Cerah the Old Explorer, Ancient Soldier Varg and the Afflicted Graverobber

HP 3110 (Standard Game), 7001 (NG+)
Weakness ?
Resistance ?

The Graverobber, Varg, and Cerah is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


The Graverobber, Varg, and Cerah Information.

A boss fight consisting of three hostile npcs found within the Cave of the Dead. Each one of them fights uniquely with their roles but not names complementing each other. There is no description of them for no Boss Soul is acquired.



  • Sanctum Walk, Priestess' Chamber bonfire. Optional Bosses of the Cave of the Dead, accessed after the Priestess' Rest bonfire.
  • Accessible through the locked door near the Tower of Prayer bonfire (also in Sanctum Walk). Requires Eternal Sanctum Key. Simply travel by the thin bridge and then by the larger bridge guarded by two guards with lances and then proceed into the building. The door will appear on your left.
  • Be wary of Rockshield Baldyr who will invade you right before the bonfire leading to the cave within which the boss fight will be fought.


  • Souls Awarded: 60,000 (Standard Game) 120,000 (NG+) [needs verification]
  • Drops 3 Twinkling Titanite, 3 Petrified Dragon Bones, and 1 Titanite Slab.
  • Immediately after them the Flower Skirt and Dark Greatsword can be found. (Note: Dark Greatsword can be obtained before defeating this boss by walking off the elevator next to the Priestess' Chamber bonfire.)



Attack Name Attack Description
Ancient Soldier Varg Dragon Tooth's Moveset (Includes Jumping, Rolling and Running attacks)
Afflicted Graverobber Berserker Blade's Moveset (Includes Jumping, Rolling and Running attacks)
Cerah the Old Explorer -- Ranged While out of range he will shoot Greatarrows that will knock you down.
Cerah the Old Explorer -- Melee Estoc's Moveset (Includes Jumping, Rolling and Running attacks)


Phantoms can split the enemy's attention, which transforms the boss fight into a brawl consisting of multiple lesser duels.

Solo Strategy

"Afficted Graverober" moves with the highest speed of all three and usually attacks first before Varg and Cerah. Use this to your advantage and attempt to deal damage to him before his allies can arrive. Use parrying and backstabbing to deal a significant amount of damage without the need to expose yourself to Varg's and Cerah's counterattacks due to the resistance given during the execution of the critical hit. Be wary though of Graverobber's quick attacks for though they cannot one shot you they can still deal a noticeable amount of damage. In fact damage dealt by the Graverobber just might be the perfect amount to get finished off by Varg's hammer or Cerah's Greatarrows.

"Ancient Soldier Verag" has the highest health pool, noticeably high poise, slow but high damage with his hammer ,but he moves the slowest of all three. Do not exchange hits with him, nor do not get greedy because the Tooth can easily oneshot you. Instead focus on taking down his colleagues whilst he is away due to his slow speed. Once he is left alone do not parry for it is probably impossible but instead attempt to backstab. You can also try to wear him off with a spear, but be wary of his high lightnining resistance.

"Cerah the Old Explorer" will attack you from distance with the usage of a Greatbow. Once up close he will attempt to jab you with his Estoc which can also perform swinging attacks. The best way to take him down is to attack him after killing the Graverobber and whilst Verag is too far to retaliate for harm you are causing. If it comes to attacking him, use the fact of his low poise to your advantage and attempt to parry his Rapier. He has the lowest health pool of all three which is noticeable. To avoid his Greatarrows you can either hide behind walls, leave him slowed down within the lake or roll into them.

Under the main area of the fight there is a watery area filled with statues. Beyond it forcing you to move more slowly and having an animated statue slug, it's tight and difficult to fight within. This area is exitable, simply move to the left (orientation: face forward from the boss entrance) and look for a ramp that will lead you upward.

Video Strategy:

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  • Each one of them can be made to bleed or/and be poisoned.
  • The water within the area under the main one slows the squadron as well, one can use this fact to make them split.



