Lud and Zallen, the King's Pets

lud and zallen the kings pets
HP 5,070 | 7,098 (NG+)
Weakness Thrust, Fire
Resistance Poison
Immune None
Respawn NO

Lud and Zallen, the King's Pets is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Lud and Zallen, the King's Pets Information 

Two of the King's dear beasts, found in a icy arena in the end of the Frigid Outskirts. Both have less health than Aava, but their damage is the same, and Zallen can go into an enraged state where he deals more damage and suffers less in return, much like the Smelter demon.







Attack Name Attack Description
Enrage Zallen goes in berserk when his health is low. Deals more damage and gains a defense boost. Lasts for about 2 minutes.
While enraged, Zallen's health slowly regenerates.
Homing Magic Missiles Lud or Zallen will leap back and create five magic missiles above their head. These missiles will home in with magic damage.
Damage greatly reduced with Havel's Greatshield and additional magic resistance (such as ring or consumable) even when hit with all five.



One on one melee strategy

When they are about to do a non-magical attack, walk towards them and roll forward when they launch the attack. If you time it right, they will miss you. After the attack you're either behind or below them and you get an opportunity to strike (or heal).

Once they cast the homing missiles run towards them as fast as possible. If you make it to the back of them, all of them will miss and you get an opportunity to hit him a couple of times. When they are with two, it is best to use the Brightbug. Equip it right before Zallen comes in the arena (that is when Lud is at about 1/3 of his health). Since it takes a while to equip, it is best to use it when Lud does a magical attack. Make sure you are out of reach of the attack and equip it, then you have plenty of time. Once equipped focus on Lud and try to kill him before the effect wears out. Also before Zallen comes to the arena, it is best to have max health.

When battling both of them at the same time try to use one as a meat shield for another. When caught between them dash near one of them and bait a melee attack to dodge roll behind the cat leaving another in a place where it can't jump on you. Baiting a melee attack is also useful when one of them charges the magical missile attack and the other is near you. Just roll under the melee attack and run fast immediately after it to dodge missiles. This strategy makes you are pretty much far away from both of them when missiles miss you and you have time to turn around and see where they are before they jump attack.

Personally I though the magic shield was best to use in this fight, because it has a very high magic resistance. It doesn't stop 100 % of the physical attacks, but I dodged most of those anyway. Also I found dodging their attacks really easy when I was at 50 % of the weight limit.

Video Strategy:

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Lud and Zallen sl1 ng solo fight strategy
Melee, with Summons Strategy
How to get to the Boss (Easy)


  • Like most bosses that buff (e.g. Smelter Demon), consider using a Brightbug to maintain your hard earned advantage.
  • Finish off Lud as quickly as you can after Zallen joins the fight.
  • During Zallens berserk mode he will regenerate hp faster than you can conventially do damage. Wait and dodge only for around 30 seconds, and it will wear off and you'll be able to fight him quite easily, if of course, you killed Lud first.
  • Homing magic missile attack can be completely avoid by simply strafing to the right at medium or long range or behind close range.
  • If you get low on health the best way to bait a chance to heal is to get close and when a cat swings his arm roll straight through him to his backside and immediately use a lifegem while walking away.
  • If you kill Zallen first the remaining cat Lud will instead go enraged state when low on health and also learns how to bite jump



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    • Anonymous

      I don't get the big deal with this boss and the area before it there isn't many enemies at all, getting to the blue smelter demon or even getting to the fume knight is alot worse

      • This fight (and the journey to it) wasn't too bad with the 3 npc summons. Managed it first try thankfully because I definitely don't ever want to fight them again

        • Anonymous

          If you hate using npc summons but hate Frigid Wastes more, you can piecemeal it a bit by summoning three phantoms, running past everything to the fog wall, and then using the black crystal to banish them all before you start the fight. The enemies should be preoccupied enough with your summons that you get there largely unscathed. Keep the sunlight to your right!

          • Anonymous

            Agree this area is BS, but weirdly I sort of enjoyed it (with ALL 3 summons — I would HATE doing this solo and advise against it!).

            Some tips.

            Getting there and navigation: this is somewhat similar to real navigation. Wait until it clears out. Pick a target (a building!) and run to it. Repeat until you reach the bridge.

            Build: this was pretty easy for a faith build. You get lots of extra heals for the journey and your gank squad, leaving estus for the boss fight. Fire-infused is good here. Take lots of weapons or repair powder with you.

            Boss fight: if you get to Lud and Zallen it’s fairly easy from there with the summons (again, not without). Target Lud (the first one to appear) and stick to it till it dies. Your summons are beefy so just try not to get killed and you’ll be fine.

            If you don’t mind using NPC summons there’s no real reason to avoid this area. Again, would hate doing this solo though.

            • Anonymous

              Considering all the cut ideas that DS2 had: Open World, Time Travel, etc; it really hurts seeing just how bad this game turned out.

              Thank god Elden Ring managed to salvage the ideas and potential that DS2 originally had...

