Soul Geyser is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Sorcery, you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorcery.

Soul Geyser

Spell Type


Attunement SlotsSlots Used

1 Slot


64 Intelligence


Medium to Long Range



"A secret art unleashes a gush of souls.
The homing soul mass pierces its target, then hits repeatedly for additional damage.

This blasphemous spell is a family heirloom of Lord Aldia's. It was designed to pummel foes until its power is entirely exhausted."

Acquired From

  • Aldia's Keep: In the acid pit with the mutant rat monsters.




  • Shoots four Soul Spears each dealing magic damage. Can pierce through multiple enemies. Each Soul Spear deals around same damage as a Great Heavy Soul Arrow. If all four spears connect, it is the highest damage dealing sorcery in game.
    This spell is also used by Leydia Pyromancer, they cast this spell with Blue Flame straight sword catalyst.

  • Not useful on small targets, but very useful against big, slow enemies such as bosses. Casting speed is roughly same as Soul Vortex. Length of staff affects its starting cast point, making it miss at short range with a Staff of Wisdom.
    Prior to calibration 10. it was considered to be the only useful spell against Old Iron King, it deals approx 800 damage to him at NG+4 onward, higher than Great Resonant Soul due to the boss' dark resistance.
    As of calibration 10. this spell suffered major poise damage downgrade.
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    • Anonymous

      At 94 attunement and after a few ascetics you can have 30 uses of this. Alternatively you could have 50 soul spears or 25 crystal soul spears, both of which you can farm with ascetics. You could also have 40 greater resonant souls theoretically if you manually played through the game over and over again because you can't farm them with ascetics. These really are the best choices if you want an OP and overleveled mage in DS2 PvE, with soul geyser being the highest overal dps.

      • Anonymous

        this thing had a solid 4k???? was that damage boosted by magic related equipments alongside unleash magic? wow no wonder it was nerfed so hard...

        • Anonymous

          Soul spear barrage is slightly more versatile, given you have the brain power, both in-game, and out, it's a true sorcery shotgun.

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