Executioners Chariot

executioners chariot
HP 4140 | 7,452 (NG+)
Weakness Lightning, Fire, Bleed
Weakness (Skeletons) Yearn, Alluring Skull, Strike
Resistance Strike, Dark
Immune None
Respawns NO

The Executioners Chariot is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Executioners Chariot Information 

The Executioner's Chariot is a boss in Dark Souls 2. executioners_chariot.png This intimidating opponent was present in the early public testing and presents a challenge for the unprepared player. There are several ways to approach this fight, so check the strategies below to identify the one that matches your style.

The chariot was created only to torment Undead, and it took the form of a horrendous mad steed, a window into the soul of its master. Little does he know that is not by his own will that he slays the Undead, but that of his horse.



  • This boss is encountered in the Huntsman's Copse across a dilapidated wooden bridge and behind a dark spirit NPC.







Counter Measures

Charge Horses will lower their heads to attack, best to dodge to either the left or right. Sometimes will jump backward before that attack. Dodge to the side.
STOMP Drop with his front limbs after standing up. Big range. Dodge to the side.
Kick Boss kicks behind with rear legs. High damage. Dodge to the side.
Dark Breath Range attack with dark magic when we are far away. The Horses will slow down and stop, then crane their necks and begin using magic at you. Stay at the Chariot's side and you will escape unharmed and have an open window to do some damage to the boss.
Mesala Chariot goes racing around the arena, squishing Chosen Undead and poor Skeletons alike. A light will be cast upon the wall as the chariot rounds a corner. Get out of the way!


NPC Summons

There is no NPC summons for this encounter.


I (Gate Switch)

In this fight, there are 7 or 8 skeletons as well as two necromancers (Black Hollow Mage) that will resurrect skeletons you have killed. The first thing you want to do is kill the two necromancers. The first one is on your left about 2 or 3 doors down. Once she's dead dispatch the first three skeletons in the area. (note: Black Hollow Mage are female) All the while remember to hide in the doorways as the chariot makes his rounds. It is a one hit kill if he hits you (<--this is false. I was able to survive hits from the chariot at a reasonable soul level for the area with very minimal health remaining). He even one hits if you're blocking (<--this is false. The chariot struck me when I had my shield raised, and I lived. You'll likely lose the vast majority of your health, but it is possible to survive hits from the chariot).CONFIRMED Once the first mage and 3 boneheads are done move down the way a bit further be careful of a skeleton hiding on the right side who will shoot you with arrows. The 2nd mage is ways down and will be hiding in one of the doorways on the right. Kill her then kill the last skeletons. Now for the boss. One or two doors down, on the left you will see a switch you must pull. (phantoms cannot pull the switch) (<--this is false, you can just snipe the chariot as it goes around and it will crash on its own). That will drop the gate right next to it. Pull it right after it runs by you then back away two or three doors down. The boss will run into it, killing the rider and injuring the horse about 200 - 300 damage. Get off two or three ranged attacks depending on how fast you can dish em out. Then close the distance between you and the boss. He has a charging attack that will eat nearly half your health even if you're blocking. (If your timing is right, this charge is fairly easy to dodge with a roll. dodge it, get in 2 hits, back away till he charges.) Strafe him until he rears up and attacks then attack his side. If you get behind him he will donkey kick you. Also, he will use a dark attack that has impressive range and seems to lock onto you. It will throw off your poise if it hits you and can one hit you if you take all of it not blocking. The biggest thing here is to keep close to him. Should be fairly easy assuming you dealt with the mages and boneheads, just remember to take your time; rushing in ignoring the skeletons is a sure way to get you killed every time. This should go without saying but summoning someone to help kill them makes a huge difference. Good luck!

Strategy II (Ranged)

Here is another strategy that is relatively safe and doesn't involve going to the gate at all and staying relatively close to where you came in so as not to risk being run over:
Find a doorway/barred crevice that has a clear view of the long hall so you can see the chariot coming around the bend. A light will appear on the wall before you even see the chariot. Equip Soul Vortex (this can cause a large area of damage), Fire Orbs, other strong spells or ranged attacks and unleashed them and then quickly roll to safely in the crevice. Don't rush it, take care of any enemies that re-spawn and continue to chip away at the boss. This should drain his health to the point where the chariot no longer can jump the gap (I didn't even see the switch to lower the gate until he stopped coming around, and walked past it). The boss will still be alive hanging on the ledge. You can go around the hallway and you should see the horse at the end of it. You don't need to get close to him at all at this point. Equip Lightning Spear or another strong ranged attack and hit him from clear across the hallway (For me this ended up knocking him into a hole behind him and relinquishing his soul to me in one hit). Also, don't choose a large weapon, if you are trying to hide and take care of the skeletons while wielding a large weapon it will hit the wall most of the time and cause your stamina to go down and leave an opening for the enemies.
Edit: This can actually be done even easier. There are several alcoves in the outer wall, if you position yourself in there, you can shoot the chariot as it rides around the ring. Hit it every time it comes in your sight, this way you never have to leave the alcove and there is not a single risk, as long you make sure to take care of the necromancers first. When the chariot gets below 30% hp, it will fall when attempting to jump the gap. At this moment all you have to do is shoot it from a distance and the chariot will fall to its death.

