Possessed Armor

HP ??
Weakness Fire
Resistance Lightning
Respawns YES

Possessed Armor is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Possessed Armor Information

Possessed Armors are empty armor vessels given life by Nadalia found in Brume Tower of the Old Iron King DLC. They can use Both a sword and a Great bow depending on the Player's distance. When the player cowers behind the environment, the Armor can levitate its bow into the air until it has a clear shot of the player. When in the presence of an Ashen Idol, defeated Armor's will revive in a few seconds of being defeated. Some Armor's are inactive on the floor until the player gets close.







Strategy Tips

  • Take care when he falls on the ground, as often it starts a spin attack
  • Well timed Great Hammer's 2H R2 attacks (PANCAKE) make so Possessed Armor can't get up and attack you. 

Move Set

  • Two hit combo
  • Two-handed attack
  • Great Bow (normal and levitating) 



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    • Anonymous

      18 Nov 2018 14:28  

      Some of them keep waking up wth, is this a bug? They don't give me any soul so I guess it isn't, but why only a couple of them resurrects?

      • Anonymous

        07 Apr 2017 21:06  

        Now, how was I supposed to figure out how to defeat the possessed armor without looking it up on wiki. I mean, how can anyone figure this stuff out on your own, when the solution is virtually the last thing you would think of?

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