Aromatic Ooze


A mysterious sticky substance that radiates a pale white light.
Applies magic to right-hand weapon.
The affected weapon inflicts magic damage for a short time. Particularly effective against heavily armored foes or creatures with thick scales.

Aromatic Ooze is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Boosts existing magic damage by 50%
  • Adds 50 magic attack value of the right-hand weapon for 90 seconds
  • Outperforms Crystal Magic Weapon by a significant margin. Aromatic Ooze is the magic equivalent of Resonant Weapon, boosting damage by +50 and the overall magic damage by another 50%. (Note: This may be changed in a future update)
  • When used on standard or Raw weapons that can have resins applied to them, the damage bonus can easily exceed that gained from Crystal Magic Weapon. Suggested examples include the Crescent Axe and the Blue Flame.





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