Strategy III (Poison Arrows)

It is possible to cheaply kill the Executioner's Chariot with little risk to the player.
By hiding near one of the first alcoves that the Chariot will pass by, and shoot two poison arrows with each pass, you can whittle the Chariot's health down to about 30% after ten or so passes. At this point, you should hear the Chariot fail to make the jump in its circuit. Exploring will show trying to climb up to the other side, but and stopping the horse from continuing its pass. At this point the player can simply do an attack to knock the boss into the hole, killing it, or finish the Chariot off at their own leisure.
If you stand at the end of the pit where the chariot jumps he will jump over you (need confirmation worked in my world)

Strategy IV (Necromancer Exploit/Ranged)

Each of the necromancers seems to be linked to a particular group of skeletons. Upon immediately entering the fight, three skeletons attack you; they are the only ones linked to the first necromancer, who should be about three alcoves down to the left. If that necromancer is killed, the three initial skeletons won't be resurrected after dying. As long as the player doesn't go any further, none of the other skeletons will see the player and so they will never attack. This leaves the player free to hit the chariot using their ranged attack of choice, using any of the alcoves near the entrance for cover. Once the executioner has about 20% of his health left the chariot will fail to make the jump across the gap and stop making circuits around the track; at this point the player can follow the chariot's path and shoot it once with a ranged weapon to end the fight.
NOTE: if you have the spell " Yearn" this fight becomes almost trivial. Cast Yearn as soon as you enter the fog and the skeletons will just ignore you, getting maimed by the Chariot. Find the first necromancer and kill her quickly. Dispose of any of the 3 initial skeletons left. Start running towards the lever. When you see the first skeleton, re-cast Yearn and move to the second Necromancer. After she and all the remaining skeletons are dead, pull the lever for a very easy boss fight.

Strategy V (easy method)

Enter the fog gate and run to the first door on your left, cast yearn across the hall. When the chariot runs by, run to the Necromancer a few doors down on the left and vanquish her and take her spot by the door then cast yearn again across the hall, repeat until all skeletons are dead. Stay put and use Binoculars and Soul Arrows as the Chariot comes around, take a shot then run back into the doorway as far as possible so you dont get clipped. Repeat until he crashes at around 25% life. Run down the hall til all skeletons are up then cast Yearn and run down and kill the necromancer on the right. Fire one cheap wood arrow at the executioner and watch him fall down the pit to his death. Go back and kill remaining skeletons and collect the loot.

Black Hollow Mage Set Farming:

This area is also a good place to net the Black Hollow Mage Set and Lizard Staff as the necromancers in this area always respawn as long as the boss is alive, try using the chariot to mow down the skeletons, cast Affinity or Homing Soul Mass to knock down the skeleton next to the 1st necromancer, kill her as soon as possible and flee with Homeward Bone or Aged Feather. Jester's Hat, Prisoner's Tatters and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring are required for the farming. Alternately, use Yearn to drive out the skeletons and then take down the Necromancers.

Video Strategy:


  • Using a Bonfire Ascetic on the Purgatory Bonfire will reset the Executioner's Chariot
  • The spell Yearn or the object Alluring Skull will distract the skeletons, making the first part of this fight significantly easier.
  • You don't need to pull the lever, doing so makes him much harder to kill. Just snipe him as he goes around.
  • After sniping the chariot to around 25%, the executioner will fall into the pit and die from any single ranged attack, like an arrow, making this the easiest boss in the game (See strategy V above).
  • Some doorways are not deep enough to protect you from the chariot. Namely the one across from the archer skeleton.
  • The chariot will injure the skeletons but they recover almost immediately. If you try to rely on the chariot to kill them they will quickly bunch up on you and drain your Stamina, ultimately killing you.
  • Black Hollow Mages (Necromancers) are what resurrect skeletons if you hadn't noticed yet. That goes for bone heads in every area; if you notice skeletons are being brought back there is a Necromancer in the area.
  • If you are building up Faith you can use the Lightning Staff Miracle to dish out quick damage to the boss when he crashes through the gate. Also can be used during fight as well.
  • If you are using a Bow, Poison Arrows will be effective (See Strategy III). About 4-5 hits will poison the Chariot, draining approximately 25% of its life.
  • The Horse has the same attack patterns as the Armored Boar from Dark Souls 1 with the addition of the dark breath.
  • If you are trying for Melee, few of his attacks will hit you from the side and are easy to evade without rolling. During the dark breath attack, if you sit just behind his head, the breath won't hit you and you can slash away while he pushes you along the inside of his turn.(confirmed)
  • It is possible to roll over the spikes attached to the Chariot's wheels, but should be used as a last resort if taking cover should lead you to be overwhelmed.




