Fume Sorcerer

HP -
Weakness Physical
Resistance -
Respawns YES

Fume Sorcerer is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Fume Sorcerer Information

After the Old iron king sunk into the lava, scores of men were dispatched to tap the replete stores of iron. Fume Sorcerers were among these men.

These tall agile figures wield two daggers, the Blue Dagger and the Umbral Dagger. When confronted in close quarters, they use their skills as assassins to escape in a puff of smoke and reappear behind you.

These sorcerers cast a homing lighting ball that leaves a damage over time effect around an area if it hits a solid object, not a player. They can also infuse their daggers with lighting before stabbing them into the ground, causing an electric explosion.

They wear the Fume Sorcerer Set. The robe lacks the bell sleeve shown in-game. The mask does not include the swept-back spiked hair. While the set for women does not have the shoulder scarf/cape, the set for men does.

These enemies tend to have low poise, and can be stun locked to death. Alternatively, huge weapons can knock them down. Although they can be stunlocked or even knocked down easily, be wary when attempting to stunlock them, as they may teleport behind you and backstab you.






Strategy Tips

  • Using Ranged attacks to kill this enemy is a good idea as they are not usually alone and can cause a lot of trouble if not focused down.
    You can also stunlock these enemies as they have low poise.
    Some weapon such as Crypt Blacksword and Murakumo can knock down them with two handed strong attack.
  • These enemies appear to be resistant to all elemental damages (except fire?). They are weak to physical backstabs (i.e. a Raw or Enchanted Dagger +10). They can be be hit ONCE with a dagger when they stand up, to stun and orient them for an immediate follow up backstab; hitting them repeatedly will trigger their teleport.


Move Set

  • Dagger attack
  • Teleport
  • Lightning Orb
  • Great Lightning Orb
  • Lightning burst



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    • Tip for Casters29 Aug 2016 10:59  

      Can be poisoned with poison arrows or Dark Fog. 2 hits with Dark Fog was enough to get the effect going.The ones in Brume tower near the Foyer bonfire can be quite easily killed by exploding a Barrel Carrier near them. The Barrel Carriers can be herded towards the Fume Sorcerers and the hit with a fire ball or flame arrow. One exploded Barrel Carrier will take out a Fume Sorcerer.

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