Ashen Knight Boyd

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- - Brightstone Cove Tseldora -

Ashen Knight Boyd is an NPC in Dark Souls 2 


Ashen Knight Boyd Information

  • Ashen knight Boyd is a Royal Soldier, Much like Masterless Glencour.
  • Good at distracting Duke's Dear Freja during the boss fight as well as dealing a good chunk of damage provided if he does not hit her shell. Also very useful for taking care of the spiders.
  • Unlike most other royal soldiers encountered, Boyd Wields an Estoc, instead of the traditional Shield and spear
  • Is capable of healing himself but not a huge amount (It heals just as the Estus, but significantly weaker)
  • Glitch: When summoning him for the fight against Freja, he runs to you right away rather than starting from the "standing up" animation the moment he spawns as a summon
  • In SotFS: When summoned against the Looking Glass Knight, he seems to take advantage of the Estoc's shield piercing ability when attacking the shield-side of the Looking Glass Knight and can also sometimes instantly attacks and even backstabs recently-spawned player Mirror Squires, especially while they are still stuck waiting for the loading screen to finish



Brightstone Cove Tseldora. Found behind a pillar, on the bottom floor of the web-filled room preceding The Duke's Dear Freja's boss room.
King's Passage. Found just outside the boss room for the Looking Glass Knight.

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