List of trophies and achievements for Dark Souls 2, as well as guides to obtaining them. Spoilers ahead! You can find a detailed Trophy & Achivement Guide by Grintwist here.

You can download this PDF file by Inspector for a printable checklist of all items to collect (sorceries/pyromancies/miracles/hexes/gestures).

Dark Souls 2 Trophies Notes

  • The DLC has no trophies, however in the Ps4/X1/Dx11 versions the DLC spells are needed for the Master of Sorcery/Miracles/Pyromancy/Hexes trophies.
  • To obtain the Platinum/110% you will have to complete the game 2+1/2 times to reach Chancellor Wellager on NG++ or engage on online pvp and co-op to rank specific covenants that grant special rewards.
  • It is possible to obtain 110% completion by playing offline.


List of Dark Souls 2 Trophies

Icon Trophy Value
The Dark Soul Trophy.png
The Dark Soul / 50G
All trophies obtained. Congratulations  
Self Recollection Trophy.png
Self Recollection / 10G
Reclaim flesh and set out as an undead  
Supreme Weapon Trophy.png
Supreme Weapon / 50G
Reinforce a weapon to its limit  
Gesture Maestro Trophy.png
Gesture Maestro / 50G
Learn all gestures  
Master of Socery Trophy.png
Master of Sorcery / 30G
Learn all sorceries (DLC sorceries needed in the Ps4/X1/Dx11 version)  
Master of Miracles Trophy.png
Master of Miracles / 30G
Learn all miracles (DLC miracles needed in the Ps4/X1/Dx11 version)  
Master of Pyromancies / 30G
Learn all pyromancies (DLC pyromancies needed in the Ps4/X1/Dx11 version)  
Master of Hexes Trophy.png
Master of Hexes / 30G
Learn all Hexes (DLC hexes needed in the Ps4/X1/Dx11 version)  
Selfless Giver Trophy.png
Selfless Giver / 50G
Max-out devotion to covenant.  
This is Dark Souls Trophy.png
This is Dark Souls / 10G
Die for the first time  
Secret Trophies
King's Ring Trophy.png
King's Ring / 20G
Acquire the King's Ring  
Ancient Dragon Trophy.png
Ancient Dragon / 20G
Acquire Ashen Mist Heart  
The Heir Trophy.png
The Heir / 100G
See the ending  
Last Giant Trophy.png
Last Giant / 20G
Defeat the Last Giant  
Sinner's Bonfire Trophy.png
Sinner's Bonfire / 20G
Light the primal bonfire in Sinner's Rise  
Iron Keep Bonfire Trophy.png
Iron Keep Bonfire / 20G
Light the primal bonfire in the Iron Keep  
Gulch Bonfire Trophy.png
Gulch Bonfire / 20G
Light the primal bonfire in the Black Gulch  
Brightstone Bonfire Trophy.png
Brightstone Bonfire / 20G
Light the primal bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora  
Giant Lord Trophy.png
Looking Glass Knight / 20G
Defeat Looking Glass Knight (Mirror Knight)  
Vendric Trophy.png
Vendrick / 50G
Defeat Vendrick  
Brilliant Covenant Trophy.png
Brilliant Covenant / 10G
Discover a most brilliant covenant  
Protector Covenant Trophy.png
Protector Covenant / 10G
Discover the covenant of the protectors  
Sanguinary Covenant Trophy.png
Sanguinary Covenant / 10G
Discover the covenant of the bloodthirsty  
Covenant of the Meek Trophy.png
Covenant of the Meek / 10G
Discover the covenant of the meek  
Gnawing Covenant Trophy.png
Gnawing Covenant / 10G
Discover the covenant of rodents  
Clangorous Covenant Trophy.png
Clangorous Covenant / 10G
Discover the clangorous covenant  
Covenant of the Ancients Trophy.png
Covenant of Ancients / 10G
Discover an ancient covenant  
Covenant of the Fittests Trophy.png
Covenant of the Fittest / 10G
Discover an covenant of the fittest  
Abysmal Covenant Trophy.png
Abysmal Covenant / 10G
Discover the abysmal covenant  
Curious Map Trophy.png
Curious Map / 30G
Light all flames on the map of Majula  
Change of Clothes Trophy.png
Change of Clothes / 30G
Give Rosabeth of Melfia something to wear  
Gathering of Exiles Trophy.png
Gathering of Exiles / 30G
Increase the population of Majula  
Moonlight Greatsword Trophy.png
Moonlight Greatsword / 30G
Inherit Benhart of Jugo's equipment  
Holder of the Fort Trophy.png
Holder of the Fort / 30G
Inherit Captain Drummond's equipment  
Lucatiel Trophy.png
Lucatiel's Trophy / 30G
Inherit the equipment from Lucatiel of Mirrah  
Smith for Life Trophy.png
Smith for Life / 30G
Inherit Steady Hand McDuff's equipment  
Garrulous Miser Trophy.png
Garrulous Miser / 30G
Inherit Laddersmith Gilligan's equipment  
Reflections of Disembodiment Trophy.png
Reflections of Disembodiment / 30G
Inherit equipment from the head of Vengarl  

