Elana, Squalid Queen

HP 9280 (Standard Game)
Weakness Magic
Resistance Dark

The Elana, Squalid Queen is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Elana, Squalid Queen Information 

Elana, The Squalid Queen is a boss in Dark Souls 2. Elana is quite mysterious as she is very similar to another boss in Dark Souls II. She seems to be almost identical to Nashandra in terms of appearance and description, and like Nashandra she uses a long reach weapon (though not nearly as powerful) and a wide variety of hexes. She differs in that she can summon several skeletons or even an enemy wearing the same armor as the former boss of the Undead Crypt, Velstadt to assist her in attacks, as well as the small piglets seen in Majula.

From what we can see in her soul description she is almost certainly a fragment of Manus and seems to have played a role in the rise and fall of her kingdom, just like Nashandra of Drangleic. She sings in the Dragon Sanctum until you encounter her, then she will tell you to rot (this can vary from encounter) and will begin fighting you. She must be killed in order to fight Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon and get to the final bonfire in the DLC.







Attack Name Attack Description
Staff Strike Swings her staff in melee range, easily dodged and high damage.
Vertical Strike Swings her staff vertically to hit the ground in front of her. The range of this attack is deceptive, as she will often move a bit forward while doing it, closing the gap between you.
Flame Swathe Fires 1 or 2 Flame Swathes near the player, high damage if caught in the blast. Deals dark damage. Be careful should she casts 2, they will move a bit in your direction from two sides before exploding. This can be very dangerous if she already summoned Velstadt, for you do not have much space to roll and dodge into (the chance that you get caught in a blast or one of Velstadt's attacks is high).
Dark Blast Blasts an area of dark energy when in melee range, high damage and moderate knockback.
Dark Shot Fires 3-5 dark orbs at the player in a straight line, high damage each one that lands. Has weak tracking.
Affinity Casts 3 orbs of homing dark orbs above her that fire off after a few seconds.
Summon Skeletons Summons a group of skeleton warriors that can cause poison and bleed buildup.


Summons Velstadt, The Royal Aegis (or an enemy who has the same armor and weapon). Velstadt can also cause poison buildup, should his attacks connect, although he cannot use Dark Burst.
Summon Pigs Summons a group of harmless pigs identical to those found in Majula.
Teleport While this isn't necessarily an "attack", the mere execution of this move can be fatal to you. This move has little to no fore-tell, besides the animation itself, where she dissipates in a sandy smoke cloud (similar to the animation her summons and weapon have when they appear). Once her move is executed, she can directly appear anywhere in the map, and she will often directly follow with an attack. This is why it is an absolute priority to locate her as soon as she re-appears.
- If she re-appears far away from you, she will most likely directly cast Dark Shot or her Flame Swathe variant.
- If she re-appears at close range, she will most likely appear behind you and hit you in the back. As her melee attacks are easy to dodge, but deal high damage, this can be fatal to you if you don't see it coming. She can however also spawn right in front of you, where a melee attack is easier to dodge.



Melee Strategy

As you enter the fog wall, you will see Elana standing at the opposite edge of the arena. It takes a while for the actual boss fight to start, however, as she will only start the fight once she has noticed you and has summoned her halberdesque weapon from the ground. Run straight towards her once you've entered the arena, and get as much damage as you can on her, before the actual fight starts. After that, she is relatively easy to fight 1 on 1, with the exception of the hexes she occasionally casts. The real problem when fighting her is the fact that once she summons the battle can get a bit hectic. I almost always she will start zipping around rapidly once her summons are fighting. It is best to target the minions first, just make sure she doesn't jump behind you for a surprise attack or hex strike. After the minions are gone she will stand still and be easier to hit with melee attacks. Don't bother with elemental weapons or miracles, she seems nearly immune to it (I only tested with lightning, any have any problem with pyro?). Other than when she summons Velstadt the fight isn't all that hard, it just takes patience. All her attacks are well choreographed and most can be blocked or dodged with ease. Just make sure she or her minions corner you or surround you and you can solo or group kill her with time.

