Small Blue Burr


A small blue burr.
Temporarily boosts magic defense.
These burrs bloom magnificently on a shrub
every few years, their color and effect determined
by soil quality and recent weather.
Known to have been used in rituals long ago.

Small Blue Burr is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Temporarily boosts magic defense by 150 for 90 seconds when consumed.








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    • Anonymous

      Might to keep this in inventory bar and use spell quartz ring if you want to tank and deal with those spell spamming users in pvp even if you have a chance to dodge

      • Anonymous

        Since absorption seems to stack additively in DS2 (as opposed to multiplicatively like in ds3 and I -think- in ds1), and there's no diminishing returns, these are particularly powerful once you stack other methods of magic reduction. They always provide flat 15% reduction of the pre-mitigation damage, but 15% on top of 70% will effectively halve the damage you take, while 15% added to 10% won't be noticeable.

        Example: with Saint's Set and Blue quartz ring +3 you will have 39% magic reduction. By eating Blue Burr you will raise this up to 54% total reduction, which in practical terms means you will take 25% reduced remaining damage (a 1000 soul spear without burr will do 610, with burr it drops to 460).

        Sadly, it overrides and is overridden by greater magic barrier, but for a non-miracle user this is a very affordable alternative. If you aren't worried about Soul Memory, make sure to always have all types of Burr stocked up on for all situations.

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