  • "Varg" is the Swedish word for wolf.
  • The squadron can be referred to as the "Gank Squad".
  • This boss may be a hint to the player of how the PvP could look like without the latency issue.
  • Their names do not seem to fit one another. Perhaps these people are just totally unrelated hollows who had bumped into themselves within the cave.
  • Varg seems to be cosplaying as "Havel, the Rock", having his full set, his Greatshield and the iconic Dragon Tooth.
  • Cerah has somehow acquired a Lucatiel's Mask, Black Leather Armor and leather gloves and leggings. He wields an Estoc and a Dragonslayer Greatbow.
  • Graverobber wears Alva's armor and dual-wields Berserker Blades. He will powerstance with said blades. 


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    • Anonymous

      This fight didn't bothered me at all, the ****ing path is what is frustrating to me, all those status and the lizards with a small hit box is bs

      • Anonymous

        Out of the three optional paths in the dlcs this one is the easiest, the NPC summons are smart and tanky, good at drawing agro, and all around pretty neat. The NPC bosses are decent, while I was hoping for a new boss, I will admit these three are refreshing.

        If you need advice, summon the NPCs they’ll draw at least two of the guy’s agro. During this don’t go attack the archer man, he stays in back cause he’s smelly. Instead go for backstabs and completely DELETE their health in a matter of moments. Once both are killed, take your NPCs and show the arrow man how it feels to get ganked by three separate playstyles.

        • Anonymous

          On my first playtrough I ******* hated this boss fight.
          But now on my second one it‘s extremely fun and refreshing.
          You have to run like hell and do only one hit at a time, but very nice

          • why some don't like this boss? he's really tense and challenging, playing solo, and yes he's unfair, but i liked the unfairness, life isn't fair, and that's the lazy boss of dlc like lud and zallen and blue smelter demon it would be better if one of these guys was someone important, for example the real "alva", but even so the boss is good and the music goes very well, and the violin that I love

            • Anonymous

              This cancerous thing is tougher than invading gank hosts in ds3.
              At least with invasions there's a whole map to run around and enemies to hide behind to catch a breather...
              In an invasion my best play is to punish greed with turn and burn with an ultra weapon. But havel and alva stick together like glue, and their AI only changes when they get low on health and start being less aggressive.
              Can't turn and burn Havel, the beast tanks my great club two handed R2 while standing in idle pose. I was powerstancing the great club and greatsword(ugs) and I couldn't interrupt his leap smash with my L2. Plus his leap smash has 180 degree tracking, which means panic roll is a death sentence. With katana man and rapier man L1 and R1 spamming, there's a chance for an inescapable situation, and it has happened to me a couple times...
              Also, I don't know how the heck it happened, but rapier man managed to poise break my Greatclub 2H R2 mid swing, with a f*cking R1. I had 123 poise and had him isolated. Greatclub R2 mid swing, and it got stopped by a rapier R1...
              Anyway, screw this boss.

              • Anonymous

                A decent attempt at recreating pvp without latency. My only complaints are that the bow guy should be using magic of some sort, and he shouldn’t attack you with estoc when you get close. Instead, he should run away like a typical magic user.

                • A lot of people will tell you to focus on the archer first. I found that with my particular setup, this was difficult to do. If you're having trouble with this, here's an alternative strategy:

                  Get a bunch of poison arrows or some other way to reliably inflict poison that works for you. Instead of rushing Cerah, start kiting the two melee guys around the path immediately inside the boss room. The way this area is set up, you can run across a little bridge to the left, around the pillar, and then back past the boss door to a cliff in a corner, which you jump down from and then start running towards the bridge again to repeat it.

                  Running around in this little circuit accomplishes two things: It lets you kite effectively while the others are poisoned, and it gives you two corners that have complete cover from Cerah's arrows. You can use them to heal and/or shoot in safety. This is a really easy (if somewhat slow) method to deal with them. Don't bother trying to poison Cerah -- her resistance is way too high. Once the two melee guys hit the dirt, you can go smash her face in. :)

                  Hope this helps, and good luck!

