Jester Thomas

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? 2,509 Earthen Peak -

Jester Thomas is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Jester Thomas Information

An NPC Phantom that can be summoned for the Mytha, the Baneful Queen fight at the end of Earthen Peak which he can easily solo, even on higher NG+ difficulties as he uses powerful pyromancies, like Forbidden Sun, Flame Swathe, Great Combustion and Great Chaos Fireball to great effect (with unlimited uses). his Summon sign is right before the two Grave Wardens on the right of the staircase where the pool of poison was. (or is if you haven't burned the windmill) He uses dual Pyromancy Flames and the Jester's Set.

When going through Dragon's Sanctum he will invade just before the fog gate leading to the Lair of the Imperfect bonfire. He can be noted doing the ¨This One's Me¨ gesture and then will proceed to attack.




Earthen Peak. Near the staircase guarded by two Grave Wardens before Mytha's fog wall. His summon sign is submerged in poison if you haven't burned the windmill.
Dragon's Sanctum. He will invade the player in the Dragon's Sanctum, just before the fog wall to the Lair of the Imperfect.




  • The Jester's Set makes the wearer impervious to backstabs
  • Head artist for Dark Souls II, Keiichiro Ogawa, has stated in interviews that the original concept art for Jester Thomas was inspired by the end of the manga Usagi Doroppu


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    • Anonymous

      What if he was never your ally to begin with? What if he ALWAYS intended to kill you?
      From a lore standpoint (and ignoring character development for a second), summoning him to fight Mytha could be his way of gauging your abilities. Studying you, so he knows what to expect when he invades you later on. Seeing his own power would also fill you with fear and despair when you eventually fight him, knowing how strong he is.

      • Anonymous

        Easy guaranteed kill on invasion

        Sprint to him as he spawns, slap him once, (wear stone ring or a higg poise damage weapon), he will then 100% of the time do a roll, so walk up to him and hr will try casting, slap him again and he rolls after the stagger, repeat, you wont run out of stamina

        • Anonymous

          It says in trivia that the original concept art for him was inspired by Usagi Drop, and ive been looking into it and i cant find any concept art of him, no interview with Keiichiro Ogawa and i looked at the manga and i cant for the life of me make the connection between a manga where someone raises a child which then wants to fck him when shes older and a jester who shoots fire.
          Very weird....

          • Anonymous

            I love how in most cases a previous summon turns on you it's for soms deep lore reason but with Thomas he just does it because he can

            • Anonymous

              uhh so I attacked him as soon as he spawned, didnt even do his gesture, never attacked me just stood there, rolled a few times, mayne i bugged hiim or whatever but i'm so glad i didn't have to fight him for real this time

              • Anonymous

                tips for the invasion(the other way): 1. flash sweat 2. roll in the water where the imperfect are and run back to safety 3. flame quartz ring and dispelling ring help a bit combine these effects and he should not be a problem. If anybody else has a better strategy, then just comment down. Let's help others kill this mf.

                • Anonymous

                  He is my first NPC summon for mytha baneful queen I deleted her on my first try this guy makes the fight so easy love him

                  • Anonymous

                    in dragon sanctum i started hitting him as soon as he began with apearing... just tried to run away from me, but didnt even tryed performing any NG+... in first playtrough he caught me unaware and burnt me to a crisp... just stay rellentles and atack as soon as he apears...

                    • Anonymous

                      Okay,. He will usually put down a "healing orb" to heal himself, but the player can also use it. It stays until he dies. Gyrm shield is recommended as it has 100 fire blockage.

                      • Anonymous

                        For the invasion, he won't attack you UNTIL he has done his gesture, so take the opportunity to hit him with 2H heavies to stagger him the whole time, he will roll but won't Combustion you or anything.

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