Faith Strategy

This boss has a lot of HP. I highly recommend that you summon the two nearby NPC's for this fight if you plan on mainly using spells, so that they can tank while you cast from a distance. It is also highly recommended that you bring plenty of items that give you additional spell casts. Once you enter the arena, you will approach the boss and let one of the NPC summons tank her. Spam her with any spells you have: Lightning spears, force, etc. She does not take much damage from lightning so it is a lengthy process. When she summons an enemy to aid her occasionally, you'll want to focus your attention on it to eliminate it from the equation as quickly as possible, but try to save your spells and fight it using melee since they are easy to dodge. Continue this process until the boss is dead!

Melee/Sorcery Strategy

This boss is extremely difficult for pure sorcerers owing to her huge amount of hit points, her magic resistance, and her recurrent summons. The best strategy, though still difficult, is to pre-cast crystal magic weapon before the fog gate and immediately hit Elana as many times as you can before she starts to turn. Try to keep behind her whenever possible and roll under her spear. Be aware that sometimes she swings it more than once or may teleport. If she teleports, immediately roll away to avoid her sudden attack. A good tactic for this fight is to never take your eyes off Elana as her attacks are relentless. If you see multiple "smoke" appear, she is summoning her skeletal assistants so use this time to hit her and then create distance or recast crystal magic weapon. Try to move from side to side avoiding the skeletons so that you can see Elana and wait for her to use her flame swathe variant or a similar spell to time when you attack the skeletons. Attack them after she casts her spell but you know you are safe and if possible when they attempt to attack you. If she summons Velstadt then prepare for a much more difficult fight. Create more distance and roll towards Velstadt when he attacks and then continue backward and time your attacks with spells when you have avoided one of Elana's attacks. Take your time and make sure Velstadt is dead before continuing as normal, a few crystal soul spears and soul spears should take him down. It is recommended to attack two-handed when you hit Elana as blocking is fairly useless but if she precasts her Affinity, create distance and prepare to use your shield. The key to this fight is to take your time and never take your eyes off Elana. If done correctly then you should be able to take her down after her third or fourth summon. Also be aware that when she does her close quarter dark blast, if you avoid it, you can get close enough to land a few good shots.

Pure Sorcery Strategy (No melee)

She is fairly resistant to magic damage so it will take a lot of your powerful spells to take her down. Make sure to carry herbs and be ready to munch them down. As soon as you are in range upon entering the fight fire off as many Crystal Soul Spears as you have equipped. Continue to stay at the edge of the lock-on range and fire away. She will mostly throw her flame swathe and trailing dark orbs attacks at you from this distance. If she summons skeletons, you will want to have a lower level sorcery available (like Great Heavy Soul Arrow) to take out the skeletons. You should be able to one-shot them if they aren't blocking. If she summons Velstadt, you can leave him alone and just focus on Elana. If he becomes a problem you will have to use some big spells on him as he has around 2000 hp. One problem you will have once she starts teleporting around will be the loss of lock when she moves. This will cause your spells to miss. Even with a couple of misses, you can take her down to about 300 hp with 3 Crystal Soul Spears and 15 Soul Spears. When she is summoning or during a darkstorm attack, you will have enough time to cast some of the longer spells like Soul Vortex.