DKS2: Supreme Weapon Trophy

Reinforcement Materials Souls Material Dropped By Enemy Location
Longsword + 1 1 Titanite Shard 500 Skeleton Harvest Valley, Others
Longsword + 2 2 Titanite Shards 630 Undead Peasant Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Longsword + 3 3 Titanite Shards 750 Undead Steelworker Earthen Peak, Others
Longsword + 4 1 Large Titanite Shard 1000 Parasite Spider Brightstone Cove Tseldora,Others
Longsword + 5 2 Large Titanite Shards 1130 Undead Peasant Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Longsword + 6 3 Large Titanite Shards 1250 Bell Guardian Black Phantom Belfry Sol/Belfry Luna
Longsword + 7 1 Titanite Chunk 1500 Undead Peasant Brightstone Cove Tseldora
Longsword + 8 2 Titanite Chunks 1630 Coal Tar Black Gulch
Longsword + 9 3 Titanite Chunks 1750 Gyrm Warrior Doors of Pharros
Longsword + 10 1 Titanite Slab 2000 Stone Soldier Drangleic Castle



Dark Souls 2 Trophy & Achievement Tips

Name PS3 Xbox 360 Basic Description Detailed Description
This is Dark Souls Bronze 10G Die for the first time Rest assured, you'll get this Achievement/Trophy hundreds of times in the course of a normal playthrough! Try to die near a Bonfire if you are just trying to get the Achievement/Trophy so you can quickly retrieve your Souls.
Selfless Giver Gold 50G Max-out devotion to covenant. I know this is easy if you are playing online but it is also possible to obtain this if you are playing offline, Either by the covenant
Way of the Blue

