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Milfanito is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Milfanito Information

  • The Milfanito are a group of 4 sisters that sing to the Undead. They do not have individual names, and think of themselves as one entity. As their name and Singer's Dress implies, they were given their power by Gravelord Nito of Dark Souls.
  • Will talk to you and reward you for helping them.
  • You don't need to release all three of them to allow you to access and use the altar at Shrine of Amana (after the final bonfire, Rise of the Dead), an altar which allows you to become human without using a Human Effigy. However, you must not kill any of them for the door which leads to the altar to open.
  • In order to be revived by the altar, you can't have human effigies in your inventory or box. Also, dropping them does not work. I discarded all of my 73 human effigies to test it, and it worked. So, basically, you must be hollow (doesn't matter how much, I tried at many points of hollowing) and had NO human effigies at all. Also, you must have rescued the other 2 Milfanitos to use it.
  • They don't have gravestones if you have killed them. (needs confirmation)
  • Because of her rusty clothing, the second Milfanito is often mistaken for an enemy, especially when she's seen from a distance. Some players use the the hex Affinity which automatically chases all NPCs, and this ends up killing her accidentally. It's also possible to lock onto her like other enemies, DO NOT cast any homing spells on her or else you'll have to either wait till NG+ or burn a Bonfire Ascetic to respawn her so you can seek for Aldia Warlock. You can skip Demon of Song if you visited the bonfire before though.
  • Oddly, Milfanito is listed as an enemy in the official Far Fire site, whether it's the second Milfanito or the hollow crawlers is another question.
  • If you accidentally killed the second Milfanito, using a bonfire ascetic on Rhoy's Resting Place bonfire will respawn her, since she's counted as an enemy instead of NPC, allowing you to save her and subsequently access the locked door at Rise of the Dead bonfire (and by extension, the Aldia Warlock)




Shrine of Amana:

  1. The first Milfanito is in the first hut, singing; exhaust her dialogue and move forward.
  2. The second Milfanito is located right before the Demon of Song and is injured. She will immediately disappear if talked to.
  3. The third Milfanito is located behind the locked Door of the Undead, close to the Rise of the Dead bonfire. You must be hollow to open this door.

Drangleic Castle. The fourth and final Milfanito is located in the castle's highest tower. From the Central Castle Drangleic bonfire, head down the hallway with the descending stairs until you reach a small circular room. Ride the rising platform up to find the room containing her. Use the Key to the Embedded to free her. She will immediately disappear if talked to and you'll get the Ring of the Dead.

After freeing the encaged Milfanito in Drangleic Castle go back to Shrine of Amana. The Milfanito near the Rise of the Dead bonfire will reward you with a Fire Seed for freeing her sister. The Milfanito in the hut at the beginning of Shrine of Amana, near the Tower of Prayer bonfire will reward you with a Divine Blessing for freeing her sister.




First Milfanito (Hut)

- Using talk prompt

  1. We knew you were coming…
    And stopped singing…
  2. We are Milfanito.
    We are here to sing to those bound by death and Dark.
  3. We will sing here, forever, as we always have, from long, long ago.
    We know nothing of the world outside.
    And why should we? For we will never leave.
  4. Do you seek King Vendrick?
    But what is a king, after all?
    We know nothing of the world outside.
    For we will never leave here.
  5. When we sing, the little ones dance.
    The little ones grant comfort to those who bear death and Dark.
    This is what we were taught.
  6. Is there anything wrong?
    Perhaps this will help.
    This is all that we can do.

- After defeating Demon of Song
You quelled that cursed singing.
They may be of no use outside, but please take these.

- After rescuing Milfanito from Drangleic Castle
We hear a song in the distance.
You rescued a Milfanito who was taken from us.
Take this… We Milfanito thank you.

- When attacked
Ah! (no caption)
Oh! (no caption)
What did we ever do… (made angry)

- Returning after made angry
Are you never satisfied… Aren't you ever satisfied…



Captured Milfanito

- When freed


Milfanito (Rise of the Dead)

- Using talk prompt

  1. Who are you…
    And what do you want from us?
  2. Milfanito, that is what we are called.
    My name?
    Do you mean our name?
    We know nothing of the outside world…
  3. We sing eternally for those who bear death and Dark within themselves.
    We have been here forever.
    We know nothing of the outside world, and we do not need to.
  4. The little ones were born from the Great Dead One.
    And the Great Dead One taught us song.
    We have sung ever since. To comfort those bound by death and Dark.
    This is what we were taught.
  5. Do you seek comfort, too?
    You poor thing…
    Take this, at the very least.
    This is all that we can do.

- After defeating Demon of Song
You silenced that cursed singing.
Please accept these as a thank-you.

- After rescuing Milfanito from Drangleic Castle
We hear a song in the distance.
You rescued a Milfanito who was taken from us.
Take this… We Milfanito thank you.

- When attacked
Ah! (no caption)
We never…
What…will you do to us? (angry)

- Returning after made angry
Why are you here?




  • In SotFS (needs confirmation for the original) the Amana Aberrations will have firefly like effects around them while the Milfanito sing. They are also more docile. Perhaps this is what the Milfanito refer to when they say "When we sing, the little ones dance."


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