Ashen Idol

Ashen Idol
Weakness -
Resistance -
Respawns No

Ashen Idol is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. 


Ashen Idol Information

Nadalia scattered her souls into fragments and influenced the Brume Tower with the idols (Similar to the concept of Phylactery or Horcrux, once all idols are destroyed, then Nadalia herself is destroyed) that have effects such as cursing an area with dark fog, reanimating enemies covered with ash, and healing enemies with Warmth. In order to dispatch them, plunge the Smelter Wedge item into the idols. While doing so you're temporarily invulnerable for a brief second. Highly recommended to go for a suicidal run to purge the cursed rooms since they won't respawn.



There are 12 of these , 11 are dropped by Ashen Idols and the last one by Fume Knight.

  • The first ashen idol is just above the stairs next to the first bonfire of Brume Tower.

  • The second one is shortly afterwards in a room you get to by a descending ladder, try to dispatch the enemies around it before approaching it, as getting near to the idol buffs the enemies.

  • The third one is in the room with the enemy throwing firebombs at you and with the big hammer-wielding enemy.

  • The fourth one is in the separate tower with the invader and the majestic greatsword near the third bonfire, it buffs enemies, revives possessed statues and curses you.

  • The fifth one is behind the locked door behind the place near the third bonfire where you put the scepter, it does the same as the one above.

  • The sixth one is in the third door from left to right in the place with the hammer-wielding enemy with four doors you can go to after activating the elevators of Brume Tower (accessed near the Upper Floor bonfire, where the Life Ring +3 is.

  • The seventh one is where you are invaded by the Prowlers, on the way to the Smelter Throne bonfire.

  • Ashen idols 8 to 11 are next to the Fume Knight battle, and can heal the boss if he approaches them.

  • The 12th is dropped by Fume Knight.




Strategy Tips

  • Can buff and resurrect nearby enemies
  • The Hollow Skin, located within the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC, is ideal for mitigating the Idols' curse effect


Move Set

  • Outcry
  • buff



  • If your character is hit and staggered out of the stab animation, it may become impossible to activate the idol a second time, meaning all associated rewards will be unavailable for that NG cycle. There is currently no known fix, so be sure to clear the area of enemies or be sure that you can activate the idol safely.
  • Using a bonfire ascetic does NOT revive the Ashen Idols. (tested at the Lowermost Floor bonfire).
  • Since one smelter wedge can be acquired after defeating Sir Alonne, an ashen idol should be skipped when encountered in order to have enough smelter wedges to destroy the four at the bottom of Brume Tower in order to make the boss fight easier. The two best ones to avoid at first are (as listed above) number 4 and 5, as they are near bonfires and can be tedious to get to.
  • Four more smelter wedges can be found up the elevator in the Foyer and then up the elevator directly ahead. Once at the top of this elevator, proceed right. You will run into Possessed Armors and Ash Knights. Once you defeat them and head up two spiral staircases, there will be a chest on your left and the exit on your right.


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    • Anonymous

      Ashen Idols: "There are 12 of these , 11 are dropped by Ashen Idols and the last one by Fume Knight." dafuq did I just read?

      • Anonymous

        Some stats for the buffs:

        Without buff:

        Possesed armor: 370

        Ashen warrior: 540

        With buff:

        Possesed armor: 370 (not affected, but will be revived)

        Ashen warrior: 210

        • Anonymous

          I usually very much like this wiki but this page is seriously lacking effort and details. I don't know if it's possible for anyone to update. One of the first thing we should find is how many Ashen Idols there are and where to find them and that's very basic stuff!

          • The black witch veil is also good defense against curse, you get it for lighting all of the torches in the gutter then killing the gutter denizen before dropping down to black gulch

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