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Iron Passage Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses goes here. You can add links, images. and other details. 

How to get to Iron Passage

Required items: Tower Key from Brume Tower

From the Foyer bonfire take the elevator that goes down then use the Tower Key in the small metal door. Go down the 2 staircases and take the elevator down. From here enter the doorway and you will be in Iron Passage.

Light the bonfire and drop down to the next floor, this is one of the areas where players that donĀ“t have this DLC can be summoned into also the NPC summon signs of Steel-willed Lorrie and Drifter Swordsman Aidel are located here.

Continue and you will see a lever, a path ahead and a path to the left. If you pull the lever the cells in the path ahead will open and 4 Ashen Warriors will be released, after killing them the second to last cell to the right will have a body holding 7x Large Titanite Shard. This lever has another use that is not essential to complete the area, it will be described in the end of the walkthrough.

Take the path to the left and drop down the hole. Around the corner is a room with 2 Ashen Warriors waiting and a Fume Sorcerer shooting lightning while you fight them. You will see an item in a body out of reach, ignore it for now. After killing the enemies go to through the doorway and drop down again. There will another drop with an Ashen Warrior waiting for you, drop and kill it. Continue to another room with a caster, a Possessed Armor and 2 Ashen Warriors. One of them is hiding to the right ready to ambush you as you enter the room. After killing them all continue to yet another drop. This final room has a Possessed Armor, a caster and an Iron Warrior. After killing them all, pick up a Dried Root from the body and enter the mist to fight the boss, the Smelter Demon.

After the boss, continue to the next division and pick up the Pharros Mask from the body, take the elevator and drop down to the walkway. You're back at the entrance of Iron Passage.

Optional Content

It is not possible to get all items in this area in one run. You will need to use Aged Feather or Homeward Bone and rest at a bonfire a few times to reset the area and come back for missing items. (I've managed to Run-Jump on the ramp at the second dropping place by the way)

The lever in the first room that open the cells, also opens the grate at the end for the stonelizard to shoot fireballs. If you pull the lever and run (and manage to dodge the fireballs) you can go past the grate before it closes and have access to the upper areas with items you could see, but not reach. Even these upper area have many enemies, its not easier than lower part.

When you manage to run past the closing grate, an Astrologist enemy will be waiting for you. Kill and go left. Kill the Fume Sorcerer and pick up 2x Crimson Water from the body at the end.

Go back to where you dropped and go forward this time. You will see another lever and a Fume Sorcerer will emerge. Kill the sorcerer and look ahead of the lever. Its another block of cells with a grate and a salamander at the end. There are 2 bodies holding itmes in the cells, but to pick those up you can't progress more in this area, you will need to return to the bonfire to reset the area and come here again.

If you open the cells, 3 Ashen Warrios will come out, kill them and pick up a Simpleton's Spice and 5x Torch.

If you decide to run past the grate you will be in a room with 2 exits. The exit on the left has an Astrologist waiting for you. Here you can see an item below and a Possessed Armor close to it, but if you drop to pick it up you have to repeat the process all over again. If you drop down, kill the Armor and pick up 2x Wilted Dusk Herb.

The other exit will take to the last area, near the boss gate. A Possessed Armor will be guarding 2 bodies that hold 3x Cracked Eye Orb and 3x Old Growth Balm.

Co-Op Strategy

If you are summoning help, or being summoned, Iron Passage becomes a lot more manageable. Rather than choosing one path, it is best to split up, with two players passing through the first gate, while the other two, preferably the host and either another player or an NPC summon, stay behind and go through the "main" route using the passage to the left.

The two players going through the gate can simply wait next to the gate while the host pulls the lever. The two players taking the high route can split up a second time at the second gate, with one going through while the other pulls the lever again. Doing this allows all of the enemies on each level to be engaged directly, and doesn't require anyone to attempt to dash through the gauntlet.

If you have less than four players, it is generally better for players to go through gates when possible, since the players on the higher levels can easily support the player on the lower level with archery or spells once they have defeated the enemies on their part.

Also note that, if you are the host, it is preferable if you don't engage the Iron Warrior outside the boss gate until the players on the higher levels have dealt with their enemies, and are able to come down and assist. Remember, if a phantom dies, you're down one phantom, but if the host dies, it's all over!

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