Pilgrims of Dark

. You can join Way of the Blue very early in game and max ranking up in this covenant is possible by killing 30 scripted NPC invader. There's more scripted NPC invade in the game. For Pilgrims of Dark is much easier. Just finish the 3 extra stages and beat the boss Darklurker. Then you talk again to the covenant master it will max out. Thus obtaining this trophy.
Smith for Life Silver 30G Inherit Steady Hand McDuff's equipment After finding the Dull Ember in the Iron Keep, give it to Steady Hand McDuff in the Lost Bastille to gain access to his shop menu. Once you've spent a total of at least 14,000 Souls for his various services (Edit: 'Various services' is incorrect. It was only after I infused with him using at least 12,000 Souls that he provided the item and achievement.), select the talk option in his menu. He will give you an item as thanks and you will unlock the Achievement/Trophy.
SoFtS- Same as listed above but Dull Ember can now be found in a chest at the 5th listed bonfire in the Lost Bastille, you will need to defeat the Pursuer in Forest of Fallen Giants and examine the bird's nest after the fight.
Garrulous Miser Silver 30G Inherit Laddersmith Gilligan's equipment After you've met Laddersmith Gilligan at Earthen Peak and spoken to him so he moves to Majula, visit him there. Pay him to set his most expensive ladder down. Once you've done this, select the talk option from his menu to receive a reward and unlock the Achievement/Trophy. In addition if you did not talk to him during your playthrough, he will appear in Majula after you defeat the final boss at which point you can also pay for his largest ladder earning the trophy.
Change of Clothes Silver 30G Give Rosabeth of Melfia something to wear After you've un-petrified Rosabeth of Melfia near the door at the entrance to the Shaded Woods, speak to her again. Eventually, she will ask a favor; a donation of clothes. Give her some of your old equipment that you don't need any more and you'll unlock this Achievement/Trophy after you do.
Gathering of Exiles Silver 30G Increase the population of Majula As you progress through the game, you'll meet numerous friendly characters on the way that will eventually move to Majula to offer their services to you, if you meet certain conditions. Find and exhaust dialogue with the following NPCs to get the trophy:
Reflections on Disembodiment Silver 30G Inherit equipment from the Head of Vengarl Once you've found the Head of Vengarl in a clearing in the Shaded Woods, exhaust all of his dialogue options. Once you get access to his menu, be sure to learn his Gesture, but also keep selecting the talk option. Do it repeatedly until he thanks you for your time and give you Vengarl's Helm, which will also unlock this Achievement/Trophy.
Curious Map Silver 30G Light all flames on the map in Majula In the mansion in Majula, there is a certain map. Once you have met Cartographer Cale in the Forest of Fallen Giants and have acquired the House Key from him, enter the mansion and head to the basement. There, you'll find the map. When you first go to it, if you haven't defeated any bosses, you won't see anything special. However, as you complete certain key events in the game and light certain Bonfires, a corresponding fire will appear on the map.
In order to unlock the Achievement/Trophy, you'll have to complete the 8 events listed in the table below this one, as well as light the correct Bonfire related to that event. Once you have, speak to Cartographer Cale in the basement next to the map. Go through his dialogue repeatedly until he gives you his equipment, which will unlock the Achievement/Trophy.
Vendrick Silver 50G Defeat Vendrick Deep in the Undead Crypt lies the former king Vendrick. While you don't need to defeat him to proceed with the game, you will need to for this Achievement/Trophy. He is a deadly foe, but the battle will go much easier if you first retrieve the Soul of a Giant items. For ever one you retrieve from the different Memories you can access, Vendrick's defense will lower. Since you need the Ashen Mist Heart item to access Memories, it is recommended that you don't attempt this until just before the end of the game.
Lucatiel Silver 30G Inherit equipment Lucatiel of Mirrah You will encounter Lucatiel of Mirrah in numerous locations throughout Drangleic. In order to get her to bestow her equipment upon you, you will have to meet her in each of these locations and activate each of her Summon Signs, ensuring she does not die and defeating a boss while doing so. You must also ensure you defeat these bosses with her before exhausting her storyline, which ends at Aldia's Keep. Bonfire ascetics can be used to respawn these bosses if you defeated them without Lucatiel, but they cannot be used to "reset" her storyline. The four bosses that Lucatiel can be summoned for are:
  • Flexile Sentry in No Man's Wharf
    First, speak with her near the entrance bonfire. Find her summon sign in the house that has the shortcut between the ship area and the start.
  • Smelter Demon in Iron Keep
    To trigger her here you must first do Earthen Peak and speak to her at the Lower Earthen Peak bonfire. Her summon sign then appears right after the drawbridge near the Smelter Demon fog.
  • The Rotten in Black Gulch
    Near the first bonfire of the Black Gulch, there's a drop-down area with a cave. Talk to her here and her summon sign will be available by the second bonfire.
  • Lost Sinner in Sinner's Rise
    You will have to talk to her in a circular room in the Lost Bastille right after McDuffs Bonfire. Once you make her to The Saltfort bonfire, you'll find her sign at the bottom of the elevator.

