Simpleton's Spice

simpletons spice

A spell demands devotion from its caster, but using this spice makes a chosen spell attainable with 1 less intelligence. Will only work with assistance from a certain person. 

Simpleton's Spice is a type of Consumable in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2)Simpleton's Spice, an aromatic spice, makes a chosen spell attainable with 1 less intelligence, offering a shortcut for the devoted. It requires assistance from a specific individual and doesn't increase intelligence but only obfuscates the requirement. Consumable Items grant various effects such as restorative properties for recovering HP, removing certain negative status effects, applying temporary buffs and debuffs, as well as activating various actions and effects.


A spice exuding a peculiar aroma.
A spell demands devotion from its caster, but using this spice makes a chosen spell attainable with 1 less intelligence. Will only work with assistance from a certain person.
The spice does not raise one's intelligence, but only obfuscates the requirement.

Dark Souls 2 Simpleton's Spice Usage

  • Lowers INT requirement of a spell by 1, to a minimum of 10. (Similar to Skeptic's Spice for miracles)
  • You can use Spice multiple times on the same spell.
  • Can be used to lower the INT requirement for hexes.
  • Affects all copies of the spell, not just the single scroll chosen.
  • Take to Magerold of Lanafir in the Iron Keep to use.


Simpleton's Spice Notes and Tips in DKS2

  • You can use as many spices as you want on one spell until the spell only requires 10 int and/or faith.
  • Spell duration stacks with intelligence, not catalyst power.
  • Spell strength stacks with catalyst power, not intelligence.
  • Using a Simpleton's Spice in itself will NOT reduce the efficacy of a spell, only the lower INT the player has will affect the spell's damage/duration. Example: You have a spell that needs 40 INT and use 10 spices to lower the requirement to 30. While you have 30-39 INT the spell will be less efficient, not because of the spice, but because you have less INT than initially needed. Once you have 40 INT, the spell will behave the same as before the use of the spice.


Dark Souls 2 Simpleton's Spice Locations

  • 2 in Harvest Valley after the "The Mines" bonfire. down the center hole into the cave filled with poison gas and another in one of the tunnels in the area with the sickle-wielding undead.
  • 1 in Earthen Peak at the opposite end of the outside ledge, where Gilligan is standing.
  • 1 in Brightstone Cove Tseldora under the webs just before The Duke's Dear Freja.
  • 1 in Iron Keep. Go up the ladder past the Mimic Chest and drop to the ledges below.
  • (Actually Simpletons's spices) 3 in Belfry Sol in Iron Keep. First on a body between the tower with the stairs to the roof and the outer fence, second near the fence on the roof with the dual Avelyn NPC, and the final one near the fence close to the bottom of the ladder beside the exit fog gate. This is the easiest area to farm for this item with bonfire ascetics, as there are three locations very close to one another.
  • 2 in Undead Crypt on the hidden ledge under the stairs with the two knights just past Grave Warden Agdayne's room. Fall next to the ladder in the corner. The second is just outside the second bonfire.
  • 1 in Aldia's Keep, just before the second Ogre breaks the wall.
  • 1 in Iron Passage in one of the cells holding an Ashen Warrior after the second lever.
  • 1 bought from Sorcerer Carhillion of the Fold for 13,000 souls.
  • 1 is rewarded by Royal Sorcerer Navlaan for killing Cale.
  • Dropped by the hollows near the Harval's Resting Place bonfire in Grave of Saints.
  • Dropped by white undead mages in Brightstone Cove Tseldora (very uncommon).
  • Dropped by Leydia Witches in Undead Crypt (very uncommon).
  • (SotFS confirmed) Dropped by Insolent Spirits in Undead Crypt after lighting the sconces on the bridge and below the shortcut area. It's advised that you first beat the boss and light all bonfires and only attempt to kill the spirits after. Do not light the sconces if you don't wish to kill them yet. (fairly common drop)


Spice Farming with Bonfire Ascetic in Dark Souls 2

  • 3 can be farmed in Belfry Sol in Iron Keep and only requires you to defeat The Old Iron King for the first time making this by far the most efficient method as the 2 enemies that can drop it do so extremely rarely
  • 2 can be farmed in Harvest Valley via "The Mines" bonfire but you will have to defeat the Covetous Demon each time. You will also net 2 Skeptic's spice.


