Cerah the Old Explorer, Ancient Soldier Varg and the Afflicted Graverobber

HP 3110 (Standard Game), 7001 (NG+)
Weakness ?
Resistance ?

The Graverobber, Varg, and Cerah is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


The Graverobber, Varg, and Cerah Information.



A boss fight consisting of three hostile npc's found within the Cave of the Dead. Each one of them fights uniquely with their roles but not names complementing each other. There is no description of them for no soul is aquired. 



  • Sanctum Walk, Priestess Chamber bonfire. Optional Bosses of the Cave of the Dead, accessed after the Priestess' Rest bonfire.
  • Accessable through the locked door near the Tower of Prayer bonfire (also in Sanctum Walk). Requires Eternal Sanctum Key. Simply travel by the thin bridge and then by the larger bridge guarded by two guards with lances and then proceed into the building. The door will appear on your left.
  • Bewary of Rockshield Baldyr who will invade you right before the bonfire leading to the cave within which the boss fight will be fought.


  • Souls Awarded: 60,000 (Standard Game) 120,000 (NG+) [needs verification]
  • Drops 3 Twinkling Titanite, 3 Petrified Dragon Bones, and 1 Titanite Slab.
  • Immediately after them the Flower Skirt and Dark Greatsword can be found. (Note: Dark Greatsword can be obtained before defeating this boss by walking off the elevator next to the Priestess' Chamber bonfire.)



Attack Name Attack Description
Ancient Soldier Varg Dragon Tooth's Moveset (Includes Jumping, Rolling and Running attacks)
Afflicted Graverobber Berserker Blade's Moveset (Includes Jumping, Rolling and Running attacks)
Cerah the Old Explorer -- Ranged While out of range he will shoot greatarrows that will knock you down.
Cerah the Old Explorer -- Melee Estoc's Moveset (Includes Jumping, Rolling and Running attacks)


Phantoms can split the enemy's attention, which transforms the boss fight into a brawl consisting of multiple lesser duels.

Solo Strategy

"Afficted Graverober" moves with the highest speed of all three and usually attacks first before Varg and Cerah. Use this to your advantage and attempt to deal damage to him before his allies can arrive. Use parrying and backstabbing to deal a significant amount of damage without the need to expose yourself to Varg's and Cerah's counter attacks due to the resistance given during the execution of the critical hit. Bewary though of Graverobber's quick attacks for though they cannot one shot you they can still deal a noticable amount of damage. In fact damage dealt by the graverobber just might be the perfect amount to get finished off by Varg's hammer or Cerah's greatarrows.

"Ancient Soldier Verag" has the highest health pool, noticably high poise, slow but high damage with his hammer ,but he moves the slowest of all three. Do not exchange hits with him, nor do not get greedy because the tooth can easily oneshot you. Instead focus on taking down his colleagues whilst he is away due to his slow speed. Once he is left alone do not parry for it is probably impossible but instead attempt to backstab. You can also try to wear him off with a spear, but bewary of his high lightining resistance.

"Cerah the Old Explorer" will attack you from distance with the usage of a Greatbow. Once up close he will attempt to jab you with his estoc which can also perform swinging attacks. The best way to take him down is to attack him after killing the Graverobber and whilst Verag is too far to retaliate for harm you are causing. If it comes to attacking him use the fact of his low poise to your advantage and attempt to parry his rapier. He has the lowest health pool of all three which is noticeable. To avoid his greatarrows you can eitherly hide behind walls, leave him slowed down within the lake or roll into them.

Under the main area of the fight there is a watery area filled with statues. Beyond it forcing you to move more slowly and having an animated statue slug it's tight and difficult to fight within. This area is exitable, simply move to the left (orientation: face foward from the boss entrance) and look for a ramp that will lead you upward.

Video Strategy:

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  • Each one of them can be made to bleed or/and be poisoned.
  • The water within the area under the main one slows the squadron as well, one can use this fact to make them split.



  • "Varg" is the Swedish word for wolf.
  • The squadron can be refered to as the "Gank Squad".
  • This boss may be a hint to the player of how the PvP could look like without the latency issue.
  • Their names do not seem to fit one another. Perhaps these people are just totally unrelated hollows who had bumped into themselves within the cave.
  • Varg seems to be cosplaying as "Havel, the Rock", having his full set, his greatshield and the iconic Dragon Tooth.
  • Cerah has somehow aquired a Lucatiel's Mask, black leather armor and leather gloves and leggings. He wields an estoc and a Dragonslayer Greatbow.
  • Graverobber wears Alva's armor and dual-wields berserker blades. He will powerstance with said blades. 


