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magic weapon
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10 Intelligence


Weapon Buff

Magic Weapon is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2)Magic Weapon, a sorcery that enchants the weapon in the other hand with magic, supplementing magic damage to its existing effects. Juxtaposing swordsmanship with spellcasting, certain scholars at the Melfian Magic Academy perceive this blend of skills as impure. Sorceries demand the use of a Staff or Special Weapons, requiring a certain Intelligence level for casting.


"Sorcery that imbues weapon in other hand with magic. Adds magic damage to the types of damage the weapon already inflicts.

Wielding a sword and casting a sorcery are two different things, and some members of the Melfian Magic Academy view these varieties of spells as impure."

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Magic Weapon Notes and Tips in Dark Souls 2

  • Buffs weapon with magic damage. Duration scales with Intelligence: 63 sec. at 10 Int, and up to 135 sec. at 15 Int. Weaker than Great Magic Weapon and Crystal Magic Weapon.
  • Despite being the weakest Weapon Buff in the game, its low stat requirement and high spell uses/duration make it a great way to deal extra damage without spending souls for resins or having to level intelligence any more than you might need to use its large variety of support sorceries.
  • DS2's buff formula differs from other Souls games, instead relying primarily on the targeted weapon's base damage to determine how much AR the spell buff will add. Matching the spell buff with a damage type present on a weapon will add a flat bonus to the total AR, depending on whatever the weapon is infused with and/or naturally inflicts said damage type. A small scaling bonus is also added unless the targeted weapon doesn't scale at all with any stats.


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    • Anonymous

      If you were to get Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2 (somehow in this day and age), This lasts a STAGGERING 189 seconds! (3 minutes, 9 seconds) Adding nearly a whole Minute onto the damn spell... but... Adding Northwarder set with this makes it just silly... you make the total duration a MONSTROUS 226.125 seconds... (3 minutes, 46.125 seconds (+40% from Ring, + 27.5% from Set (assuming the % is additive))) At that point, you don't even need multiple casts of this spell... nearly 4 minutes worth of a buff is just overkill in any regard... Keep in mind that the best buff in the game (Reso Weapon) only lasts for 45 seconds base and 72 seconds at max 36 faith... 1 Cast of Magic Weapon with max duration is longer than casting 3 Seperate Reso Weapons at max faith cap...

      • Anonymous

        Where can I find this magic because I need this magic very much and it is the only thing left and get a Platinum Dark Souls 2

        • Anonymous

          Its weaker than the other buffs, but with such low requirements, its the easiest to use: 10 int and a attunement slot=damage. It lasts more than 2 min with 18 int( possibly even more with the dragoncrest ring) which, while weaker than other buffs, will most likely get you through areas and an entire boss. Worth investing for melee players

          • Anonymous

            As far as PvE goes, this is the best version of Magic Weapon, for its numerous uses, rock bottom INT requirement, and incredible duration. The other versions are really only useful in PvP, or specific bosses.

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