Strong Magic Shield

Strong Magic Shield
Spell Type Sorcery
icon attunementSlots Used

1 Slot


18 Intelligence


Self Cast

Strong Magic Shield is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2)Strong Magic Shield, infuses the off-hand shield with magic, fortifying it to absorb extra damage. Some members of the Melfian Magic Academy dismiss these forms of magic, with purists in particular showing disdain for anything remotely associated with swordplay Sorceries demand the use of a Staff or Special Weapons, requiring a certain Intelligence level for casting.


"Imbues off-hand shield with magic. Reinforce shield to absorb additional damage. 
Certain members of the Melfian Magic Academy Scoff at these types of magic.
The purists, in particular, are disdainful of anything vaguely linked to sword fighting."

Dark Souls 2 Strong Magic Shield Acquired From

  • Sold by Straid of Olaphis for 6300 souls.
    Sold infinitely by Royal Sorceror Navlaan.
    Drangleic Castle: Up the elevator, in the room with the captured Milfanito. Metal chest on the left.


Strong Magic Shield Notes and Tips in Dark Souls 2

  • This spell raises both the stability and damage resistance of the player's shield when taking both ranged and melee attacks. Can prove to be incredibly useful in situations where one's shield isn't sufficient enough to block attacks.
    Lasts 30 seconds. 60 at 27 int.
  • Increases all shield damage reductions to 100%
  • Increases shield stability by 10%


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    • Anonymous

      It does NOT increases all shield damage reductions to 100%. Just fought Fume Knight using this sorcery + Havel's greatshield + Baneful bird ring (to block all his attack without draining stamina), and he STILL deals some damage to me when i'm blocking, even with this sorcery up (actually, i havent even noticed the difference in damage taken, only stability boost).

      • Anonymous

        Oddly enough it gives more info on the sorceries page.

        If you search for list of all sorceries on here it tells how much it adds in damage reduction in the table

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