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Chameleon is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2). Chameleon, an ancient sorcery with origins lost to memory. Enables the caster to blend into their surroundings. Those who fear the unseen are cowards, and those who never doubt their eyes are fools. Sorceries demand the use of a Staff or Special Weapons, requiring a certain Intelligence level for casting.


"A sorcery that dates farther back than recollection. Allows you to blend into your surroundings. 
Those who fear the unseen are cowards. Those who never doubt their eyes are fools."

Dark Souls 2 Chameleon Acquired From

  • Harvest Valley (Beyond The Mines Bonfire, near two Dark Magic Giants standing in a poison chasm.)


Chameleon Notes and Tips in Dark Souls 2

  • Disguises the caster as an inanimate object
  • Enemy players cannot lock on to disguised players
  • Enemy players cannot see disguised players' health bars
  • Disguised players can move & sprint without breaking camouflage. Dash-jumping will break camouflage
  • Disguised players can raise their shields and block attacks without breaking camouflage
  • Same effect as the Silver Talisman





Object Description


Belfry Luna

Stack of three barrels, laid horizontally Low. Stacked barrels are easily spotted, and players tend to destroy them by rolling

Belfry Luna

A thin brazier, unlit High. A thin and short prop. Also colored black, making it very easy to blend into shadows

Grave of Saints

Standing rat statue holding a jar Medium-low. Best used in the hallways with other rat statues.

Grave of Saints

Small rat statue in a quadrupedal position Low. Found in only one area of the Grave of Saints, and seems out of place anywhere else

Grave of Saints

Bone-filled brazier, unlit High. Thinner and smaller than the player. Fits almost anywhere in the area

Iron Keep

A moderately sized urn Medium. This prop blends in well, but few urns exist in Iron Keep, and at a few locations

Doors of Pharros

Rat / Gyrm statue Medium. A large prop, but the Gyrm statue blends in well with the stone environment

Undead Crypt

Unmarked headstone High. A small prop, with numerous rooms full of them to hide amongst

Undead Crypt

A cistern stained and bound in ropes Medium. Hides well amongst similar props in the area

Shrine of Amana

Cursed urn Low. Few urns exist in the Amana Shrine, and players tend to roll through them out of habit

Shrine of Amana

Broken Column High. The decrepit nature of the Amana Shrine makes the broken column prop blend in very well

Drangleic Castle

Tall urn Low. Few urns exist in Drangleic Castle, and their large profile makes them easy to spot

Drangleic Castle

Wall Mirror Very low. Many exist in the castle, but this prop is large and visibly floats off walls

Drangleic Castle

Small crate High. Very small prop, hides easily behind pillars, enemies, and in corners


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