Lucatiel of Mirrah

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Health Souls Location Drops
3,220 1,700 No-Man's Wharf Lucatiel's Mask

Lucatiel of Mirrah is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Lucatiel of Mirrah Information

  Lucatiel of Mirrah is from the land of Mirrah, the far east, known as a land of knights.
  Although she was born in an underprivileged social rank, her skills on the battlefield let her become a knight, but then the accursed sign appeared on her body. She came to Drangleic to find a way to undo the curse. In combat she wields a sword and shield with finesse. She is also Undead, much like the Chosen Undead of Dark Souls II; her mask covers her face, but the area around her left eye has begun to rot, looking much like it does on the average hollow. She seems to harbor concerns more so about her memory rather than the process of actually turning hollow, going so far as to ponder over who will remember her after she does turn hollow. At first, she has no desire to get to know the Chosen Undead, but upon approaching her once more she will tell the Chosen Undead that they are peculiar for wanting to befriend her, and will henceforth offer her assistance after exhausting all of her dialogue options.
  Her brother, Aslatiel of Mirrah, later invades as a black phantom in Aldia's Keep. She expresses concern over him in earlier dialogue, saying that despite her skills in swordsmanship, she had never personally bested her brother in combat.





No-Man's WharfDark Souls II: Right next to the first and only bonfire.
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin: Found in the building to the left after the first set of stairs.

The Lost Bastille
. From the McDuff's Workshop bonfire up the stairs to the tower straight ahead, or from The Tower Apart bonfire the tower across the broken pathway. She leans against a wall in the tower.

Earthen Peak
Dark Souls II: At the Lower Earthen Peak bonfire.
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin: After entering Earthen Peak, go down towards the poison-filled water and follow the passage to the right. In the room adjacent to this passage you will find her.

Black Gulch
. The most hidden of her locations. From the first bonfire in Black Gulch stick close to the edge. Before the first tar pools you can spot a small ledge below. Using a torch is strongly advised to see it. Drop down and follow the path to find her leaning against a wall.

Aldia's Keep
. At the Foregarden bonfire. Gives her item set and achievement if summoned and survives 3 boss fights. Talking to her before beating the 3 bosses will make her disappear.




  1. Lucatiel's Mask




- First encounter

  1. What is it?
    I don't know you, and you don't know me.
    Things are better that way.
  2. Phew…
    Heh heh. You are an odd one.
    Normally, people keep a safe distance when they see this mask. But you…
    I am called Lucatiel.
    From the land of Mirrah, to the far east. across the mountains.
    They say Drangleic brims with powerful souls.
    And so I came to claim my share.
    But what a strange place…Even the rumours did not prepare me.
  3. You are an odd one, indeed. I've always made a point of avoiding people.
    While you've made a point of engaging me.
    I can see that you are mid-journey. If you require assistance, I will help you.
    I come from Mirrah, a land of knights. My sword is always ready.
    Don't hesitate to call upon me. Whatever happens, I won't be missed…

- Second encounter

  1. I thought that might be you. You haven't changed a bit, have you? Heh heh.
    The longer I am here, the more madness I discover.
    A wretched place, indeed, but not without traces of its former glory.
    What could have caused such degradation?
  2. Ah, yes, I have not thanked you for humouring me the other day.
    This is for you.
    Of course, I've no idea what it is. Heh heh.
  3. Our land of Mirrah is surrounded by enemies, and constantly at war.
    There is only one way up in Mirrah. Join the Order, and prove yourself in battle.
    My family had little fortune, and no name. I had to carve out a piece of the world for myself…
    …with two things. My sword, and my loyalty to my Lord.
  4. I was raised to wield a sword from birth.
    Life was hard, but I never gave it a second thought.
    I had swift success on the battlefield, and quickly attained respectable stature.
    And then I…
    And then I came here… to…
  5. Have you heard of the Undead? These poor souls affected by the curse.
    An Undead gradually loses his humanity, until his wits degrade completely.
    Finally, he turns Hollow, and preys upon others.
    And a Hollow can never be human again.
    One can skirt this wicked fate only with the help of the souls found here.
    Assuming, of course, that the legends are true.
    I can only hope…that they are.
  6. I'm sorry…to burden you with talk of my fate.
    I suppose I've grown weary these days.

- Third encounter

  1. Still on the road, are you?
    Sorry to have burdened you so.
    This is for you, by way of an apology.
  2. I've found my thoughts growing hazy.
    My memories are fading, oldest first.
    The curse is doing its work upon me.
    I am frightened…Terribly so…
    If everything should fade…What will be left of me…
  3. I had an older brother. We learned to fence together.
    He became the most decorated swordsman in all of Mirrah.
    I never even compared to him.
    In fact, I never beat him, not once.
    But then, one day…he was gone, lost without a trace.
    Now I'm certain. That he was taken, by the curse.
  4. If only someone would hear my tale…
    My brother must have come here, too.
    Soon, I may forget even about him…

- Fourth encounter

  1. Oh…You…
    My thoughts…are very…scattered…
  2. What is this curse?
    The question rings in my mind, but I haven't the focus to answer it.
  3. Loss frightens me no end. Loss of memory, loss of self.
    If I were told that by killing you, I would be freed of this curse…
    Then I would draw my sword without hesitation.
    I don't want to die, I want to exist.
    I would sacrifice anything, anything at all for this.
    It shames me, but it is the truth.
  4. Sometimes, I feel obsessed… with this insignificant thing called "self".
    But even so, I am compelled to preserve it.
    Am I wrong to feel so? Surely you'd do the same, in my shoes?

