(Blue) Smelter Demon

HP 9,260 (Standard Game)

Dark, Poison, Lightning

Resistance Magic,Fire
Respawns YES

The (Blue) Smelter Demon is a Boss in Dark Souls 2.


(Blue) Smelter Demon Information 

"The Old Iron King's life was taken by a mass of iron that had been given a soul. Was this metal goliath there from the beginning, or was it a product of the king's conceit?"

The Blue Smelter Demon in Iron Passage is powered by magic instead of Fire, also known as Aged Smelter Demon. It is highly resistant to Magic and vulnerable to Dark. (Just as vulnerable to Lightning damage, if not more so than Dark)
2 summons are available not far from the bonfire. Even though they increase the number of hits required to take the boss down, the fight becomes a lot easier provided the summons are not much worn out by the enemies on the way at the early walkthrough.

However, once the bonfire intensity reaches 3, the white phantoms will only hinder you since red phantom version of regular enemies started to spawn outside. Highly recommended to beef up items with high physical (and?) magic resistance while maintaining weight into below 50% so you can avoid being burdened by Promised Walk of Peace from Astrologist, items such as Rebel's Greatshield, Spell Quartz Ring, Ring of Steel Protection, Royal Soldier's Ring and Crypt Blacksword will be crucial for killing this boss at NG+2 or further. Oddly, Astrologist's Set is also a balanced Magic resistant clothing.










Counter Measures

Jumping Plunge Jumps high in the air above player stabbing downwards. If the player approaches him after he has landed he will do a explosive AOE. This combo can be lethal. As soon as he jumps, run or dodge backwards to distance yourself. The actual area he strikes is quite small.
Double Horizontal Slash Slow double slash that goes from player's left to right followed by a return slash from right to left. This double combo is often followed by his Stabbing Lunge or Jumping Slam. Though the demon's arc is very wide, his reach is relatively small. Dodge to the left to roll under the first swing, and then dodge away from the demon to escape the reach of the second swing. Be wary of a third, vertical attack.
Alternatively: block with Rebel's Greatshield

Horizontal then Vertical Cleave

Swings his sword from player's right to left and then follows it with a Vertical Cleave. Roll right when he swing, and then roll once again.

Stabbing Lunge

Very fast stab with a long reach. This can be difficult because it is significantly faster than his other attacks and can throw a player off balance. Roll sideward.

Vertical Cleave

Raises his sword above his head with two hands and cleaves downward. Once his sword is on fire this attack sends out a flaming vertical arc that travels along the ground, similar to the dragon tail weapons from Dark Souls 1. Has a long delay, different from the other attacks, making dodge timing critical. Before his sword is aflame, you can escape the demon's reach with relative ease by rolling away from him. Once lit however, the flaming arc will reach you at any distance, so dodging to the side makes for a more effective escape.
Once the attack is dodge, you can heal or buff weapon at this brief second.
In either state, this attack has a delay to it that can cause the player to dodge too early, leaving them vulnerable.

Single Horizontal Slash

Can come from either player's left or right  

Fight Notes:

  • During the fight he will roar with an AOE and stoke his magic flame, this will add a constant low damage burning "aura" (like Immolation ) to his person (on very few instances he CAN skip this part), additionally the room becomes darker and he becomes brighter. After expanding his magic flame he will stab himself with his sword doing no damage to himself but lighting his sword on fire. This greatly increases the damage his sword does.
  • In case he skipped the Immolation part he will still light his sword on fire at any given time the only difference is you he will do no Immolation damage (confirmed/witnessed 2 times on PS3) throughout the fight.
  • He seems to be able to delay every possible part of his Slash attacks. (Confirmed by at least 4 different users)



He has the same moveset as Smelter Demon ,albeit his attacks deal a percentual magic damage instead of fire damage.

Magic Resistance

Having magic resistance can be important to this fight. You may approach this with a magic-infused greatshield, the watcher armor, etc. In order to succeed, it is recommended that you first observe the attacks to learn the patterns. They are noted on this page so you can know what is coming and try out the listed counter. Small Blue Burr can provide great help here.

Poison Strategy (Pyromancy)

  • This fight is a "Who lives longer" fight. Wrong! The blue smelter demon is resistant to poison and toxic effects. (Actually, I was able to kill him with poison and toxic mist combined with a poison spotted whip.)
  • Please note this strategy has not been well-received, however some people prefer a slow endurance turtle fight.
  • He can be poisoned by using 2 toxic mists and it ticks with 15 damage to a max of 20% of his health. He usually gives you enough time to poison him after his attacks and placing a Warmth on the sides of the area is enough healing you need. Dont try to dodge his attacks as it is to risky if he does his 3 hitcombo he will kill you after you dodge the first hit. Using a shield with high physical(100%) and magic defense(80%+)(Havels shield+5) is enough to only eat 50 damage of his 2nd phase which is healed by the warmth.
  • Another weakness this boss has is blunt weapons so a dragon tooth +5 with dark resins does a ton of damage to him, just don't get greedy and conserve stamina. Always use a havel greatshield infused with magic and at +5 if you're not confident in your rolls.
  • Defense is very very important so always have Black witch robes, or watcher armor for extra defense and lighter armor than most, spell quartz 3, dispelling ring +1 , Great Magic Barrier , constantly re-apply GMB and havels magic infused greatshield +5 (if you're not confident in your rolls)
  • Poison Infused Manslayer can be used to poison him in a few hits.

*There is no effort required at this boss if using hexs. With 30 ATN, 45 INT and FTH, use Dark Sunset Staff +5, the Drangelic Shield and stick to dark orb and dark fog as your spells. Make sure to get both phantoms in the iron passage for your backup. Once at the fight, hit him with dark fog twice once he focuses on your phantoms. After that, spam dark orb while making sure you keep some stamina for a quick roll. Rinse and repeat. Beat him my first try with this method. My weight was at 44.8% and I used the kings armour set with curved dragon sword +5 for a backup.

Dark Weapon Strategy

  • The Blue Smelter seems very weak to Dark, so dark infused weapons buffed with Dark Weapon or unenchanted weapon buffed Dark Pine Resin on your weapons will do quite a lot of damage to him.
  • Among all weapons, Dark Crypt Blacksword +5 buffed with Dark Weapon will be the best weapon against him, landing one handed light attack two times will land 1200 damage onto it at NG+2.
  • For more strategies for this boss fight, please check the Smelter Demon boss page, since these 2 fights are extremely similar.


Video Strategy:

Blue Smelter Demon: Ranged, Sword & Board and Power Stance
Greatsword Strategy
Dex Strategy
Solo/Sorcerie Build/Melee Kill - Pain in the A**
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  • Very resistant to sorcery, and extremely vulnerable to Dark.
  • Tried to fight him with a magic enchanted weapon first then with the same weapon without enchantment,he took more damage without enchantment,so it's almost sure he has magic resistance
  • Havel's Greatshield infused with Magic is very effective against this boss, since it has ~98% physical def and 100% magic def. Rebel's Greatshield is a good alternative if you don't meet the requirements for Havel's.
  • Have small blue burr in your inventory
  • Commonly referred to by the community as the "Blueberry".



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