Small Blue Burr


A small blue burr.
Temporarily boosts magic defense.
These burrs bloom magnificently on a shrub
every few years, their color and effect determined
by soil quality and recent weather.
Known to have been used in rituals long ago.

Small Blue Burr is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Temporarily boosts magic defense by 150 for 90 seconds when consumed.








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    • Anonymous

      24 Mar 2021 00:37  

      Might to keep this in inventory bar and use spell quartz ring if you want to tank and deal with those spell spamming users in pvp even if you have a chance to dodge

      • Anonymous

        19 Feb 2021 03:58  

        Since absorption seems to stack additively in DS2 (as opposed to multiplicatively like in ds3 and I -think- in ds1), and there's no diminishing returns, these are particularly powerful once you stack other methods of magic reduction. They always provide flat 15% reduction of the pre-mitigation damage, but 15% on top of 70% will effectively halve the damage you take, while 15% added to 10% won't be noticeable.

        Example: with Saint's Set and Blue quartz ring +3 you will have 39% magic reduction. By eating Blue Burr you will raise this up to 54% total reduction, which in practical terms means you will take 25% reduced remaining damage (a 1000 soul spear without burr will do 610, with burr it drops to 460).

        Sadly, it overrides and is overridden by greater magic barrier, but for a non-miracle user this is a very affordable alternative. If you aren't worried about Soul Memory, make sure to always have all types of Burr stocked up on for all situations.

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