Ducal Spider

HP NG: 200
NG+: 330
NG+7: 600
Weakness Fire
Resistance -
Respawns YES

Ducal Spider is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Ducal Spider Information


Brightstone Cove was abandoned years ago when the town was suddenly and mysteriously overrun by this parasitic species of giant spider. Many of the residents who were unable to escape were caught by the spiders and became their hosts, doomed to wander mindlessly at the whims of their bloodthirsty masters.






Strategy Tips

  • For those hanging above, dispatch them with Great Heavy Soul Arrow with Binoculars
  • For those on the ground, dispatch them with Dark Orb or Dark Hail
  • They're considered as uncommon weapon farming targets.
  • When wielding a torch they become non-aggressive to all players, may only be scholar of the first sin addition.

Move Set

  • ??



  • --


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