              • Anonymous

                This area is so bad. It’s not fun, it’s not challenging, it’s just downright annoying. It’s 5-6 minutes of hopefully running in a straight line, over the same snowed out land, with random blizzards just completely blinding you and so stupid frozen horses attacking you. I’m not mad at the difficulty, it’s really not hard at all when you’re level 198, have the Vendrick Greatsword and over 1k defense with a giant shield, it’s annoying because it’s like they gave up and said “well we have this giant area with nothing, let’s put 3 reindeer, some zombies, and a DND party and trick people into running off a bridge cause the blizzard blinds you” also no bonfire….

                • Anonymous

                  I've never skipped any part of any souls game. But this is just pure garbage, I'm never playing this again in my life. Suddenly 3 horses were attacking me and also a guy with a hammer appeared behind me and killed me, this is not hard... it's just ridiculous. There is absolutely NOTHING positive or enjoyable about this area, not wasting my time here.

                  • Anonymous

                    I hope whoever designed this got fired or demoted or something. Miyazaki not directing this game hurt it so much.

                    • Anonymous

                      The essence of cancer. The only reason to fight them is if you want to experience the worst thing From Software has ever done. After dying multiple times in the run up I managed to kill them both first encounter. Which is good because dying to these trash heap bosses would be unbearable. To make things worse they broke both an ultra great sword and a fume knight great sword in the fight so I barely finished them with my third weapon. Then I took their trash loot, cursed, and will never go back. The only way to win this fight is to never attempt it.

                      • Anonymous

                        Elden ring players when they move to ds2 and realize a 60 second boss run to dragonlord isint actually that bad

                        • Anonymous

                          Ah yes, classic ds2 move, take a boss that's fun an decent on it's own, duplicate it and put it behind a area that has 0 bonfires and takes 5-6 minutes to walk through alone and call it a day. How TF does stuff like this even get through testing? did they even test it?

                          I really want to like ds2, it has so many great things, Sunken Crown DLC was awesome, and everything in this DLC up to this point was really awsome. It should have just ended with Ivory King.

                          • Anonymous

                            The devs team B didn't realised that ds 1 is a hard game but it feels fair, despite all the odds. They never recaptured this in ds 2, devs here thought that people enjoy excruciating difficulty, but no, we dont.

                            • Anonymous

                              I wasted so much time here solo,after beating all bosses and obtaining Vendricks blessing i decided to come here for revenge, I summoned all 3summons and headed for these bosses, and killed them on first try, I was using fire rapier and when it broke a used 2nd weapon,lightning rapier .They are weak to Thrust and Fire dmg so it was the right choice,I was also stacked with magic ressistance just in case i get hit. I focused on one tiger at the time,when he casted magic missiles i just run to his rear leg and did some damage. Fight turned out to be easy and i beat them on my first try, using 3 flasks during fight ,and 4 flasks on my way here..all of my summons survived too

                              • Anonymous

                                ds2 is the worst runback system in the game history, hiden bonfire isnt enough they need to force you to walk 15 minutes to f*cking fight a boss, every single boss of this game has a stupid runback passing thought 50 enemies, I just wanted to killed all bosses for a tribute do elden ring be a master piece

                                • Anonymous

                                  It's 2022 and I still have never beat this boss and never plan to. Screw the run and screw gank fights where you need to kite for 50 hours to get 1 attack in.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Whoever designed this level needs to be dragged into the woods, shot in both kneecaps and be left to die.
                                    Its the only rational option.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Frigid Outskirts

                                      >get the same boss, but twice (classic ds2)
                                      >cant see ****
                                      >worse run to the boss in any souls series
                                      >horse making everything more frustating
                                      >leave the area, get 100% and never go back again

                                      • Anonymous

                                        You can run through the whole area without fight a single horse, if you just run in a straight line to each one of the buildings in the zone, if you want to be 100% sure just be sure to run when the blizzard finishes and you can see the next building, run without stop, without roll or jump and you'll get safe. That way the path to this boss is really long and boring but not an absolute hell

                                        • Anonymous

                                          The best strategy I've found is to enter the fog and let Avaa reskin x2 kill you to put you out of your misery.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I f*cking hate this boss so much! This sh*t boss was so badly made and i wish i could mod this game so i can rid Zallen out of existence and fight only Lud, or maybe if the boss run wasn't so sh*t and if they could use their brains and put a f*cking bonfire close to the boss! But nooooo make life of ds players worse and miserable as possible, f*ck you developers!

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Worst death run in the series by a country mile, would have been a good boss as a stand alone (if the 1st dlc boss didn't exist as just a reskin). Horses shouldn't re spawn, weather effects are horrendous (cant imagine if you were visually impaired!). Will forever leave dark souls 2 with a bad taste in my mouth.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                what type of damage do these things do, the magic missiles seem fine, but the pounces and claw swipes one shot me, even with over 900 physical defense and 1100 slash defense. Do they do infinite damage or is there some extra damage type in there like dark or magic added on to the physical strikes?

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