The Pit

The Pit is a Location in Dark Souls 2. In the middle of Majula, and not easily accessible without the aid of the Silvercat Ring (sold by the cat merchant next door), a ladder placed by Laddersmith Gilligan, or the Fall Control spell.

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The Pit Walkthrough

If you have the Silvercat Ring, you should be able to survive the drop from the edge of the pit onto the first set of planks. This will still take a chunk of health, as will pretty much every drop in the pit. Other items that reduce fall damage are the Lion Warrior Cuffs, the Flying Feline Boots, and the Jester's Tights. All the items and the ring can be worn together to greatly reduce fall damage. If you unequip all weapons and non-fall-damage-reducing armor it will also lessen the amount of fall damage taken. 

An other way to get to the first set of planks is to buy a ladder from Laddersmith Gilligan. Gilligan offers three progressively more expensive ladders. The cheapest ladder will only go half way down to the first plank, but it could be all you need if you have high health, or very low health while wearing the cat ring. The second most expensive ladder will take you down to near the Grave of Saints entrance. From there, you can drop down a few more levels to a platform just outside the bonfire at the start of Grave of Saints. A separate "drop path" will put you on a different platform at the bottom of a ladder. The most expensive ladder gives you easy access to the Forgotten Door, far down in the pit. The key to the door is found in a hidden cave in the Black Gulch. Behind that door are 3 chests, containing Great Lightning Spear, Witchtree Branch, Witchtree Bellvine, and Soul Vortex, and a body holding the Dragon Talon. Continuing to drop down from the bottom of the ladder will put you on yet another ledge which meets up with the Wooden Bridge section of Grave of Saints, which eventually leads to The Gutter.

The Fall Control spell will cancel fall damage entirely, but falling from a deadly height will still kill you.

Opening the Locked Door in the Pit

To obtain the key, you must first go through The Black Gulch, drop down to a secret platform which can sometimes be seen with a torch or from the beginning bonfire. After jumping down, you will find a locked door. Proceed to the right to another platform, drop down and kill the two giants found down there. They will drop the forgotten key needed to open the Forgotten Door in the Pit.

Video Walkthroughs

The Pit walkthrough


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