Pure Caster High level (NG+) Strategy:

Take Dark Orb(1 or 2) for the lesser summons and to do damage fast to Velstadt. Take Crystal Soul Spear or 2, Yearn and fill the rest of the slots with Soul Spears. I recommend the 3rd Dragon ring, Clear Bluestone ring +2 and Southern Ritual Band +2. Black hood if you want (didn't check if it is worth it but the headpiece will give you little gain no matter what you use). You will need an item to recover spell uses so don't forget to bring it. Summon ONE, and ONLY ONE, NPC if you can't get people to help - this is because the more summons you have the less damage you deal and you only need 1 tank. As soon as you enter and lock spam soul spears, not crystal, and try to keep her attention on you since if she is attacking you, your tank is not taking damage and her moves are easy to dodge if she is alone. She will then summon something. for me it was skeletons ->velstadt -> skeletons, kill the first wave of skeletons fast so you can focus on doing damage uninterrupted while you have the tank to keep you comfortable. when she summons velstadt, try to line yourself with both him and Elana so your spears damage both - THIS IS KEY. the whole point is to try to exploit the time you have while the NPC tanks their attacks to dish as much damage as possible to both. when the NPC dies, kill velstadt immediately with normal soul spears or dark orb depending on the situation, but the faster you can do it the better since the fight is only hard when both velstadt and Elana are alive and not just Elana and some minions. use yearn to keep skeletons at bay while you continue your offense on her, always dodge her moves as a priority, don't be greedy or impatient as you can learn pretty easily how many spells you can hit her within between attacks and stick to that number for each attack. one important detail is to take the opportunity of not being able to cast spells when you run out of stamina to use your item to recuperate spell uses as it kills 2 birds with one stone (or heal mind you). I pulled this off without much trouble on NG+++ but my stats are ridiculously high, otherwise, it would be a little harder. but as long as your main stats are covered it will be the same which is Int, Endurance, Attunement and if possible as much Vitality and Vigor as you can, all in this order. Also important, her spells can be dodged without rolling by moving normally, saving you precious stamina and time you can use to do damage to her. remember, this tactic will work based on dealing as much damage per second as possible and if she summons too many waves you will be locked out of resources, be it stamina or spells, as the chances for attack alone while not dying are few and far between leaving your mistakes to pile up fast.

Video Strategy

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  • She is weak to magic based attacks particularly, then fire, then lightning and lastly dark as the least damaging. (tested with Longswords with exact AR in physical and element damage)
  • A magic ice rapier buffed with CMW with ring of blades and Leo ring will do high damage to her and Velstadt, but is not effective against the skeletons
  • She is immune to poison (Poison Mist does not affect her) and resistant to fire.
  • When you see her summoning the Skeletons, unlock and cast Yearn at the Wall where she was standing in the beginning. All Skeletons will run there and stand at one point, making them an easy target for a slash attack.
  • When you are fighting her solo she will nearly always summon Velstadt (at least on ps3). With one summon she alternates between Skeletons and Velstadt and with two summons she will almost always summon Velstadt. The more summons you have the less damage you will do, making the fight actually harder because they die mostly during the fight, leaving you to fight her alone while doing less damage and constantly having to deal with Velstadt.
  • While she is summoning she is vulnerable for several seconds, take the chance and hit her as many times as you can.
  • If you're taking Elana on, on your own; you will have to be extra cautious when she summons Velstadt. If you are running a rather fast build, applying a "Hit and Run" strategy on Elana, while completely evading Velstadt's attacks, might be more beneficial. Instead of focusing on Velstadt, lure him away from Elana, and then immediately rush towards her to get a few safe hits in. Rinse and repeat and the fight should stay rather easy. If you're running a slower character, however, this tactic isn't recommended, as you have to be able to outrun Velstadt to get a few safe hits on Elana.
  • If one Skeleton lives she won't summon more Skeletons, but will be able to summon Velstadt)
  • Using Dark Quartz Ring+3  and Dispelling Ring  can help reduce most damage for melee characters.
  • Elana can rarely summon other enemies, besides skeletons and "Velstadt". There exists the rare chance that she summons little Undead Devourer (like the ones in Majula) instead of the skeletons. They deal less damage but can be, depending on the weapon used, difficult to hit.
  • There is two NPC summons outside the area; Benhart of Jugo, and Steelheart Ellie. This fight counts toward Benhart's quest.
  • Dark Transgressor's Leather Shield completely NEGATES her Hexes.
  • For handling Velsdalt with 1 or 2 phantoms (Player or NPC) see if you can get one of them to focus Velsdalt while he is focused on them while you and the other phantom are focusing on Elana. (make sure you get a good amount of distance between them)



