Amana Priestess

HP NG: 700
NG+: 915
NG+7: 1,732
Weakness Slash, Thrust
Resistance Magic
Respawns Yes

Amana Priestess is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. 


Amana Priestess Information

Hollowed priestesses formerly responsible for performing the sealing rituals which imprisoned the Demon of Song.
Over time the line of shrine maidens gradually died off and, with no successors to pass down the sacred rites, the seal broke and Demon was freed from its prison.

These female sorcerers cast Homing Soul Arrow at you. They have an extremely large aggro range and the spell will track you over large distances. They are able to lock onto and attack you from maximum view range with powerful, fast, homing soul arrows. In melee combat they use their staffs in wide sweeps in front of them. Note: Since patch 1.03, the homing soul arrows don't home in as they used to (now you just need to move left or right) and do slightly less damage.

Note: An interesting variant is a healer Priestess who heals everyone around her when she is hurt or her allies are damaged. Has no offensive attacks or spells. Only one appears in NG, just before Rhoy's Resting Place bonfire (3rd bonfire), hiding behind the two Archdrake Pilgrims at the cave entrance. More come out in NG+.





Strategy Tips

  • Extreme caution and a bow or crossbow are highly recommended to fight these enemies with any amount of ease. Use of cover, identification, and rolling side ways to dodge their arrows all help, but fighting them in melee is suicide for the inexperienced. Alluring Skulls or Yearn may work to pull them off you for a minute or two. Magic Shield can block their magic completely.
  • Roll through the soul arrow toward her, gaining ground while avoiding damage.


Move Set

  • Homing Soul Arrow
    • Magic Damage
    • Can be blocked
  • Swipe
    • Magic Damage
    • Can be blocked



  • They do not recover when knocked to the ground by a Greathammer 2H strong attack.
    They also do not recover with the Darkstorm spell.


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    • Anonymous

      11 Sep 2021 07:14  

      I believe that there are 2 healers in NG SotFS:
      One, as many have noted, right before the tunnel to the Rhoy's Resting Place bonfire and one in the circular arena right after, just behind the two Archdrake Pilgrims.
      There are 2 offensive priestesses, one to either side, but the one in the middle is a healer.

      • 23 Feb 2021 20:19  

        Why does the first one you encounter, in the Shrine of Amana, not attack you?

        I’m playing in NG+ and killed the Archdrakes and the dozen of little sneaky leapfrog boi, but she just stares at me and slowly scoots back if I walk in her direction. She hasn’t attempted to attack me or cast anything.

        • Anonymous

          19 Sep 2020 14:07  

          If you hit em with the darkstormspell, they stay down too and play dead, not getting up again. In case you dont have a greathammer

          • Anonymous

            27 Jan 2020 18:58  

            They don’t get back up from any overhead attack that ‘crushes’ them. For example, the strong two-handed attack on the Dragon’s Tooth, the Old Knight Hammer, the Large Club, etc. This means if you’re trying to run through the area and aren’t strong enough to one shot kill them, all you have to do is hit them with a single overhead crushing attack and then move on to the next one

            • Anonymous

              21 Sep 2018 20:27  

              There's one that keeps walking around and she doesn't do anything, everytime i get close to her she walks away in a cute fashion.

              • Anonymous

                04 Oct 2017 04:54  

                What is their dialogue when they chant? It sounds like they are saying something played backwards, similar to the Decons of the Deep who say “He’s going to kill me!” backwards when they see you and the crystal sage who says “Release me now!” Also backwards.

                • Anonymous

                  29 Aug 2016 04:58  

                  I can confirm that she does in fact show up on the first playthrough. I am on shrine of amana now and she keeps following me into the cave with the poison mushroom bugs.

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Aug 2016 04:58  

                    So apparently, if you pancake them with a greathammer, they stay down, as I've recently learned. You don't even have to kill them. They just lie there.

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