Repair is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Sorcery, you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorcery.


Spell Type


Attunement SlotsSlots Used

1 Slot


15 Intelligence





"A sorcery that dates farther back than recollection.
Repairs equipped weapons and armor.

Uses light to repair damaged weapons and armor. Supposedly this sorcery restores items to a past state, but with the knowledge of this art lost, the finer details of the phenomenon are unknown."

Acquired From

  • After opening the Shrine of Winter continue down the path then turn right at the bottom, In some rubble.
  • SOFS: Shaded Woods. In a chest behind a petrified lion warrior in the back left corner of a ruin after the end of the bridge you need a fragrant branch of yore.




  • Does not repair broken equipment. Instead, acts as repair powder.
    Does not repair equiped non-selected weapon. That means you should equip staff in left hand if you want to repair your right-hand weapon, otherwise you will only repair your left-hand weapon (or shield).
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    • Anonymous

      17 May 2021 14:28  

      Anyone can confirm if you can strengthen the Repair?
      What I mean is I think it repairs only 25% of the item's durability, does equipping stronger wand increases it for like 50+%?
      I'm asking since I'm running a melee STR build and I only have 10 INT (minimum to use repair with simpleton spice reduction).

      • Anonymous

        20 Feb 2021 13:35  

        omg im doing a soulcap run wit the agape ring and this is heavens since some weapons lose tons of durability when doing the heavy attack, no more grinding for repair powder heck yeah!!

        • Anonymous

          06 Aug 2020 14:31  

          It’s important to note that this spell will repair every item you have equipped in any slot as long as the item isn’t broken. This includes weapons, armor, rings and even the catalyst the spell is used from. The description is a bit ambiguous in that respect so I thought I would clarify.

          • Anonymous

            18 Nov 2018 14:02  

            As a person who only uses magic for utility on a melee build I can say that this spell helps reduce the consumption of Repair Powder... one Cast of the Repair Spell saves you basically 2,500 souls a pop on what would of otherwise went to buying Repair Powder, and reduces the need to grind for Repair Powder to begin with! It is also VERY helpful on low soul memory builds with fragile equipment, trust me.

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