Archdrake Pilgrim

Archdrake Pilgrim
HP NG: 760
NG+: 990
NG+7: ?
Weakness Thrust Attacks
Resistance Magic
Respawns Yes

Archdrake Pilgrim is an enemy in Dark Souls 2


Archdrake Pilgrim Information

A powerful enemy who uses a mace found in the Shrine of Amana. Runs at a decent speed in the water and tends to be accompanied by either a sorcerer, another protecter, or a few water rats. They deal decent damage and can stun-lock with his combo attack. They have a moderate aggro range on sight. They can be stunlocked pretty easy (using a Ricards Rapier).





Strategy Tips

  • You can stun-lock them pretty easily 2-handing a Dagger or a thrusting sword like Ricard's Rapier. Using a bow, 2 Arrows will stun them. Alternatively, circling to their left side opens them up for an easy back-stab.


Move set

  • Yearn, Backstabbing: The enemy will swing at the player when in close range, can be up to a 2 swing combo.
    • Physical Damage
    • Can be blocked



  • Archdrake Pilgrims have an extremely high drop rate. It is easy to farm Twinkling Titanite from them.
  • Cannot be parried.
  • Defeated Archdrake Pilgrims will subtract 36 seconds from the length of a co-op session. See Online for more detailed information about Multiplayer Time Limits.


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    • Anonymous

      These guys suck, not slowed down by the water at all despite being humanoids,sprint very quickly, swing very quickly while not giving a single crap about poise meaning they're almost guaranteed to stunlock you if they land even a single hit on you, and they can't be parried either and almost always come in groups, easy 1on1 which is rare since they always come on groups, and a massive annoyance when paired with those stupid mages sniping you from across the whole map, thankfully they're easily stunlocked themselves and aren't particularly tough

      • Love getting stunlocked <3 as with most enemies in this game, a joke 1 on 1, and impossible in groups. But Sekrio has that same 'problem' and that's my favorite game of all time, so it's whatever ... still annoying just how many of these dudes they had to sprinkle around tho.

        • Anonymous

          Mfs sprinting through the water like the flash on cocaine while we're slowed to slow power walks at best, real fair

          • Anonymous

            Scrubs complaining about basic enemies like those. In SoA you should be able to kill enemies like that without effort. They made them easy coz they have mage back up. Seriously. They have no poise, no hp, low dmg, low agro range. How can you even get to SoA and still have trouble with these kind of dudes cmon

            • Anonymous

              Been trying for like 20 minutes to parry one of these scumbags, finally decided to check the wiki to see it it’s even possible. Now I feel silly.

              • What a broken Enemy. Infinite Stamina, doesnt get slowed down in the water, cant be parried, deals ridiculous poise damage...a very fair enemy. Dear Archdrake Sect, feel free to fall off a cliff.

                • Anonymous

                  WTF? They can be parried. I parry them all the time.
                  Is this page from pre SotFS? I noticed it says "water rats".

                  • Anonymous

                    These guys are Twinkling Titanite dispensers. Once you get to Rhoy's bonfire, put on your best item discovery gear and kill the three by the cave entrance until they stop spawning. Should come away with a haul.

                    • Just here to say that these fkrs can genuinely go die in a spikey pit of death. It's like my poise stops existing any time I fight these annoyances.

                      • Anonymous

                        I really I mean really really hate these guys, I'd say more like a ballistic missile from a nuke sub. These guys roam in pack's like rabid hungry wolves

                        • Anonymous

                          Beware, just like the Falconers these guys have blocking frames at the start of some attacks. That can get you roughed up real good.

                          • Anonymous

                            Only thing that used to annoy me about these enemies is they can rush through water like a torpedo where you’re like a Havel Knight in the bog.

                            • Anonymous

                              Way too much range. As in aggro range, these things will start chasing you from further than an archer would start shooting at you.

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