    • 25 Jan 2020 16:29  

      Damn man, I see wayyyyy too many comments about "muh unfair boss"... Seriously, quit complaining. It's a tough fight, but y'all make it sound like it's damn near impossible... I used a pure caster, with one npc summon, and beat her the first time I'd ever even seen her. And for those that don't know (as I didn't, going in) Elana is VERY resistant to most elements. I was mostly a hexer, with SS,GHSA, Great magic weapon, and great fireball on the side. My dark orbs were doing like 90 damage, GRS did like 280... My point being: this fight is WAAAAAAY more difficult for a pure caster, than a melee build, and I beat her first try with FOUR summons of Velstadt. You have to be tactical, play unlocked, micro manage everything on the screen, and be aggressive. If you hide behind your shield a lot, you're gonna have a bad time. But if you're used to PvP, used to being ganked, and you don't use a shield at all, she's not really that hard. Wait till you get to Fume Knight.... I almost had to respec for that fight....

      • Anonymous

        14 Dec 2019 14:15  

        First time I've seen her summon those 3 little piggies. They are soooooo adorable <3 and they just don't do anything, looks like the game does show mercy from time to time.

        • Anonymous

          29 Nov 2019 08:29  

          NG+8 really limits many things about weapons and magic that can be used on bosses. after so Many times I lost countless times and had to use the save file to get everything back. Velstadt is actually stronger than the last few times (10+ jumping attacks with fire greatsword+10). This is more like learning how to defeat Velstadt and the dry skeletons than fighting boss... I don't like to take a hit and die. You need to move more carefully than running around because it will make the viewing angle disturb. I won because Velstadt was not summoned.X(

          • Anonymous

            10 Nov 2019 11:13  

            This is just my opinion, but I dont agree with the recommendations about the summoning phantoms. First time I went to fight her, I had a sun bro and both NPC with me. Hexes werent so effective on her and my Crypt Greatsword damage was around 100-200 (from the usual 650-750). Even so, the battle dragged on for a while and Velstadt eventually killed me. Second time I went there, I summoned only the one NPC. Best idea ever. The summons increase her resistances to oblivion and she has a lot of HP. One summon is enough to get her distracted, while you quickly finish her off. Also, with the Witch´s set and dark resistance ring, her hexes did very little dps, considering what my expectations were. So, just my experience, but fewer summons actually make the fight easier.

            • 09 Nov 2019 15:44  

              My lock keeps rapidly toggling between her, Velstadt, and the skeletons, even when I'm not touching my controller at all. All auto-lock and camera-related settings are turned off. Makes it real difficult to swing at any of them when your camera is always pointed in between them and you can't see shiet.

              • Anonymous

                27 Oct 2019 18:35  

                hit and run worked for me with sword and shield. green blossom is a good idea. keep moving and wait for opportunities. i found her AOE to be a good chance: pull V away from her while she does it, then run back in and punish her while she recovers. V starts to get more aggressive towards the end. it'll be an RNG fight: she may never sit still and just keep teleporting, or summon skellies on top of V. patience! one important thing: summons did NOT help. with 2 summons I was hitting for 50 damage, vs 255 solo. things go great until they die, which they will, and then you're screwed. using a +10 drakekeeper's sword, no buff, 50str/50dex.

                • Anonymous

                  25 Jul 2019 23:27  

                  Her soul description sounds a lot like the biblical "***** of Babylon " or "The World and the Dragon " the Dragon's name is even Sinh.

