Ashen Warrior

HP 700/880/1,625
Weakness Magic
Resistance -
Respawns Yes

Ashen Warrior is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. 


Ashen Warrior Information


The Ashen Warriors' loyalty to one another is the stuff of legends, and they held fast in their positions even as the once-great Iron Keep sank into the fiery earth.
The blades they wield were forged by one of the true artisans entertained by the Iron King during his kingdom's hayday

Clad in Iron Armor, the Ashen Warriors were trained by a visitor to the Iron Keep, and fight viciously with Katanas while their captains snipe with Alonne Greatbows. Though the knights occupying these armors have long since turned to dust, they remain at their posts and active as spirits entombed within their armor. They are amazingly fast for such heavily-armored foes, and are capable of sudden advances and retreats using their weapon of choice, the Blacksteel Katana. Though their armor has impressive physical resistance, they are vulnerable to magical damage, quickly going down from lightning, magic, strike weapons, or darkness.





Strategy Tips

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Attack Name Attack Description Counter Measures
Leap Attack (Dual Axe) When the player is a set distance away from the enemy, the enemy will leap towards the player performing an overhead attack when landing.  
Thrust Attack (Dual Axe) The enemy will thrust the head of his axe towards the player when within the enemy's reach.  
3 Slash Attack (Dual Axe) 2 overhead slashes followed by a horizontal slash if the player is still within the enemies attack range.  
Sprint Attack (Dual Axe) Sprints towards the player with one axe raised, then performs an overhead attack.  
Right Handed Slash (Dual Axe) Performs a single horizontal slash with his right axe.  
2 Handed Slash (Sword) Holds the sword in both his hands and does a strong horizontal slash.  
Running Thrust (Sword) Runs towards the player and performs a thrusting attack.  
Overhead (Sword) Overhead slash when the player is close to the enemy.  
3 Hit Combo (Sword) Preforms 2 slashes followed by a thrust if the player is within the enemy's reach.  
4 Fast Attack (Sword) Enemy will flail his arms left to right performing 4 slash attacks.  


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