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    • Anonymous

      I got a drop from a hollow mage at brightstone cove. Must be pretty low probability, but there's one so close to the 2nd bonfire it might be worth trying farming there.

      • Anonymous

        Vendor that utilizes the Spice should be the hub mage under the tree.

        You should be able to use your Spice in hub area with an NPC there.

        • 1. Pick Bandit (1 Int).

          2. Acquire obscene amounts of simpleton's spice and nuke the requirements to cast Crystal Soul Spear.

          3. Use Int-boosting gear to hit 10 Int.

          4. Shoot pretty blue light that do unga bunga damage.

          • Anonymous

            Easiest farming method (I've found at least). Join the Champion's Covenant and go to the Undead Crypt Ditch bonfire. Exit the ditch, go right, and smash through the gravestones to get to ladder in the rightmost corner. Ignore everything else. Climb it and beat the witch at the end to pulp. Collect what she drops, but don't warp back to the bonfire because you'll have to smash the grave stones again. Also the ladder can be annoying to use
            on the return trip as there'll most definitely be a hollow following you and blocking it off. Instead, drop between the archways to the side and smash through to the door on the right. Smash a path back to the bonfire, rest up and repeat (but faster this time as no need to smash!). Equip all your best item drop gear and you'll be getting either spice, a magic gem, an awestone, or any combination of the above. Since doing this I've only received those items. I got the ring, set, and 2 staves beforehand when going through the area for the first time.

            • Anonymous

              Name's Gontar, just in case anyone's confused about the comments or multiple wikis telling you how to farm these spices on the Grave of Saints, you don't get them by killing peasant hollows, they give you titanite, the miners i mean, you have to kill the white old fatty wizards that shoot homing magic ballz at you (you find them right after defeating the Church Boss and it's cult) to get the spice you want, the spice must flow!

              • Anonymous

                I have read a lot of conflicting info about the use of these things, people have even debated the interpretation of the info on this and other wiki pages and guides. I'm so confused and really only want to know one thing: does using this to minimize (lower stat) requirements weaken the power of the spell? Yes or no?

                • Anonymous

                  So lowering spell requirements weakens the spell and lowers casting usage and it can’t be reversed. So if I upgrade my stats up to the previous spell requirement will my casting usage go back up and will my spell be back at it’s full strength?

                  • Anonymous

                    For anyone doubting that the Hollows by Harvals Resting Place are dropping spices I can confirm that they are dropping Simpleton Spice. I was seriously doubting that they would because it took me around 30+ minutes for the spice to drop. However, when it dropped, a second one dropped on the very next run. I was using Gold Serpent Ring +1, Jesters Hat and a Rusted Coin.

                    • Anonymous

                      There appears to be a bug, I'm not sure what causes it but it may have something to do with having multiples of the same spell, but sometimes the Int/Fth requirement will reset to pre-spice levels at random while the spell is not attuned. I brought one Great Lightning Spear down to 14 FTH but had a second requiring the base 27. After some time, I went to requip it and now both require 27 again.

                      • Anonymous

                        since INT hardcaps at 50, its best to use it on soul*****ser and crystal soul spear. i used mine to drag both spells down to 52.

                        • Anonymous

                          If you lower the requirements for a spell but level up INT to match the original reqs later on is the spell as effective as without lowering the requirements (duration time, etc.)?

                          • Anonymous

                            I've never seen the hollows near Harval's resting place drop Simpleton Spice. Are they supposed to drop spice in Scholar or in Vanilla?

                            • Anonymous

                              In Scholar of the First Sin (not sure if this will work in vanilla DS2) you can farm for Simpleton's Spice infinitely by joining the Company of Champions covenant in Majula (which will make enemies respawn infinitely) and then heading down to the Grave of Saints. The Abandoned Hollows have a chance of dropping a Simpleton's Spice, so it's best that you have an item equipped that increases Discovery Rate such as the Jester's Cap.
                              This is a better alternative for those who'd rather not use a Bonfire Ascetic.

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