Only three of these four bosses are required for the achievement/trophy.
Holder of the Fort Silver 30G Inherit Captain Drummond's equipment You'll find Captain Drummond in the Memory of Vammar, which can be accessed via the withered tree in courtyard area of the Forest of Fallen Giants after you have the ashen Mist Heart. Go through all his dialogue options, then head to the Memory of Jeigh and take on the Giant Lord. After defeating the Giant Lord (you do not have to summon Drummond before the battle if you don't wish), go back into the Memory of Vammar. Speak to him again and he will give you a Drangleic Helm, which will also unlock the Achievement/Trophy.
Moonlight Greatsword Silver 30G Inherit Benhart of Jugo's equipment You will encounter Benhart of Jugo, first in Majula, just before the entrance to the Shaded Woods. After freeing Rosabeth of Melfia, speak to him again. You will then encounter him and his Summon Sign in numerous other locations; if you summon him and defeat three bosses while he is with you without him dying, he will bestow his equipment upon you the next time you speak to him. He is available for the Prowling Magus battle, Looking Glass Knight battle, Giant Lord battle, and finally you receive his equipment from him in the Memory of Orro.
He's also avaliable at the Throne Defender and Throne Watcher battle but it's unclear if it counts toward the three necessary victories.
The Dark Soul Platinum 50G Acquire all Trophies/Earn all Achievements Completing the arduous, painstaking task of acquiring every other Achievement/Trophy will endow you with two things; this final Achievement/Trophy, and a profound sense of accomplishment. Well done!

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    • Anonymous

      So Im just wondering- can you get the "gathering of exiles" achievement even if you kill the npc's that were at Majula beforehand? I killed one of the merchants for the tseldora pimp set but its only hitting me now, about 2hrs later, that I may've ****ed up.

      • Anonymous

        Currently impossible to get the master of hexes sorcery as all servers are offline and for whatever reason you need to be online when getting the last one.

        • Anonymous

          Stupid hidden weapon sorcery, F the Bell Covenant, what a load of ****, covenants should be optional, I shouldn't have to grind through more than the one I want to be in, it's bad enough getting the sunlight medals but my god the Bell covenant suckssss

          • Anonymous

            Honestly, as much as I don't enjoy co-op with NPC I prefer this over having to grind covenant rank items in DS3. If they hide NPC questline behind achievements it's not as tedious. The 110% doesn't seem too difficult.

            • Anonymous

              Let’s be honest guys, having to reach the chancellor in ng++ is moronic. It’s designed this way just to copy DS1 which requires reaching a similar point in the game on ng++ too but in that game there’s at least some internal logic to it as you need 3 souls of Sif but in DS2 it’s done when there’s no in game sense to it. It just ensures that you’ll have to grind as much as the last game purely for the sake of it.

              • Anonymous

                How does one get 110% completion? 100% = Everything (just a basic definition). Is this just bad wiki editing or is there something special that is considered that extra 10% which breaks reality?

                • Anonymous

                  On xbox one I have all of the sorceries but no achievement and yes i made sure ive went through them multiple times now

                  • Anonymous

                    Does it matter which ending you see in order to get "The Heir" achievement? I wanna leave but I'm scared I won't get it.

                    • Anonymous

                      Steam has a nasty habit of denying an achievement for no reason, at least I was already planning a second character to redo most of the npc questlines

                      • Anonymous

                        Killing Licia with the crushed eye orb before getting everyone prevents you getting the gathering of exiles trophy. If you are going for a platinum run (something like getting all spells idk) invest a few points into inteligence to get Carthilion early so you don´t forget and kill Licia early like me...

                        • Anonymous

                          So am I to assume that killing someone in Majula before everyone has moved there prevents you from obtaining the 'Gathering of Exiles' achievement/trophy? I killed Licia almost as soon as she moved to Majula (since I had no need of miracles and didn't feel like paying to access Huntsman's Copse etc), but that was obviously before I gathered Chloanne and Gilligan, and haven't got the achievement after bringing everyone else. So it would appear that killing anyone in Majula messes it up... looking back it would seem like common sense that this is the case...

                          • Anonymous

                            For master of miracles, do all the miracles have to be learned on the same character? Or can some be on one and some on another?

                            • Anonymous

                              Hey, I made a speadsheet with an editable checkist for spells and gestures:!AhgizzBT3grglfon5i0C_0dDvUaUIg

                              If mods find it helpful, I don't mind adding a link to it to this page

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