Smelter Demon

HP 5,970 (Standard Game)
Weakness Poison
Resistance Fire

The Smelter Demon is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Smelter Demon Information 

Smelter Demon is a boss in Dark Souls 2. This can be the first boss encounter in the Iron Keep. He is optional so if you have trouble dealing with him, it is better to come back to him after some time. If defeated, returning to his room will result in a Pursuer fight.

  • The Old Iron King's life was taken by a mass of iron that had been given a soul. Was this metal goliath there from the beginning, or was it a product of the king's conceit?









Counter Measures

Jumping Plunge Jumps high in the air above player stabbing downwards. If the player approaches him after he has landed he will do a explosive AOE. This combo can be lethal. As soon as he jumps, run or dodge backwards to distance yourself. The actual area he strikes is quite small.
Double Horizontal Slash Slow double slash that goes from player's left to right followed by a return slash from right to left. This double combo is often followed by his Stabbing Lunge or Jumping Slam Though the demon's arc is very wide, his reach is relatively small. Dodge to the left to roll under the first swing, and then dodge away from the demon to escape the reach of the second swing. Be wary of a third, vertical attack.
Horizontal then Vertical Cleave Swings his sword from player's right to left and then follows it with a Vertical Cleave.  
Stabbing Lunge Very fast stab with a long reach. This can be difficult because it is significantly faster than his other attacks and can throw a player off balance.  
Vertical Cleave Raises his sword above his head with two hands and cleaves downward. Once his sword is on fire this attack sends out a flaming vertical arc that travels along the ground, similar to the dragon tail weapons from Dark Souls 1. Has a long delay, different from the other attacks, making dodge timing critical. Before his sword is aflame, you can escape the demon's reach with relative ease by rolling away from him. Once lit however, the flaming arc will reach you at any distance, so dodging to the side makes for a more effective escape.
In either state, this attack has a delay to it that can cause the player to dodge too early, leaving them vulnerable.
Single Horizontal Slash Can come from either player's left or right  

Fight Notes:

  • During the fight, once you manage to chip a quarter/third of his health, he will roar and stoke his fire*, this will add a constant low damage burning AOE to his person, additionally the room becomes darker and he becomes brighter. After depleting a half of his health, he will stab himself with his sword doing no damage to himself but lighting his sword on fire. This greatly increases the damage his sword does.
  • Melee attacks done to him during his kindling or sword ignition animation do about half the damage.
  • Arrows shot during his kindling or sword ignition animation do no damage. However, if the bow has magic damage you can deal very minuscule damage. (tested with Dragonrider bow)
  • Sorceries shot during his kindling or sword ignition animation do greatly reduced damage.
  • Be wary of rolling into the walls as sometimes you glitch and get stuck partially in the wall unable to move. Using a gesture that moves you, like pumped up, may free you from the glitch.
  • Additionally the boss can physically box you into the wall with his body. You are not glitched into the wall but you will be unable to roll away and escape.


NPC Summons

Lucatiel of Mirrah can be summoned for this fight, provided the player has exhausted her dialogue at three locations and received the Ring of Steel Protection +1. Her summon sign is located near the fog door, against the wall to the right.

  • Caution: Lucatiel will often not enter the boss area as a glitch. This is more likely to happen if you summon another player along with NPC Lucatiel for the boss fight. While this is more common when you have another player phantom helping along with Lucatiel, it has been reported to occur when just using NPC Lucatiel.

Manhunter O'Harrah (Her summon sign is just before the entrance to the boss battle in the room with the fire and spike wall traps), only in Scholar of the First Sin . (she is intended to be summoned for the Old Iron King, but she can be led back through the previous area to fight the smelter demon). This strategy makes the boss fight cake.


