Prowling Magus and Congregation

prowling magus and congregation
HP 1,100x1, 900x2, 300x3, 280x5
Weakness Varies (Slash, Thrust, Fire, Bleed)
Resistance Varies
Immune None
Respawns YES

The Prowling Magus and Congregation is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Prowling Magus and Congregation Information 

Prowling Magus and Congregation is a boss in Dark Souls 2. Perhaps the weakest boss in the game, located in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. Can easily be defeated with a wide-swinging weapon or AoE spell. Take out the Magus and the two undead clerics first, the rest of the Congregation will be child's play. Be sure to go back and summon Benhart of Jugo first if you want to complete his questline.









Counter Measures

Magus: AoE Knockback When you get close, he winds up a dark AoE which can knock you down. Back-roll away when you see it charging.
Magus: Dark Orb Slow-moving orb of dark magic. As long as you see it coming, you can dodge it. Easily dodged due to long wind-up.
Cleric: Lightning Bolt The two silver clerics use their staves to fire bolts at you, typically in unison. Kill the clerics.
Cleric: Zombie Healing One of the clerics will periodically heal everyone in the room. Kill the clerics.
Cleric: Damage Reduction The clerics can cast a spell that reduces the damage they take for an irritatingly long time. Kill the clerics.
Zombie Jump The zombies jump at you. Hide behind the pews.


NPC Summons

Benhart of Jugo can be summoned for this encounter, provided the player has exhausted his dialogue outside the Old Akelarre in the Shaded Woods. His summon sign is located in a tent in the village; his tent has an armor stand and a number of crates inside.


The fight's difficulty comes from the large number of enemies in the room. Each individual enemy, however, is weak.
The clerics seem to throw their lightning bolts faster than the sorcerer seems to cast his spells on the player. Since the clerics also cast healing spells on the other enemies in the room, killing them should be a priority.
One strategy is to use a melee weapon with wide swings to hit/stagger multiple foes at once. Alternatively, some Pyromancy spells with large areas of effect, such as Flame Swathe and Firestorm, can end this fight in seconds.
Another possible strategy is to use Holy Water Urns, which you can buy in unlimited quantities from Blue Sentinel Targray in the Cathedral of Blue. You need roughly 10 to deal with this fight (NG).
Note: The Halberd's two-handed strong attack (the whirlwind-like attack) is very good for this fight. Running into the group and performing the strong attack with a decent melee build will nearly kill the Magus (over 50%+ of his health) and deal considerable amounts of damage to the rest of the congregation. (Needs Confirmation.)

This fight can prove difficult if you allow the congregation hollows to corner you but it can be quite easy if you circle around the room and take out the hollows first, the Magus himself is rather slow and his attacks are easy to dodge from range, the clerics on the otherhand may prove a bit more difficult due to their lightning spear miracle but these can be blocked with a decent shield or you can simply roll out of the way of them. Once the congregation hollows have been handled with its time to take out the Magus and the clerics the Magus is very quick to fall and will leave you with the two clerics who will not prove a challenge up close or vice versa.

Profound Still
If you are able to use profound still this fight is VERY easy as it blocks the 3 main threats in this fight, the casters. Use Profound Still just before entering the room and prioritize the hollows. Refresh Profound Still before it runs out and the fight is won in no time.

Video Strategy :

(two hand/strength)


  • Take out the two casters first and then the Congregation. The Magus uses a dark orb spell and a proximity spell, which are easily avoidable. The magus is easily dispatched once you are able to land hits on him uninterrupted by other enemies.
  • If you have sufficient faith, the spell Soul Appease is great to use against this boss.
  • The benches can be used to stop the crawling zombies. They are also high enough to block the lightning attacks by the clerics, and can therefore act as a useful buffer if you need to heal.
  • The Bosses themselves seem to be able to be backstabbed.
  • The Bosses are modeled after Fools Idol from Demon's Souls
  • The Magus is initially Aldia Warlock, he wears Warlock Mask which doesn't drop here.
  • Be careful not to roll into vases in the corner since water contained in them will make you wet. Wet condition drastically increase damage taken from clerics bolts.


Prowling Magus Concept Thumb DS2 Cleric Concept Thumb DS2 Cleric Concept B Thumb



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    • Anonymous

      So anyone else walk into this fight and immediately get lightning bolts jammed up teir ass cause that just happened to me everyone saying hes easy when i was one shotted lmao scorpion najka was easy this is b.s

      • Anonymous

        i do have to say i actually somewhat like the lore of this boss.
        The clerics healing the poor guys and the Aldia Warlock going to them to **** **** up like everything else that comes out of Aldia's keep. It would have been nice that if you kill the magus and at least a cleric survives it would become an NPC with the random hollows becoming passive and maybe Cromwell moves down from that spider filled room that gives me the creeps.
        Also for this bossfight Benhart would focus the magus only (which would have more HP, because otherwise you would just rush and stunlock it) and all the enemies in the room would have some hex fog around their eyes (similar to the redeye ring but black) that goes away if you the magus.
        The cleric (clerics if you save both) would become merchants that sell some miracles (maybe taking some from cromwell, like 1 of each great heal and replenishment; another copy of GH excerpt) and items (limited goldenfrouit balms; 10 amber herbs that become infinite after you kill Freja; 10 twilight herb that become infinite with king's ring) and their own set (that cromwell sells in the game)

        • Anonymous

          Fun fact, this boss is a bunch of desperate people who are hiding from the parasitic spiders in a cathedral, also Magus and the priests are trying to heal the congregation, but then you arrive and kill them all, have fun you monster!

          • Anonymous

            The first time I walked in the boss room I nearly pooped myself bc I was not expecting a boss and 30 seconds of crushing later I walked out in tears of laughter. I look forward to seeing these poor bastards in ng+7

            • Anonymous

              Terrible boss fight but good for farming Benhart's gear. If Dark Souls 2 gets a remake they better fix this

              • Anonymous

                This boss is aids ive died about 150-200 times atleast.... still can’t beat it been trying for days now ;(

                • Anonymous

                  should this even be considered a boss its just regular enemy's by this logic the room with the knights and the giant in brume tower should be a boss all of iron passage should be a boss the courtyard in eleum loyce should be a boss THAT room in drangleic with the metric f ton of ruin sentinels should be a boss I'm done naming crap

                  • Anonymous

                    If you are an INT build go to the middle and spam soul greatsword, it will cover most of the area and finish the fight quickly, bring benhart/player summon with you too make this method easier

                    • Anonymous

                      This would actually be challenging if the entire game wasn't constantly throwing the player into rooms/halls packed with enemies, making us so used to crowd control fights we can pretty much just win by muscle memory

                      • Anonymous

                        While this boss is a complete pushover, my first time playing I was completely caught off guard by these guys. Still wrecked them first try though, but that's nothing to brag about lmao

                        • Anonymous

                          If you want to inherit Benhart’s armor and sword this would be the best boss to do it for. Just get some Bonfire ascetics.

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