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    • man this boss gotta have some pretty high poison resistance if he can be poison, literally shot him with like 22+ poison arrows with a +7longbow & got to his 30% hp mark without a single poison tick (done on ng)

      • Why leave in all the false information for the boss strategy? Edit it out instead of correcting it in the very next sentence. It's a readability issue. This happens all over the wiki and really detracts from its quality and usability.

        • Anonymous

          Jesus, this boss must have the worse hitboxes in the souls franchise. I mean it, is so freaking garbage, the person who did it should be forever banned from gaming development.

          • Anonymous

            I used to skip those 4 mother****ers when i was going to that white mist. I swear. How do i delete those axe and whip monstera

            • Anonymous

              "If you are building up Faith you can use the Lightning Staff Miracle to dish out quick damage to the boss when he crashes through the gate."
              The Lightning Staff Miracle? Who even writes this nonsense?

              • Anonymous

                I accidentally cheesed this **** in an unexpected way while trying to cheese it. First, go in, Alluring Skull to lure them bones and then kill the 2 Necromancers. And then let the Chariot kill them bones and circle the place 1 time to make sure everyone is dead. And then pick one doorway on the left side that gives me a good view of the hallway. Drain all Great Soul Arrow on it, and then abit of bow and arrow. But then after that I noticed the Chariot is not coming back for like 10 seconds so I went towards opposite the way the Chariot would have gone through. Piece of **** was still above 40% HP but then I saw the horses' shadows looking like they're struggling. I moved forward a bit more and wow, they're stuck in the pit. I was a pussy and was like "eh I think I'd just attack it from this range". So then I shot an arrow on it, one time, and poof they lost grip of the floor and then fell to death. That was real cheese

                • Anonymous

                  Not exactly a satisfactory boss fight, but i'm close to finishing the base game and till now this is the only memorable fight in the game. The problems are the same of other boss fights: too many underling enemies; the fight against the horse itself is standart (boring); The gate switch machanism doesn't make any sense. Seriously what's the lore explanation for that gate?

                  • Anonymous

                    I'm gonna say it here. This is worse than the Bed of Chaos.

                    That's right. I think this is worse. The Bed of Chaos is at least easily cheesible and saves your progress. This bastard however, has like 20 respawning skeletons who destroy you and your stamina and corner you when you're hiding, which isn't helped by the boss who can knock 95% of your health out in an animation shorter than the time it takes for you to start running. All of this is unfortunate, because until now I thought the DS2 bosses weren't so bad.

                    • Anonymous

                      You can summon that dude in the caves where the skeletons are on the way to the three skeleton boss fight. By the bonfire you have to unlock with the key by the big bridge. Grab that NPC and he will follow you to the chariot fight

                      • Anonymous

                        the ez way(xbox360): Run past all the mobs on the way to the boss fight, make sure you have enough stamina to jump once u reach the end of the bridge. Jump to where the sublime bone dust item is and wait for the mobs to go back to where they're sposed to (if u still need to fight the red phantom make sure they are all the way off the bridge or they'll come back), then jump back to the bridge, aim through the gate so you dont roll off the other side. Once you get into the boss fight ignore the skeletons and first necromancer, and try to get as far as possible before the chariot comes. Instead of hiding in the doorways, a well timed roll through the wheel blades is the easiest and fastest way to get through the area. Make sure you kill the second necromancer before you finish off the second wave of skeletons. Pull the lever and take the chance to heal, now comes the real fight. The horse is pretty simple, but will spam kicks if you end up stuck behind it, staying to the side of the rear legs is the easiest way to avoid hits, good luck chief.

                        • Anonymous

                          The run to this boss is a ****ing pain in the ass, and every time I died it was because the skeletons ganked me on the entrance of the covers while I was protecting myself from the chariot
                          Such a bull****

                          • Anonymous

                            Amazing boss. It shows the potential of creativity. Think about it, the first phase has the multiple enemy setup which is one of the biggest factors that made DS2 worse and yet it’s handled in such a better way for this fight and ironically the second stage with the horse is the less interesting part of the fight even though it’s a 1 v 1 setup which makes it fairer. The team for DS2 REALLY wanted multiple enemy setups to be the norm but it really only works when you use very unique ideas like this one.

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