                  P.S. - Summoning the two phantoms for this fight isn't guaranteed to make it easier depending on your setup. It triples all of the bosses' health, but the ally phantoms don't do much damage.

                  • Anonymous

                    I managed to beat them in my first try (with help of the 2 NPC summons), somehow we all except the archer chik ended up in a some corner hidden from her doing or*y while she was shooting in the stone. Havel was the first one to fall, then the knight dude and finaly it was 3 on 1 gangbang. It was kind of fun

                    • Anonymous

                      Cancer boss fight. Exemplary of terrible game design. Nice to see they let the summer interns make a boss fight though.

                      • Anonymous

                        I think they did a pretty decent job at emulating the average Dark Souls invasion except they could've replaced the bow guy with a crystal soul spear spammer and give them some heals.

                        • Anonymous

                          Kill me a million times over for saying this, but I think I'm a little too positive for my own good. Because I enjoyed this fight somewhat.

                          • Anonymous

                            Incredibly unfair and frustrating fight, basically 1v3 pvp unless you bring summons. With 2x NPC-s on your side it's just about tolerable in NG, but in NG+ both your helpers will have seemingly the same HP as before, meaning they will both be vaporized before you even had a chance to kill 1 of the opponents. So enjoy the 1v3...

                            • Anonymous

                              On my no healing, two hand melee only save....this is the hardest fight in the game. I’ve died 80 times and counting.

                              • Anonymous

                                Used 80 poison arrows to kill them. Use a lighting bow, it staggers them when hit. Also focus the archer first, and the guy with havel set last, because he uses estus flasks and heals himself

                                • Anonymous

                                  This has always been my least favourite boss in DS2, and I guess that's saying a lot, considering the amount of garbage bosses this game has. Anyways, I've always found this fight very frustrating, and I think it still is, if you're a melee guy, but as I'm going through with my hexer-build, this actually wasn't all that bad. My tips would be that you should make sure you have at least two sets of Dark Fog and banish summons at the door, since they're pretty useless and make the fight lot harder than it needs to be. What I did was that I went straight away right and used the little ledge there to make the two melee fellas stop for long enough for the fog to take it's effect. After that I just run around like a headless chicken evading attacks and arrows, and if possible, poison the archer as well. When the poison effect runs out, rinse and repeat. Eventually one of them dies (usually Graverobber), and the fight gets way easier, and by the time you get two of them to fall, you can just use your dark orbs or any attack you prefer on the last one. It's honestly not too bad of a fight if you do it the poisoner's way.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    This fight is really meant for ugs class and up. And boy oh boy is it fun to gank spank the **** out of them with a ugs. I slapped on the stone ring, buffed the zewihander and beat this boss fairly easily.

                                    If you ever get the king's ugs, and buff it, then the fight is a joke. That havel monster will die easily and if you land a back stab then its game over for these guys.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Funny how no one mentioned, but the titanite these chuckle****s drop is supposed to be in a room full of chests above Elana's boss arena, in one of the rooms with the rotating wheels - chests that are open & empty when you find them.

                                      "Finders, keepers" where you kill the finders. Lol

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Did this first time with the help of the two NPC summons. Here's what I've done: I made sure that Alva and arrow guy aggroed me, while Havel aggroed the phantoms, i killed alva by using my Ivory king UGS, yes I was running a quality build, and with the help of the stone ring i could effectively stun 'em. Anyway, i killed alva while the other guy shot arrows at me, he didn't hit me most of the times, so he's not a big deal. After Alva i proceeded to parry and riposte arrow guy, he's really easy to parry, and then i dealt with Havel, already weakened by the phantoms, as he is really slow i could backstab him multiple times, killing him in less then a minute

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Ancient soldier Varg should be my friend because we are havel knights, i have havels set ( ful set even dragon tooth) are all +5!

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