Smelter Demon is easiest to fight if you dodge to the left rather than the right. Be careful not to get pinned to the wall as his wide frame can easily trap you. For your armor and shield, use something with high flame defense (recommended using the Gyrm greatshield as it has 100% physical and fire resistance) and you may also want to the Flame Quartz Ring or cast Flash Sweat before going in. Using a Small Orange Burr can also help you defend against his fire. He has high armor, so magic is most effective. Aromatic Ooze or Gold Pine Resin really help in this fight. If you have a Pyromancy glove and Toxic Mist or green pine resin, it is also worth using especially while he is recovering from attack or buffing himself (poison does 15 dmg and it ticks quite fast, taking roughly 15% of his health). All in all, your best bet is to keep dodging to the left, circling around him and attacking when there's an opening. While he's catching his sword on fire you have a moment to heal or apply a magic to your weapon as well (if you didn't before the fight). Then keep the same strategy going. Be very careful about his Jumping Plunge attack as he often does an explosively devastating AOE afterward. When making some distance from him, be careful as he will shoot fire from the end of his sword as he slams it on the ground.

Overall, what makes this guy so difficult is the overwhelming amount of fire damage that he can inflict (which is often too much for most NG players to tank at this point). Coupled with his aggressive attacks and constant lingering fire damage in his third form, most attempts that do not kill the player outright can often end through attrition on the part of the boss being able to constantly rip through the player with fire damage. Flash Sweat (available from the girl you unpetrify in the entrance to the shaded woods) is a definite help that almost everyone has easy access to, along with the flame resist rings. The miracles Magic Barrier and Great Magic Barrier are also helpful if you have access to them. This guy is one of the more difficult bosses of the game, so don't be afraid to get whatever help you can.

To make the fight a little easier if you are fighting solo as mentioned earlier Flash Sweat, Magic Barriers and Fire Resistance rings are very helpful. If it's not enough you might have picked up Alonne Captain Set that drops from the enemies in Iron Keep. That armor offers very high fire resistance and this will help you greatly. Alternatively if you only have the Alonne Knight Set it still offers high fire resistance but not as much as the Captain Armor. His fire damage over time (or DoT) will continuously drain your health. Even with high fire resistance this can still be a problem. Equip the Ring of Restoration if you have it, this will either stop the fire damage from draining your health or make it drain much slower. With all that fire damage will no longer be a problem, allowing you to focus on dodging attacks and taking your window of opportunity to attack when you have it. But a word to the wise, when he does his thrusting down attack with his sword always get as far away as you can. He might not do his AoE attack after but once he's buffed that AoE wave attack can one hit kill people with high health. Don't risk it just get away.
To reduce his damage to a manageable amount, try rolling in the water provided by the Pharos lockstone next to the archer above the walkway next to the boss door. (You will need to do several jumps over lava) This will provide a massive buff to fire resistance . You will know that the buff has been applied by the fact you have wet footprints behind you as you walk. This along with flash sweat will prevent almost all fire damage.
If you summon help, survive until the phantom dies at all costs. Do not engage the boss unless you are absolutely sure you will not die, as phantoms summoned for Smelter Demon often experience their hosts' death more than the bosses'.

Solo Melee strategy
this boss can be very difficult if players are NG and primarily dedicated to Melee, due to the fact that he focuses attacks on whatever is closest to him (if there are more than one Melee players in the room, eg- lucatiel's phantom, he will prioritize the last attacker) and his high armor doesn't help either. However it is possible to slay him solo melee with relative ease, if you apply some effort. since his attacks are a sword with fire damage, you will need a set of armor with a nice armor-to-fire resistance ratio, I used Vengarl's set with the tower great shield (gyrm great shield would be better, but the tower great shield can be found earlier and has a decent fire resistance). for added protection, the flame quartz ring, ring of restoration and flash sweat are recommended, as well as rolling in the water at the pharross's contraption. as long as you have water on you, you should take next to no fire damage for a couple of mins, allowing you to keep health restoration items for the end of the fight.
the actual strategy to combating this behemoth by yourself is fairly basic. as soon as you enter the room, lock on and begin strafing left around him. try to stay behind him, but make sure you are on his left, as his attacks are more likely to hit you on the right. keep your shield up at all times and keep an eye on stamina. try to bait his more powerful grand slamming attacks, as he will need to pull his sword out of the ground. this will give you time to throw in a couple of hits from a great sword (i used Drangleic +2). wait for openings and keep strafing left around him. also try to keep him in the center, as this will remove the chance to box you in the corner. whenever he kindles his flame or ignites his blade (and if necessary when he is recovering from a heavy attack) estus up and try to use flash sweat. keep rinsing and repeating, chipping away at his health, avoiding his AoE attacks and it should only take 3-5 mins to take him out.

