Sanctum Knight

sanctum knight enemies dark souls2 wiki guide
HP NG: 1100
NG+: 1300
NG+7: 2500
Souls NG: 1200
NG+: 2400
NG+7: 4800
Weakness  Magic, Fire (Technically)
Resistance Physical (When invisible)
Respawns YES

Sanctum Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2). An invisible knight roams the sanctum, seemingly immune to physical attacks. They often carry dual swords or dual crossbows. The source of their invisibility is the statues with a glowing red aura, identical to their armors. Break these statues to render them visible and susceptible to physical attacks. Enemies have their own behavior and unique attacks, killing enemies provide various drops that reward players with items and souls.


Sanctum Knight Information in Dark Souls 2

Invisible knights wandering in the sanctum seemly immune to physical attack, often carry dual swords or dual crossbows, the source of their invisibility is the statues with glowing red aura which look identical to their armors, break them to render them visible so you can attack them with physical attacks. Statues do not reset until NG+ or burnt Bonfire Ascetic.

"The sanctum knights renounced their own flesh to eternally guard the Sanctum from Sir Yorgh and his Drakeblood Knights." - Sanctum Knight Set description.


DKS2 Sanctum Knight Location


Sanctum Knight Drops in Dark Souls 2


Dark Souls 2 Sanctum Knight Strategy Tips

  • Initially start of as 'ethereal'. In this form, they CAN be locked-on, but they are IMMUNE to Physical damage. Elemental damage seems to bypass this, but they have insane resistances, with their Lightning resistance being the highest.
  • Break the statues made of armor, scattered around the Sanctum, to render them visible. They can now be damaged normally using Physical danage. Very susceptible to backstabs.
  • Use elemental weapons to attack invisible sanctum knights


DKS2 Sanctum Knight Move Set

  • Dual Blades Combo
  • Dual Blades Lunge
  • Sanctum Crossbow
  • Sanctum Repeating Crossbow
  • Sanctum Crossbow Dark Bolt
  • Sanctum Repeating Crossbow Dark Bolt


Sanctum Knight Gallery in Dark Souls 2

Early concept art suggests that The knight was orginally intended to be a horsman.

Sanctum Knight Concept Flies


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    • Anonymous

      erobotan: in that room filled with their statues & tons of these knights. Just keep running around the room until they all fall down in those 2 big holes. then you can destroy their statues in peace

      • Anonymous

        They're easily backstabbed, but fighting them head-on can be a pain, they're almost like giant manikins that (thankfully) lack bleed but have infinite poise to compensate and are way tankier, not too bad if you take advantage of their vulnerability to backstabs, but they're tiresome to deal with otherwise even without their nigh-invincibility buff

        • Anonymous

          Pretty sure that's a Sanctum Soldier in the concept art, the Sanctum Knights in-game are much more armoured and their helms cover their faces

          • Anonymous

            Wouldn't be so ****ing ridiculous if the first bonfire of the area wasn't guarded by 15 of these dues with no bodies in sight. If I wasn't using this guide, I'd have absolutely no clue how to find the first bonfire, and even with the guide, I can't even get there because I get mobbed by 16 basically invulnerable, constantly distance closing, never losing aggro ****ING GANKS.

            • Those guys aren't so bad in physical form... But the problem is their armor is nowhere near where there are. If it would be in the same room, or even the next, it would be ok, but hidden where there are...
              I had to do suicide run to find them and break their armour.

              • Anonymous

                When in their ghostly form, they are *NOT* vulnerable to magic. Great Heavy Soul Arrow does double digits in damage with 70 int

                • Any attack that leaves you low to the ground will let you not get hit. Example, greatsword and greatsword powerstance strong attack will leave you lower to the ground, and unable to be hit. Can easily kill them even in their ‘ghost’ forms.

                  • Anonymous

                    One of the most annoying enemies. A combo that staggers you and takes off almost all health unless you have very high vigor. That's without their gimmick of the armors...

                    • Anonymous

                      Imagine fighting the Irythill aoldiers, but with the pace of Dark Souls 2, this guys are one of the worst enemies

                      • Anonymous

                        Havel's greatshield and Dark Orb makes these guys a cakewalk even in ghost form. Circle to the right and they'll miss half their attacks, and the ones that connect will ricochet. Takes about fifteen Dark Orbs with a half decent caster build.

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