Black Drakeblood Knight

HP NG: 2,000
NG+: 2,500
NG+7: 4,650
Weakness -
Resistance -
Respawns Yes

Black Drakeblood Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. 


Black Drakeblood Knight Information


The Black Drakeblood Knights, who worshipped the blood dragons, were led by sir Yorgh in a siege of the Eternal Sanctum when the sleeping dragon awoke.
The red cloth wrapped around their black armor represents the sacred blood of dragons





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Strategy Tips

  • Their attacks are easily parryable (except their jump attack).
  • They appear to be weak to dark.


Move Set

  • ??



  • Backstabs are very effective against them
  • Drakeblood Armor Set found in same area on corpse, except for the shield and sword.
  • The sword can be found from the Lair of the Imperfect bonfire. After the platform where you insert the Dragon Stone, there is a cave entrance. Follow the path until it ends, where there is a dead body. The Drakeblood Greatsword will be on the dead body.
  • The shield can be aquired by reaching rank 1 in the Blue Sentinels Covenant or bought from Chancellor Wellager in NG++.


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