Desert Sorceress

HP NG: 320
NG+: 600
NG+7: 1,167
Weakness -
Resistance -
Respawns YES

Desert Sorceress is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Desert Sorceress Information

Pyromancers (or fire sorceresses, when using a mirror as catalyst instead of Pyromancy Flame) in red dresses in Earthen Peak. They can be very dangerous if not dealt with fast enough, so it is best to kill them before they can cast too many spells; they use a few different pyromancy spells. They are vulnerable to physical damage but heavily resist elemental damage. Under the hex Profound Still, they'll try to bash you with their mirror instead.

The Desert Sorceresses came from the land of Jugo (Benhart's homeland) and have an enchanting appearance to catch people off guard. They were servants of Mytha before she ingested poison to seek beauty; even at present, they still follow the code of beauty, hiding their heads with hoods and wearing enchanting chestplates. They never hesitate to attack intruders who dare to stop Mytha from seeking beauty.

"The Desert Sorceress of Jugo project a very seductive image, and they use their looks to deceive others. In reality, even many who realized that this a trap fell prey to the Sorceresses' wiles. Perhaps they are part of Mythra's scheme to lure more victims into her web?"
- Dark Souls 2 Collector's Edition Guide

"Desert Sorceresses have enchanting looks, and they use them to catch people off guard... Oddly enough, even those who are perceptive enough to realize the ploy fall prey to their seductions with alarming regularity."
- Desert Sorceress Set description.






Strategy Tips

  • For a Dex. build, a good time to strike is right after she uses Lingering Flame, as they don't use any spells while the spell is still active, leaving you a chance to strike.


Move Set

  • Lingering Flame - blows a fireball towards player which will hover until time elapses or player approaches and will then explode for massive damage.
    Great Combustion - emits flame at the front as a replacement of a melee attack
    Fire Hail (unique) - pyromancy version of Dark Hail, emits multiple fireballs which fly in a flat arc until dropping to the ground. In fact it acts more like Dark Bead from Dark Souls.
    Melee attack - bashing with mirror if under Profound Still's effect or standing to close to them.
    Grapple attack - embraces the player by the head for a kiss, which drains a portion of the players health, it often results in instant kill if the player has low vigor.



  • If you seek for the the armor drop, a good way to get a high drop chance is to equip Jester's hat, Prisoner's Armor and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +2. Bear in mind the top piece is extremely rare drop among the whole set.
  • they seems to have a rather poor vision, unless you stand right in front of them or getting too close to them, you can hardly aggro them if you stand next to or behind them.
  • They can't climb ladders (tested by pushing her down to Central Earthen Peak with Force miracle)
  • They do not drop their mirror catalysts.
  • If you want to respawn them with Bonfire Ascetic, you need to burn the Ascetic at Central Earthen Peak.
  • in concept art book, they had an unused alternate hood which looks similar to Painting Guardian's Mask from Dark Souls
  • it's possible to kite Desert Sorceresses to lower Earthen Peak with the help of Force and Profound Still
  • But she'll disappear if you attempt to guide her to Lower Earthen Peak Bonfire due to enemies are unable to pass through other areas.
  • if you re-enter the area where she disappeared, she'll reappear and her Profound Still aura will be gone, her aggro status will also be reset until you approach her again.



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