Please visit our Titanite Farming page for ideas on where to obtain Ore and Upgrades for the effects of applying ore to equipment.


Icon Item Name Usage How to Obtain it
Titanite Shard Titanite Shard Reinforce standard equipment up to +3 (6 needed)
Large Titanite Shard Large Titanite Shard Reinforce standard equipment up to +6 (6 needed)
Titanite Chunk Titanite Chunk Reinforce standard equipment up to +9 (6 needed)
  • Unlimited supply sold by the Stone Trader Chloanne after Nashandra is defeated.
  • Dropped by Coal Tar in Black Gulch, Gyrm Warriors (both Axe and Hammer variants) in Doors of Pharros and etc.
  • When member of Bell Tower Covenant, acquired after each successful defeat.
Titanite Slab Titanite Slab Reinforce standard equipment up to +10 (1 needed)
  • 1 sold by Stone Trader Chloanne.
  • Drops from the Stone Soldier (both Twinblade and Spear variants) in Drangleic Castle. (Infinite spawing and drop at the King's Gate area
  • One in Forest of Fallen Giants, in the basement of the room with the ballistas trap, after using a Pharros Lockstone.
  • Trading Small Smooth & Silky stones , Smooth & Silky stones , or Petrified Something with Dyna and Tillo
  • 1 given by McDuff after shopping and imbuing (uncertain exacly how much)
  • 1 drops after defeating the Prowling Magus and Congregation boss in Brightstone Cove Tseldora - Royal Army Campsite
Twinkling Titanite Twinkling Titanite Reinforce what cannot normally be reinforced to +5 (15 needed)
Raw Stone
Raw Stone Changes weapon class to Raw.
Faintstone Imbues weapons with magic or provide magic reduction to shields.
Firedrake Stone
Firedrake Stone Imbues weapons with fire or provide fire reduction to shields.
Boltstone Imbues weapons with lightning or provide lightning reduction to shields.
Darknight Stone
Darknight Stone Imbues weapons with dark or provide dark reduction to shields.
Poison Stone
Poison Stone Imbues weapons with poison or provide poison reduction to shields.
Bleed Stone
Bleed Stone Imbues weapons with bleed or provide bleed reduction to shields.
  • 3 sold by Stone Trader Chloanne
  • 1 found on corpse in Grave of Saints. After Royal Rat Vanguard Boss Fight.
  • 1 found in a illusory wall in Sinner's Rise
  • Dropped by Lizardmen in Shrine of Amana and Basilisks
Magic Stone
Magic Stone Causes physical damage to scale with Intelligence
Old Mundane Stone
Old Mundane Stone Grants the power of the mundane to weapon
Palestone Undo the upgrade path you choose but keeps the weapon reinforcement lvl
Petrified Dragon Bone
Petrified Dragon Bone Reinforces special equipment to +5 (15 needed)
  • Occasionally dropped by Crystal Lizards.
  • Found throughout the world.
  • Dropped by Dragon Acolyte in Aldia's Keep.
  • Dropped by the Optional Boss Ancient Dragon.
Fire%20Seed Fire Seed Upgrades Pyromancy Flames up to +10

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