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    • Anonymous

      29 Sep 2020 00:15  

      this is just three npcs that are challenging because of how they overwhelm you, not in a fair way. I beat them and they're optional, but people who say sentinels are worse are just plain wrong. Overall the worst boss of the entire soul games in my opinion

      • Anonymous

        24 Sep 2020 23:01  

        When you enter the room, immediately go to the upper right ledge, wait until Havel and Samurai comes gathers up at you, then drop down (if you need to heal, do it here). Then you drop down into the river and start running on the right side, up to RobinHood. You hit him once, then you go back up to where you started. Repeat until RobinHood dead. Then your next target is Samurai. You do the same running laps and you either hit them on the way up when they are running to you, or if you are melee, then you wait until Samurai bro is the faster one and you can hit him once. Repeat until Samurai is dead (he will not heal). Then for Havel, you wait until he has his shield down and one-hands the hammer, and try to dodge towards him, until he stops, then you backstab. If he two-hands the hammer, go to where you started and when he starts an attack, you quickly drop down, and do your lap for the 100th time. By the time he comes back, he will have his shield down for one handers and you can backstab him. Repeat until dead.

        • Anonymous

          17 Sep 2020 13:28  

          Do this solo. Casting Dark Fog a couple times can easily drain nearly half of bonk and katana bro’s health. From there just parry them all in to oblivion. Just beware that bonk bro loves to leap attack so don’t try to parry that lol

          • Anonymous

            13 Sep 2020 02:24  

            This boss gets an overall 7.5 / 10 from me. This is my opinion! If you don't care about it, don't tell me stuff about why this boss is BS, you can leave your own detailed opinion if you want because I'm interested in different experiences other than "it's 3vs1 not fair". First, the tension! You're overwhelmed by three hollowed ancient warriors that have gone there for whatever reason. Mysterios... Second, the Fight itself which is obviously the weakest part but still fun for me. I always go for Cerah because his Bows are the Main problem for me. Then the Graverobber, she's faster than Varg but equally dangerous. Try to separate them to focus on her or you'll get backstab-Oneshot by Varg like me... (Stupid NG+4 Dmg) Last is Varg himself. He is easily parried but if Graverobber is still alive, she might interrupt your ripost so it's really best to kill her before him. Nothing much to say about Varg, he's a Havel-Soldier with Slow punishing swings and has heals so be careful. Third, The music! Oh my God it is so epic and I love it to bits! It makes this fight more fun for me because it's so frickin epic to puzzle separate them one by one while this plays. If anyone else had the same experience on them, be it somewhat positive or negative, tell me.

            • Anonymous

              07 Sep 2020 23:06  

              Reading comments a lot of people say it's impossible to do without the help of phantoms. I actually found the fight to be significantly easier as solo than with the phantoms. Solo you do a lot more damage than with phantoms and the phantoms do hardly any damage. On top of that it makes the fight chaotic and unpredictable.

              Playing solo you can bait the 3 of them to what you want to do. I found the best solo strategy was NOT to kill graverobber first, but instead to kill the explorer first. Run around in circles with rober/varg following you until you make some distance then go up the the explorer for a couple hits then keep running, repeat until explorer is dead. Next is graverober now that you don't have to worry about ranged potshots. Wait for Varg to attack first then dodge, that'll give you a window to attack graverobber 1-2 times, repeat. I found that the post strategy said the robber was faster than varg which was wrong apparently. You would think that'd be the case since varg is in heavy armor, but funnily it seems varg catches up to you faster than robber does. Once robber is dead the only one left is Varg. By this point I don't take risks, I switch to crossbow and hit varg a couple of times, sprint away in circles for more distances and shoot a couple more times, repeat.

              • Anonymous

                15 Aug 2020 11:06  

                All I can say is my method works; bring the phantoms and backstab fish the melee guys. Just ignore the archer until he's alone, he never hits you if you're busy chasing the others. I know some people can't fathom using summons, but it's a literal coop area. You're pretty much supposed to

                • Anonymous

                  17 Jul 2020 15:27  

                  An entirely pointless fight, with an insultingly small reward. You'll probably make more souls getting back to the boss than you will beating them. Even if you lose them all a few times. Then, when you finally win, you don't even get a boss soul for your troubles.

                  0/10 Would not kill again.

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Jul 2020 19:53  

                    why from what were u thinking there should have been a blue smelter thrown in to that would make this the pinnacle of the game

                    • Anonymous

                      27 May 2020 00:09  

                      Was actually easy. Didn't know about them when i entered their chamber and beat them at firsf try. Just tanked for my phantomes when they focused me and when the switched focused to my phantomes I backstabbed them to death. The archer gave us a good fight 1 v 3 but died like the rest. No friendly phantome has died that day.

                      • Anonymous

                        24 May 2020 19:45  

                        This fight sucks because it takes a while to get to, takes a while to complete once started, and has a low margin of error. To reduce risks, I equipped Jester's Robes to prevent backstabs (100% fatal here) and used Toxic Mist while evading to kill the melee enemies while I kited them around the room. The archer is low threat since she doesn't give chase, rarely uses the bow at range, and only switches to melee at close range.

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