Lud and Zallen, the King's Pets

lud and zallen the kings pets
HP 5,070 | 7,098 (NG+)
Weakness Thrust, Fire
Resistance Poison
Immune None
Respawn NO

Lud and Zallen, the King's Pets is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Lud and Zallen, the King's Pets Information 

Two of the King's dear beasts, found in a icy arena in the end of the Frigid Outskirts. Both have less health than Aava, but their damage is the same, and Zallen can go into an enraged state where he deals more damage and suffers less in return, much like the Smelter demon.







Attack Name Attack Description
Enrage Zallen goes in berserk when his health is low. Deals more damage and gains a defense boost. Lasts for about 2 minutes.
While enraged, Zallen's health slowly regenerates.
Homing Magic Missiles Lud or Zallen will leap back and create five magic missiles above their head. These missiles will home in with magic damage.
Damage greatly reduced with Havel's Greatshield and additional magic resistance (such as ring or consumable) even when hit with all five.



One on one melee strategy

When they are about to do a non-magical attack, walk towards them and roll forward when they launch the attack. If you time it right, they will miss you. After the attack you're either behind or below them and you get an opportunity to strike (or heal).

Once they cast the homing missiles run towards them as fast as possible. If you make it to the back of them, all of them will miss and you get an opportunity to hit him a couple of times. When they are with two, it is best to use the Brightbug. Equip it right before Zallen comes in the arena (that is when Lud is at about 1/3 of his health). Since it takes a while to equip, it is best to use it when Lud does a magical attack. Make sure you are out of reach of the attack and equip it, then you have plenty of time. Once equipped focus on Lud and try to kill him before the effect wears out. Also before Zallen comes to the arena, it is best to have max health.

When battling both of them at the same time try to use one as a meat shield for another. When caught between them dash near one of them and bait a melee attack to dodge roll behind the cat leaving another in a place where it can't jump on you. Baiting a melee attack is also useful when one of them charges the magical missile attack and the other is near you. Just roll under the melee attack and run fast immediately after it to dodge missiles. This strategy makes you are pretty much far away from both of them when missiles miss you and you have time to turn around and see where they are before they jump attack.

Personally I though the magic shield was best to use in this fight, because it has a very high magic resistance. It doesn't stop 100 % of the physical attacks, but I dodged most of those anyway. Also I found dodging their attacks really easy when I was at 50 % of the weight limit.

Video Strategy:

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Lud and Zallen sl1 ng solo fight strategy
Melee, with Summons Strategy
How to get to the Boss (Easy)


  • Like most bosses that buff (e.g. Smelter Demon), consider using a Brightbug to maintain your hard earned advantage.
  • Finish off Lud as quickly as you can after Zallen joins the fight.
  • During Zallens berserk mode he will regenerate hp faster than you can conventially do damage. Wait and dodge only for around 30 seconds, and it will wear off and you'll be able to fight him quite easily, if of course, you killed Lud first.
  • Homing magic missile attack can be completely avoid by simply strafing to the right at medium or long range or behind close range.
  • If you get low on health the best way to bait a chance to heal is to get close and when a cat swings his arm roll straight through him to his backside and immediately use a lifegem while walking away.
  • If you kill Zallen first the remaining cat Lud will instead go enraged state when low on health and also learns how to bite jump



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    • Anonymous

      The best strategy I've found is to enter the fog and let Avaa reskin x2 kill you to put you out of your misery.

      • Anonymous

        I f*cking hate this boss so much! This sh*t boss was so badly made and i wish i could mod this game so i can rid Zallen out of existence and fight only Lud, or maybe if the boss run wasn't so sh*t and if they could use their brains and put a f*cking bonfire close to the boss! But nooooo make life of ds players worse and miserable as possible, f*ck you developers!

        • Anonymous

          Worst death run in the series by a country mile, would have been a good boss as a stand alone (if the 1st dlc boss didn't exist as just a reskin). Horses shouldn't re spawn, weather effects are horrendous (cant imagine if you were visually impaired!). Will forever leave dark souls 2 with a bad taste in my mouth.

          • Anonymous

            what type of damage do these things do, the magic missiles seem fine, but the pounces and claw swipes one shot me, even with over 900 physical defense and 1100 slash defense. Do they do infinite damage or is there some extra damage type in there like dark or magic added on to the physical strikes?

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