Smelter Wedge

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An iron wedge forged in this land. Destroys the ashen idol.
The ashen idol is of great consequence to Nadalia, who, having renounced her flesh, entrusts her very being to it."

Smelter Wedge is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.






There are 11 in total

  • 6 At the start, right before the first giant chain
  • 1 After Sir Alonne
  • 4 After activating the elevators at the third bonfire(Foyer) go up the elevator on the left, take another elevator up right after and go right, follow the path, at the end is a chest with 4 Smelter Wedges.
  • Video of Locations


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    • Anonymous

      Why is DS2 SoTFS game design so broken? I used my smelter wedges while progressing through the DLC, and now I will have to fight against a boss that kills me in 2 attacks and has an unlimited stock if healing unless he is lured to a specific area of the arena? This is just boring, unnecessarily hard just like the whole game. At least we got DS3, a true Dark Souls game after this one hahaha

      • Anonymous

        I guess I just got lucky because I didn't bother going into the cursed room near the Foyer before dealing with Fume Knight. I didn't even know there was an idol there until later. Now it's the only one I have to deal with, so I guess now I have to fight Sir Alonne.

        • Anonymous

          For whatever reason the first 6 smelter wedges are nonexistent in my game. I only got the 4 from the chest. I went back to pick them up and they just weren't there. I know for a fact that I never picked them up because I attempted to interact with the first Idol across the chain and it said there were none in my inventory. Anyone have a clue as to why this has happened?

          • Anonymous

            Lmao I can’t even use my final smelter wedge cause the game doesn’t give me a prompt to examine the ashen idol. There goes Nadalia’s soul for me. And before anyone says anything yes, I did beat Alonne and I do have the final smelter wedge from him. It is in my inventory, I just can’t use it

            • For me, this kinda made me hate Brume Tower. Well, no actually the run to the blue Smelter Demon did... but at least that was challenging. If the right amount of wedges just added up, it would make way more sense than running around like a madman for hours like I did searching for one which won't exist. Skip the first idol and you can do the boss correctly. You should not have to kill Alonne beforehand to get the wedge you need.

              • Anonymous

                So, they re spread out with the intention of the last ashen idol being one of the four in the fume knight, and in order to destroy the last idol you re forced to kill sir alonne first?

                Well, a troll move for relatively new players, but the choice is yours anyway. Either you "borrow" alonne's wedge or face raimeand his heals like a chad.

                • This is so damn stupid, why the last one 'stick' is dropped from the boss who you actually faces >only after defeating the Fume knight< ???
                  Now I'm stuck right outside his arena because i'm lack the last one of those to destroy the idol and because of that, if i enter the fog the ashen idol will keep regenerating the life bar of this bastard.

                  "Since one smelter wedge can be acquired after defeating Sir Alonne, an ashen idol should be skipped when encountered in order to have enough smelter wedges to destroy the four at the bottom of Brume Tower in order to make the boss fight easier. The two best ones to avoid at first are (as listed above) number 4 and 5, as they are near bonfires and can be tedious to get to."

                  But how i'm supposed to known that before? If you doesn't have any real argument and wanna say "you not supposed to know everything at the first play-through" or "try again in NG+" because you either read the wiki before playing or unintentionally skipped some idol before reaching this area so you could destroy all four before facing the f***** in black armor - don't lose your time!
                  This damned game is broken, no wonder why so much people dislikes it the most.

                  • Anonymous

                    Damn, I guess I'll have to fight fume knight while keeping him away from one area, I didn't realize you could run out before fume knight.

                    • Anonymous

                      I don't have any more wedges and I need to destroy one more for the fume knight fight! What can I do now?

                      • Anonymous

                        do not use ashen idols. save them for fume knight. the idols near his location will heal him if he get close them. so first destroy the idols near him then you are free to use them for any idols you want.

                        • Anonymous

                          There's more smelter wedges there in the big elevator room at the end of the hall with three fire traps and enchanted armor knights

                          • Anonymous

                            This page is correct, there are only 11. There are 12 pieces of Nadalia's soul, but only 11 idols. The last piece is dropped by the Fume Knight when you kill him. If you want the locations of all of the idols, go to the soul of Nadalia, bride of ash (fragment) or ashen idol page. The locations of the wedges on this page are accurate.

                            • Anonymous

                              There are 12 Smelter Wedges in SoTFS. I have 11 pieces of Nadia's soul with one idol left standing and Sir Alonne to fight. My Fume Knight had a Nadia healer because I destroyed them in order but he still didn't stand a chance.

                              • Anonymous

                                LEAVE THAT IDOL AFTER YOU DEFEAT SIR ALONNE

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