                  • Anonymous

                    22 Mar 2019 23:54  

                    This is NG+6 and velstadt like a leech. I slashed 5,6 times with a jump attack to take him down with 2 NPCs + great magic weapon. The boss can call him up as many times as she wants. . Summon 2 NPCs that make my attack like a baby. I used greatsword+10 and king shield+5. NG ++ will reduce your abilities gradually with each new round if you summon NPCs to help you defeat bosses in DLCs. Finally, DLCs force you to give up summoning NPCs to assist in the bosses... against Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon with the support of 2 NPCs and I had to use the repair powder 7,8 times (NG+6).

                    • Anonymous

                      04 Mar 2019 15:49  

                      NG++ will increase the opponent's power. I play solo and realize that after trying to take down the enemy, there is no special reward. I am trying to complete 8 times but I feel bored because there is nothing new. If I don't add HP, I can't stand a blow of bosses. In the DLCs the widgets are almost useless and I often engage in melee combat. The opponent's magic is very powerful but when you use it, it is too weak. My character has INT 50 but i rarely use magic for bosses in DLCs. Perhaps bosses based on your status. No matter how you work, you cannot be stronger than the bosses but I want to be stronger than them....

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Feb 2019 14:21  

                        thank god summon veldstadt has so littlle hp. thought i was doomed when she summoned him but it was an easy kill with red iron winblade

                        • Anonymous

                          31 Jan 2019 18:00  

                          I was defeated constantly when velstadt was summoned. My character only needs one or two hits, everything will end. It's been 2 months since I played DS2 and everything went to a dead end.

                          • Anonymous

                            29 Jan 2019 00:16  

                            I only died 3 times, a good thing to note is she can't summon if something summoned is still alive, so keep a skellie alive at times for some good damage, she normally summons Velstadt at half health-ish but it's still luck-based, she does like a 1/3 of my health with her ax. I used the ENTIRE loyce knight set (including shield, but don't use a shield.) As for velstadt, just treat it like velstadt, She just stays at range and spams that 3 shot dark orb half the time while teleporting and using easy to dodge axe swings. Velstadt isn't tanky at all and died with like 10 swings with 228 damage each from my+5 Charred Loyce knight sword. I used a bright bug and got a 1/5 of her health while she summoned her ax at the beginning. Also ther is a secret bonfire in the maze pit area she's in behind an illusory wall.Google that ****. she's not too hard for me.I have 50 dex, 33 strength, 1800 health, 20 Endurance(125 stamina)and the most important stat of all, 37 adaptibility.(increases frames of invincibility during rolling and shortens estus chugging time.)

                            • Anonymous

                              10 Jan 2019 14:31  

                              Elana has very high dark defense High fire and lightning defense Moderate magic defense Most effective: strike damage weapon with aromatic ooze buff

                              • Anonymous

                                21 Dec 2018 13:43  

                                F*ck this boss, if this piece of sh*t summones Veldstadt then you cannot beat her and she is a boring a*s magic user.

                                • Anonymous

                                  21 Oct 2018 16:14  

                                  She can summon Velstadt as many times as she wants, this is dumb and cheap. I had just killed him while dodging his attacks, her dark orbs and teleport attacks and she summoned him again right after, I didn't even catch a small window to hit her.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    13 Oct 2018 11:35  

                                    First try on SL1. Just close the gap, keep attacking, tank one hit (none of the attacks from her / velstadt can OHKO you) and roll away to heal. Rinse and repeat.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      08 Oct 2018 03:36  

                                      She isn't too bad.. I got her down to maybe 1/5th of her health with a hexer build (1 summon) on my first try Bout to go back for round 2... wish me luck :)

                                      • Anonymous

                                        03 Oct 2018 20:53  

                                        Probably the most annoying boss i faced in dark souls 2 .... when she summoned Velstadt and i was fighting 2v1 it was okay , it was about patience and time .... 2 minutes passed and she summoned 3 skeletons .... now that 5v1 .... how the fck can you concentrate on 5 enemies at a time ??? Impossible. Not a fair boss at all , you need rng luck to beat this b1tch. Bullsht annoying boss.

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