Green Blossom


"Green weed shaped like a leafy flower. Temporarily boosts stamina recovery speed.
At one point, this herb was avoided due to its uniquely bitter taste, but once its effects became known, it was harvested to near extinction by merchants.
Now, only exceptionally rare, wild specimens of this plant are left."

Green Blossom is a type of regeneration consumable in Dark Souls 2.





  • Green Blossom + Shield = ~20% faster Stamina Regen.
  • Green Blossom + Chloranthy Ring +2 = ~40% faster Stamina Regen.
  • Green Blossom + Shield + Cloranthy Ring +2 = ~43% faster Stamina Regen.

The Green Blossom may not actually stack with other stamina boosting items as when consumed whilst using other stamina buffs, there is no green particle effect or noise; however when an item such as the Cloranthy ring is removed, the effect displays and the noise plays. Even non-stamina related items like the Ring of Giants seem to interfere with the Green Blossom. (tested on ver. 1.02 calib. 1.06, may be a visual bug) [Isn't that simply because there can only be one particle effect on your character at one time?]


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