Archdrake Pilgrim

HP NG: 760
NG+: 990
NG+7: ?
Weakness Thrust Attacks
Resistance Magic
Respawns Yes

Archdrake Pilgrim is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. 


Archdrake Pilgrim Information


A powerful enemy who uses a mace found in the Shrine of Amana. Runs at a decent speed in the water and tends to be accompanied by either a sorcerer, another protecter, or a few water rats. They deal decent damage and can stun-lock with his combo attack. They have a moderate aggro range on sight. They can be stunlocked pretty easy (using a Ricards Rapier).





Strategy Tips

  • You can stun-lock them pretty easily 2-handing a Dagger or a thrusting sword like Ricard's Rapier. Using a bow, 2 Arrows will stun them. Alternatively, circling to their left side opens them up for an easy back-stab.


Move set

  • Yearn, Backstabbing: The enemy will swing at the player when in close range, can be up to a 2 swing combo.
    • Physical Damage
    • Can be blocked



  • Archdrake Pilgrims have an extremely high drop rate. It is easy to farm Twinkling Titanite from them.
  • Cannot be parried.



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