    Maybe we're all cursed…
    From the moment we're born…

- Encounter in Aldia's Keep

  1. Who are you…
    Oh…No, forgive me… I know you…Yes, of course.
  2. How goes your journey?
    I know not what you seek in this far-away land…
    But I pray for your safety.
  3. My name is Lucatiel.
    I beg of you, remember my name.
    For I may not myself…

- When giving equipment to the player
Please take these.
Consider this thanks, for keeping me sane…

- When attacked but not aggroed
What's become of you!
That will be quite enough!

- When attacked and aggroed
If this is your wish, so be it.

- When killing the player
Hmph…How sickening…

- When re-encountered after aggroing
If you really insist…

- When attacked and health is under 50%
I won't die in this foul place!

- When killed
Oh…My dear brother…

- Unknown
Please…find my brother…




  • Dying can be used to reset the encounter if Lucatiel dies before you can kill the boss.
  • Homeward Bone, the Homeward Miracle, and the Aged Feather can all be used to reset the encounter should Lucatiel die, returning you to your last visited bonfire in the process.
  • Using the Redeye Ring will cause enemies to focus on you and help prevent Lucatiel from dying prematurely, as she is apt to do. While she is slow to attack, if your elusion is consistent it is possible for Lucatiel to defeat bosses entirely on her own. (For some reason Flexile Sentry as well as The Lost Sinner both went fully aggro on Lucatiel although I used the Red Eye Ring)
    • No-Man's Wharf is a reasonable area to attempt to farm her armor set by using Bonfire Ascetics. However, while the boss is relatively simple, the boss does scale upwards dependent on bonfire level. Anything above 1 and the boss will include both the Flexile Sentry and the Suspicious Shadow unique enemies. If one is attempting to farm the Shadow Set, this would be the most opportune time to do so. However, this does make the Redeye Ring method significantly more difficult, as three enemies will be focused on the player, rather than one. That being said, Suspicious Shadows are not terribly powerful, and if dispatched quickly, the Sentry is perhaps the easiest boss to summon her for.
    • Using this method, you can easily get the items from Lucatiel by resetting the Rotten boss fight three times. This is a relatively easy fight where both you and Lucatiel are unlikely to die. Both the bonfire and Lucatiels summon sign are right near the fog gate leading to the boss so it can be done quickly as well. This is the fastest and easiest method of obtaining Lucatiel's equipment. However, the region around the Rotten can be an annoyance as both she is also susceptible to the poison statues, meaning on higher difficulties, the Rotten may be able to drop her if he switches aggro. That said, this is still the simplest way to farm her equipment.
    • It is significantly more difficult to summon Lucatiel for the Smelter Demon fight, such that it is recommended to not use her for it. The Smelter Demon is somewhat unique in that his defenses scale up by 1/2 for each phantom present. Meaning he will be taking 50% damage with her in the fight. This coupled with the relatively powerful, and shield-penetrating damage done during the fight, makes Smelter Demon a poor choice for earning her three fights.
    • The Lost Sinner is an acceptable area to summon her, if the player can manage to clear the approach. However, much like the Flexile Sentry, on higher difficulties, Black Phantom Pyromancers will be accompanying this boss, making it significantly more difficult. It is recommended that should the player wish to summon her here, that they complete the Belfry Luna optional area to get the Bastille Key. This will allow the player to light up the room, making it easier to keep track of the boss. Furthermore, the boss seems to move slower with the lights on, making surviving her combos much easier


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    • Anonymous

      25 Aug 2021 19:58  

      You can kill her after the achievement pops and get a second mask for fun. Who carries two of the same equipment anyway? Oh right. *swaps to second +5 DGH*

      • Anonymous

        13 Jun 2021 08:46  

        Can someone help?
        I killed the flexile sentry and the lost sinner without her help, but I didn't kill the rotten and smelter demon yet, so what should I do? Can I use a bonfire ascetic to get her help again or am I screwed?

        • Anonymous

          15 May 2021 18:02  

          I did 3 of her encounters except for the one in Earthen Peak where she isn’t showing up. I was wondering where would I need to go to reset the area with another BA

          • 27 Apr 2021 15:07  

            Can someone please explain to me why there is no shield?
            Seems pretty ridiculous of the devs didn't even bother putting it in, despite the fact you can get all of her other equipment.

            • Anonymous

              02 Mar 2021 16:36  

              Her questline kinda felt incomplete.

