Aava, the King's Pet

HP ~9,000 (Standard Game), 12,500 (NG+)
Weakness  None
Resistance  All magic

Aava, the King's Pet is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Aava, the King's Pet Information 

Pet Guardian of Eleum Loyce and the Ivory King's beloved child of the Dark.
Aava is a big sabertooth-like ice tiger whose duty is to protect the path to the Grand Cathedral. She is barely visible but can be seen fully after acquiring the Eye of the Priestess. She usually rests on the way to the Grand Cathedral but becomes Hostile when the player comes too close.

    • You may summon Steelheart Ellie to assist with the fight. Her sign is located on the right, very close to the boss fog.
    • You may also summon Masterless Glencour to assist with the fight.


  • Boss of Frozen Eleum Loyce, found just past the first bonfire. After the large door across the bridge go left and down the stairs. The entrance is immediately ahead.





Attack Name Attack Description
Homing Ice Crystals Runs farther away and roars, conjuring five Ice Crystals that launch a few seconds after at their target, every crystal tracking the player.
Getting hit knocks the player down and thus the rest of them will miss. (With high poise you might get hit by more than one)
Leaping Ice Swipe Runs farther away like with Ice Crystals. Instead of conjuring crystals she leaps at the player and swipes with her paw.
Leaping Ice Slam Runs away in a manner like the Ice Swipe. Instead of swiping you, leaps at you and slams into the ground with her front right paw. Has a large, lingering hitbox around 270 degrees on the right side of her body.
Ice Swipe Swipes the area in front of her; can chain another swipe with her other paw.
Note: If she decides to change target and swipe at the same time, she can do a 180' degree turn.
Ice Smash Smashes the ground with her paw, summoning little ice pools around her which erupt an ice spike after a few seconds.
Ice Explosion After a short, stationary charging animation, she emits an icy explosion, dealing damage to and knocking back everyone around her.
Bite attack She leaps away and then leaps towards you with her mouth open. If you are too close to her head when she lands, you will be sucked in her mouth and suffer heavy damage.



Melee Strategy for Aava: It is important to note that Aava can take away a great deal of health if any of the hits connect. Aava is a melee-oriented boss, so a shield with good damage reduction is recommended to soak up the majority of the damage being dealt. If you’re a dual weapon user, then it is important to have high agility (minimum of 92) to help you when rolling away from attacks.

Now, the first order of business is to lock-on to Aava. This is important, as all your attacks will want to be focused directly Aava. Now that you've locked on, you must ALWAYS stay near the hind legs (the back legs) as Aava will only have 3 methods of attack to get you from there: she can use ice explosion which can and will damage you if you're behind her, as well as her ice smash attack, Aava will move her body to the side that is opposite to your side and do a claw sweep that will force her to directly face you. When this happens you have three things to do (depending on your build):

If you’re a tank with a shield: Raise your shield as soon as you notice Aava moving her body slightly to the side. When she attacks, your shield will soak up the damage and you can then proceed to sprint to her hind legs once again.

If you’re a dual weapon user: Roll to the front of Aava or to the away from her. If you roll to the front, you’ll get underneath Aava ( DO. NOT. ATTACK.), just simply roll to the side and repeat the process of attack that’s already been mentioned.

If you're a mage: Use phantoms to distract her, and then proceed to stagger her with Dark Hail, Block its magic with a shield that has good Magic defenses in order to absorb the majority of the damage. It is vital that you stay at a far away range from Aava, if she begins to focus on you, it is recommended to roll through her attacks OR use a shield to block the damage she may inflict on you. Retreat to a safe position while phantoms begin to distract her.

Aava also has a long-range attack. She will summon 5 soul spears, which will all fire in rapid succession of each other towards the player. When she summons them, just move behind her and 90% of the time they miss. If you're too far away to make it behind her, sprint to the left or the right and they should all miss you.

Alternate Melee Strategy: (Used at SL138 with Throne Watcher's Armor set +2, fire-infused Heide Longsword +10 and fire-infused Blue Flame +5, Chloranthy ring +1, Fire Clutch Ring and Old Leo Ring on a STR/DEX 40 build)
--(Feel free to use any combination of dual-wielded fire-infused weapons, my setup would have been better with a Fire Longsword instead of Heide Longsword)

You will want a fire-infused weapon for this, and a shield is optional as her attacks will very easily stagger you if blocked. For this reason, dual-wielding and powerstancing with fire weapons is preferable. Lighter, faster weapons are recommended, as you will have more time to dodge after your strike. If you can use Flame Weapon, use it. If not, the only other buff that is useful is Crystal Magic Weapon: it adds both physical and magic damage, and she resists both magic and Dark damage.

First, summon the two NPCs available for the fight; they serve as meat shields and will likely die before the end of the fight. As soon as the fight starts, lock on to Aava and stay that way for the rest of the fight. While Aava concentrates on them (she always turns her head to face her target), stand far enough away that you're out of her spinning swipe range, as this should be the only move that could hit you while she isn't targeting you (other than her AoE ice spike which is easy to dodge), but close enough that you can run in for a few hits. (Using a straight sword, you may feel like you have time enough to go for 4-5 hits, but her spinning swipe has next to no warning, so stay with 2-3 hits). As soon as she finishes her combo, dash in for a few hits to her side. