Rotten Pine Resin


This Rotten Pine Resin has gone poisonous.
Applies poison to right-hand weapons.
Poisoned foes slowly lose HP over time.

Rotten Pine Resin is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Boosts existing poison damage by 30%
  • Adds 20 poison attack value of the right-hand weapon for 90 seconds





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    • Anonymous

      Flat bonus to any type of hit, so weapons which hit multiple times like ricards rapier will benefit a lot from this

      • Anonymous

        So if I apply this to a weapon, does every attack build up a fixed amount of poison, or do the attacks differ in that regard? Because if the build up is the same for every registered hit, Ricard's Rapier might just be one of the most effective weapons to apply Poison

        • Anonymous

          It might be that it loses its effect when the weapon does 0 damage. Maybe because the attacks don't register?
          As long as my ladle was unbroken, I poisoned early Pursuer (to get RoB for my not-mundane ladle run) in about 10 hits. After it was broken I got about 30 pretty fast hits on him and it didn't procc. Idk who might profit from this information, but I thought I'd share it.
          Dark Pine Resin and Gold Pine Resin still work, but they add flat damage not auxiliary effects.

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