              Would've been cool if her brother's sword always dropped, and when the player talks to her again after getting it she doesn't remember who's sword it is--or thinks that the player IS her brother.

              • Anonymous

                21 Nov 2020 10:19  

                In regular DS2 Lucatiel's summon sign is actually in the house before the stairway that lead down to the wharf.

                • Anonymous

                  17 Sep 2020 13:55  

                  Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin: Found in the building to the left after the first set of stairs.

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Sep 2020 15:48  

                    Guys can you help me I first talk with her in the lost bastile (i go to bastile from the forrest of fallen giants) and lucatiel ia npt spawning at no mans wharf what should i do

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Aug 2020 19:12  

                      I cannot thank this noble lady enough when I think about how often she has reliably stood by my side in fights. It was all the more painful for me to see how she lost more and more of her memories and her self in the course of her questline because the miserable curse continued to attack her. At least I was spared having to kill her. A strong, honorable knight does not deserve such an end. Rest in peace, Lucatiel of Mirrah. I will never forget you.

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Aug 2020 22:45  

                        Talked to her at every location besides aldias keep, beat rottenX2 with her and lost sinner, shes not at aldias keep, checked every location she can be at, SHES NOT AT ALDIAS ****ING KEEP, apparently no one else has ever had this problem, i'm wondering if she died during a battle but even then she apparently is supposed to spawn at the aldias keep fire

                        • Anonymous

                          03 Aug 2020 01:21  

                          She sometimes randomly takes her mask off?
                          My 2nd encounter with her was in no mans wharf, and she did a hand motion while talking, and suddenly her mask was off. I'm pretty sure thats not supposed to happen until her final encounter right?

                          • 24 Jul 2020 22:52  

                            Lil tip. dlc bosses count

                            her and Benhearts quests can be done by using the Ivory king (Luc) and the Queen boss in sunken king, helpful if ya dun goofed and they died at the last possible second

                            • Anonymous

                              13 Jul 2020 12:58  

                              The text for the smelter demon is false and i mean like completely false!!!!

                              in scholar of the first sin smelter does nearly no damage to her at all which means it is highly recommended to use this fight for her 3 bossfights as it provides extremly good surviveability. Furthermore she helps you survive the fight too. However it is recommended to use firedefense increasing armor, rings and items or pyromancy to make it much easier for yourself to allow you to do damage. Gyrm shield would be perfect to block all his attacks including his blast. As Smelter demon has a quite easy attackpattern and as he is vulnerable to attacks from behind once he focus on lucathiel for example it is extremly easy to beat him this way.

                              Lucathiel herself takes only like 4% damage per hit and 5% if the blast hits her even in higher NG+ while she is actually blocking most of his attacks. I never faced a fight with her beeing below 60% health at all.

                              • Anonymous

                                13 Jul 2020 10:01  

                                She is not at aldias keep for me I just arrived there. Thats a bit of a shame as i have the 3 boss kills allready

                                • Anonymous

                                  07 Jul 2020 05:51  

                                  Just in case if someone benefits from this information, Lucatiel will give you her items as long as, with a given character, you have summoned and won a fight with her 3 times *in total*, not specifically in one Journey. I didn't get this in NG with a character, as I only summoned & won with her twice before she skedaddled and lost her mind proper, then I did so once more in NG+ and she gave them to me all of a sudden. Wouldn't have known unless I did this by accident. Lovely lady, that Lucy.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    29 Jun 2020 14:46  

                                    Oof. Lucatiel died at the Rotten right as I killed the Rotten. I meant to ascetic it but spaced and forgot. Just talked to her at Aldia and she's like "no trophy for you". Can I still throw an ascetic into the Rotten (or any other boss) and get that third fight and then... Ascetic Aldia's keep to have her reappear, or am I stuck having to protect her in NG+?
                                    At least I got good ol' Benny and his Plastic Sword without an issue, but poor Lucatiel ghosted me :(

                                    • Anonymous

                                      26 Jun 2020 05:17  

                                      I've visited her in my Champions covenant walktrhough in all 4 places, and she did not give the equipment in Aldia. Apparently you do need to summon her.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        20 Jun 2020 03:16  

                                        Lucatiel is a very interesting character when you analyze her properly. Out of all the Souls games, she is the only person who is able to report to you the effects of becoming hollow. In DS1, it was a little mysterious when The Crestfallen Warrior, Laurentius, Nico and Vince go hollow; there seems to be no reason why (While Siegmeyer's hollowing can be explained thanks to the elaborations made in DS3, but that's besides the point). Lucatiel actually tells you what going hollow feels like, first is forgetting why you ever came to Drangleic in the first place, leaving a heavy question to dispel any reason to leave. Then, memories, oldest to most recent, begin to fade, including birthplace, names, loved ones, etc. Lastly, basic motor functions and core sentience are at risk, which is when the true "hollowing" takes place, leaving an empty husk. She tells us about her own hollowing, while others just up and leave, leaving their animated corpses to be found. That's why I like her as a character, she opens up to you. Too bad she sucks at fighting.

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