Easy Solo Sorcery Strategy

The easiest method to beat this boss solo, far and away, is to summon Lucatiel of Mirrah primarily to act as a distraction. You may need to fight/dodge the boss for a few seconds (dodge left for the best chance at avoiding his wide sweeping attacks), but then let Lucatiel start hitting him so he focuses his attention on her. Then just back off to almost max range and let rip with spells; if you stay far away his focus will stay on Lucatiel the entire fight. The odd long-range attack may still hit you so be ready to dodge, but otherwise just shoot him to bits.

Video Strategies


  • Gyrm Greatshield has 100% fire resist and makes this fight a lot easier. (Rebel's Greatshield can be obtained a lot earlier in the game and has 100% fire resist when infused with a Firedrake Stone but not 100% physical.)
  • He is susceptible to poison so using poison arrows/sword/resin or the Toxic Mist pyromancy works well.
  • When he lights his sword on fire, it deals far less physical damage, using flash sweat at this point will make most of his attacks harmless.
  • After defeating the Smelter Demon, return to this arena later to fight an enemy similar to the Smelter Demon to obtain the Ring of Blades+1. The arena does not mist over the doors during this fight, however, if you leave the arena even for a moment, this enemy sinks into the floor until revived by resting at a bonfire. After defeating him, he does not re-spawn.
  • His attacks are quite easy to dodge, try rolls, until he lights his sword on fire. At that point, be VERY careful when / where you roll as fire will shoot out in a straight line from the end of his sword.
  • * If enough damage is dealt to Smelter Demon early on, he may skip the stoking of his fire and go straight to lighting his sword on fire. You can then continue the fight with no fear of his passive fire damage.
  • Appears to target characters who use melee attacks against him or characters closer to him.
  • Summon Lucatiel and avoid engaging him. Let her pull aggro and move as far away as possible and range him. NG+ whole fight took under 1 min 10-15 Great Lightning spears. Stamina ring and shield, Sun Seal, Clear Bluestone Ring and Ring of Knowledge. I had extremely miserable time using melee on my first play through.
  • Summon Lucatiel, bring toxic mist and around 40-50 Hexing urns. Let Lucatiel tank his attacks. Start with the poison, and pelt him with the urns. May take a few tries, but worth it if you can't use miracles or sorcery.
  • The Hexer Set offers extremely high fire resistance (higher than the Alonne set) and is very lightweight. If your character does not meet the stat requirements to have Felkin give you the set, Melentia will sell the set once Felkin is killed.



  • While fighting the boss player may get stuck near the walls. (The decorum lining the walls can make it easy for the boss to pin you up against them. When this happens, the camera also gets pinned up against the wall making it extremely difficult to see what is going on. This however, does not constitute a bug, only poor mechanics). Note: Whilst it is possible for the boss to trap the player against the wall as described above, a bug does exist that causes the player glitch into the wall, making them 'bounce' vertically and unable to move. It usually occurs following his 'stabbing lunge' attack. As of 13/05/2014, this has not been fixed in the PC version .
  • Lucatiel can become stuck and never enter the fight. Happened to me twice during my first play through. She has to be directly behind you to enter. If she moves to your right when facing door there's a good chance you'll die alone. Note: that happened with me as well, noticed that there was a Alonne Knight that will rush you from behind when you get close to the "mist door". Wait for him, kill him, and Lucatiel won't get distracted.
  • Sometimes if the world master summons Lucatiel, but enters the boss room before she finishes summoning, it will tell any phantoms the person summoned (players), "The world master has left the area, returning to your world." And force them back to their world. (Confirmed on PC)



    • Anonymous

      15 Jun 2019 17:55  

      Idk but he was just another slow heavily amour guy to me. I just dodge left all the time and beat him 1st try, meh.

      • Anonymous

        02 Jun 2019 23:46  

        Broken Hitbox the boss fight Annoying boss, Annoying path to boss and *****ing retarted moveset, just equip fire-resistance, the red tearstone ring, use the Brightbug and R1 spamm his ass until hes dead, chug estus like a retard when hes on a phase transition and keep spamming R1, It will be over before you know it Or go and play Dark souls 1 or 3, those are way better than this one

        • Anonymous

          22 Mar 2019 23:59  

          Magic Demon Smelter is faster and stronger than the Smelter Demon, no matter what equipment you have, it is useless. The scene is always too dark.

