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Dispelling Ring is a defense boosting ring in Dark Souls 2.
dispelling_ring.png "A protective ring set with gemstones of four different colors. Increases the wearer's resistance to magic, lightning, fire and dark.
The artistry required to attune the varying powers of four different stones within one ring could only be described as transcendental.
There is only one sorcerer who could have done this; a man from the lost land of Olaphis"


Increases magic, lighting, fire and dark defense by 60 / 120 (+1)
    • Since every ~10 points of defense is equal to 1% damage reduction, this ring is equivalent to 6% damage reduction for magic, lightning, fire, and dark damage.
Durability: 110 / 35 (+1)
Weight: 1.0 / 4.0 (+1)


Royal Sorcerer Navlaan - If talked to Hollow and before opening his cell, the ring is a reward for his first assassination request.
Ring +1
DLC: Crown of the Old Iron King - Go from the Smelter Throne Bonfire down the first elevator and across the second one toward the door. Go through the hallway and up the stairs, it's on a corpse behind a breakable wall to your left. Video Location


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