Fragrant Branch of Yore

fragrant branch of yore

A Fragrant tree branch with a faint sweet smell. Restore the life of things turned to stone. Extended inhalation of the branch's scent can lead to coughing and nausea."

Fragrant Branch of Yore is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Unpetrify the player or NPCs.


Scholar of the First Sin

Post King's Ring


Regular Version

  • Needed to unpetrify Straid of Olaphis
  • Needed to unpetrify Rosabeth of Melfia
  • Unpetrify the Ogre in Aldia's keep under the dragon skeleton to get a "Dragon Acolyte Mask"
  • Unpetrify 3 enemies in the 3rd area of the Shaded Woods
    • Past Manscorpion Tark to get the Black Knight Halberd (Not needed, can jump to this area from near the bonfire.)
    • In a broken building towards the boss, for a "Lion Mage" armor set and an extra branch (not needed but VERY hard to get without the branch)
    • Near the bonfire, drops the Fang Key



Scholar of the First Sin

  • Merchant Hag Melentia: - Only one (12,000)
  • No-man's Wharf: In a chest in the house with poisoned jars
  • Lost Bastille: Near the tower where Lucatiel of Mirrah is, in a chest with a Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and a Human Effigy
  • Sinners' Rise: In a chest after defeating the Lost Sinner
  • The Gutter: on a corpse hanging from a plank
  • Black Gulch: At the start, jumping down from The Gutter
  • Harvest Valley: Found in a cave in the first poison pit
  • Iron Keep: Magerold of Lanafir - Only one (7,500)
  • Shaded Woods: Another in the room as loot on a corpse when you rescue Weaponsmith Ornifex
  • Shaded Ruins: In the chest containing the Lion Mage Set
  • Shaded Woods: Talk to Manscorpion Tark with the Ring of Whispers equipped (bought from Sweet Shalquoir in Majula) after you've defeated the area boss.
  • Brightstone Cove Tseldora: A branch is still dropped by the hollowed Duke in the Lord's Private Chamber after the fight with The Duke's Dear Freja
  • Undead Crypt: After lighting the statue brazier, two Insolent Spirits will appear in the room with the Leydia Witches after the lone Imperious Knight. One of them drops a branch.
  • Undead Crypt: One in an iron chest, just before Velstadt, on the left of the stairs
Post King's Ring
  • Forest of the Fallen Giants: Near the Memory of Jeigh behind the King's Gate, the body hanging off the ledge now contains 2 x Twinkling Titanite and a branch
  • Aldia's Keep: The last cage (closest to the Guardian Dragon boss) hanging from the ceiling has a Mimic that drops a branch
  • Dragon Shrine: after dropping down to the ledge after obtaining the Petrified Egg and defeating Dragonfang Villard,it is in a chest along with the Crystal Magic Weapon Sorcery


Regular Version

  • Harvest Valley: One in the first poison fog area after The Poison Pool bonfire, inside the cave guarded by the Banedigger. Once inside you'll see the item on a body hanging over a ledge, watch out for skeletons.
  • Harvest Valley: After progressing past The Mines bonfire you'll see a room full of poison fog-filled pits and an item on a ledge. Enter the tunnel nearest to this ledge, and be ready to fight or run as you make an immediate right. In the quarry area with 4 sickle-wielding enemies you'll see several boarded up tunnels, the one you want is second from the right on the top level. Make a right turn inside the tunnel and you'll find yourself back out on the original ledge with the branch.
  • The Gutter (Before the bonfire at Black Gulch)
  • Shaded Woods: Talk to Manscorpion Tark with the Ring of Whispers equipped (bought from Sweet Shalquoir in Majula) after you've defeated the area boss.
  • Shaded Woods: One in the chest containing the Lion Mage Set (Using abranch on the lion warrior outside will allow access,)
  • Brightstone Cove Tseldora (Dropped by the Hollow Duke of Tseldora in the Lord's Private Chamber after defeating Duke's Dear Freja.)
  • Sinners' Rise: Right next to the Primal Bonfire (in a chest after defeating Lost Sinner)
  • Iron Keep: Magerold of Lanafir's Shop (Cost 7500)


  • Upon entering a new NG cycle, even if branches are present in your inventory, they cannot be used to unpetrify NPCs and enemies until the respective branches are picked up again in the current playthrough.
  • In Scholar of the First Sin, there are 17 branches and 17 statues to be dissolved per NG cycle.

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    • Anonymous

      I'm...ok with these as a game mechanic but it really stands out as a video game contrivance when it's obvious you could easily scooch around them. The one in Dragon Aerie is especially bad, someone could easily squeeze by it on either side.

      • Anonymous

        Fragrant Branch of your mother, she so ugly she turned the hollows into statues by looking at them like medusa

        • in SotFS, in order to get one of the branches in the Undead Crypt, you need to light the statue after the drop, not one the one that is on the path. It needs to be the one that gives a message after lighting it, and lights up the whole room. Then, you backtrack to the room full of the oil barrels. I thought I would provide more details, in case it wasn't clear what to do to get this branch!

          • Anonymous

            Gotta love how Scholar of the First Sin puts so many statues in the way of important areas that are meant to make your life less painful like the path leading to the before boss bonfire in Black Gulch and the Rise of the Dead at the end of Shrine of Amana just to make things tedious for the sake of being tedious and make already-awful areas even more of a pain in the ass and forcing you to go searching if you aren't lucky enough to already have a Fragrant Branch, what an annoying and pointless change

            • Anonymous

              Hi I'm Lanci, I can't change the wiki's entry for some reason but I found a way to farm these bad boys, you just need to use the Bonefire Ashetic item on the "Lower Brightstone Cove" bonefire, thus making the boss "THE DUKE'S DEAR FREJA" respawn, she will now drop both her soul and seath's. (You can trivialise the fact by attacking her from a distance + 2 phantoms and a torch to keep the spiders away). After her death the way to the primal bonefire will be open once again but with the guy that gives the branch and the ring still alive, therefore just go towards the primordial bonefire, kill the little guy and enjoy the branch. (idk if it's mandatory but every time I kill her I go through the dragon's memories).

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