Covetous Gold Serpent Ring is a discovery rate improvement ring in Dark Souls 2.

covetous_gold_serpent_ring.png "A gold ring depicting the snake, both the servant and manifestation of the god of desire, Zinder
Greed is traditionally viewed as a vice, but only a coward sees every chance as something to fear"



  • Increases item discovery by 50%
    • +1 = 75%
    • +2 = 100%
  • Durability: 90/70(+1)75(+2)
  • Weight: 1.0/1.2(+1)1.5(+2)




Iron Keep -   After the Smelter Demon, go into the room with the moving platforms, and go up the ladder in the middle of the room. Take a right to go up the stairs, and go up the ladder. There, you will find a few Greatbow Alonne Knights. Drop down the platforms until you reach a lava-filled cauldron, the corpse inside contains the ring.
Increases drop rate by 50%

Ring +1 Received from Magerold of Lanafir in the Iron Keep.
Select his talk option after spending at least 10,000 souls.
Dropped if you kill Magerold of Lanafir
Increases drop rate by 75%
Ring +2 Belfry Gargoyle (NG+ or after you use a Bonfire Ascetic (location level 2))
Increases drop rate by 100%



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