue through the passage and you will come across a bonfire, the Sanctum Nadir bonfire. Now you stand before a smaller fog gate. To either side of the bonfire there are summoning signs for Abbess Feeva, and Transcendent Edde. Through the fog gate is a large open area, where you must now fight Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon.

After defeating him (And congratulations for doing so) you will obtain his soul (which can also be traded to Weaponsmith Ornifex for Yorgh's Spear), you should also see a glimmering orb on the floor, examine it and you will obtain the Crown of the Sunken King. On the left side there will be a body with an item, head there and pick up the Yorgh's Ring.

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