          • Anonymous

            09 Mar 2019 04:33  

            I tried to use the black scorpion stinger with poison damage but it didnt seem to do anything. Why is this

            • Anonymous

              22 Feb 2019 08:02  

              Beat this guy on my first try thanks to the forewarning on the wiki. This is definitely the best page on the DS2 wiki.

              • Anonymous

                18 Feb 2019 16:51  

                The run-up to it is pretty tedious, but the fight itself is one of the better ones I've had in this game. It starts slow, just so you get to know its moveset, and it builds up as you keep fighting it. It punishes turtling enough as to incentivate you enough to know its moveset, and after that it becomes a matter of timely dodging (although the big overhead smash is tricky to get used to, and I got hit by the first horizontal swipe a whole buncha times). It gives enough window for you to heal, particularly after the jumping attack, and that window gets bigger the longer the fight goes on. He kicked my ass a whole bunch of times, but I have to admit, this has probably been the best straight-on boss fight I've had so far in the game.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Jan 2019 02:22  

                  The Lucatiel summon and magic resin makes this fight a breeze. Lucatiel is a damage sponge. All you need to do is dodge a few attacks until the demon aggros on the phantom and cowardly swing a few times into its backside and retreat while you recover stamina. Demon was beating on her mercilessly and I never saw her health drop below half.

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Jan 2019 19:15  

                    NG i got 28,800 souls from him with a silver serpent ring +1. i earlier learned that it gives +20% souls, meaning he drops 24,000 souls, not 32,000. consuming his soul grants an extra 8,000 souls.

                    • Anonymous

                      09 Sep 2018 14:45  

                      I have extreme trouble dodging his moves,finding Windows to heal,finding Windows to attack,and I suck at dodging the AOE when he does the jumping plunge,and I have a +10 Lighting Bluemoon Greatsword,but the only boss I have more trouble with so far is the Looking Glass Knight

                      • Anonymous

                        29 Aug 2018 23:39  

                        The Smelter Demon (both Blue and Red) will only do the AOE explosion IF THEY LAND IN THE MIDDLE CIRCLE OF THEIR ARENA

                        • Anonymous

                          24 Jul 2018 06:57  

                          DISCLAIMER: this fight is for melee players only, sorry caster and pyromancers you will have to figures something out yourself.
                          Easy strategy for smelter demon. This strategy relies on the player killing the old iron king first. But if you can wait that long and level up your health and stamina this fight will be even easier.
                          1. Use Havel's set. It is not necessary to roll if you use the Gyrm great shield. By default he doesn't take to much stamina away from you when he hits your shield, and reinforced to +5 ( if possible) he won't even take more than 20 stamina away form you when you are guarding he's attack, plus 100% fire resistance will make this fight a cheese.
                          2. Ring of life Regeneration. for the second phase when he's fire take your health slowly, this ring plus the armor will great reduce this DMG.
                          3. get a good weapon. I used a Greatclub on +5 with lightning pine resin( not sure gow much STR i had). i was doing about 330 DMG per hit.
                          Play defensively, walk around him and keep him as close to the middle of arena as possible.
                          Doing this the fight will be a cheese.

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Jan 2018 01:38  

                            Want to report bug: in SotFS version it is possible that he can launch you in to the air. I fought him many times, it happened only once. Fortunately I took no damage from it though. Can't really tell when it happened - i just attacked and he moved into me or something

                            • Anonymous

                              04 Oct 2017 07:30  

                              Only thing bad about this fight is the fight area. He gets you up against the wall he has you pinned, not a very well designed battle area.

                              • Anonymous

                                09 Jun 2017 18:54  

                                Most importantly: Wait before rolling, he has the tendency to delay a little sometimes the blow and careful when he lands the sword on the ground, often is followed by a blast.

                                • Anonymous

                                  06 Nov 2016 01:55  


                                  If you use fire on him he will skip ahead his stages. Don't do that.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Elemental weakness23 Sep 2016 02:18  

                                    I found that poison was very inefficent i was doing 22 damage a hit with a +8 washing pole. However i switched ti a longsword+10 and a shortsword+5 with lightning and thr damage was significantly greater.

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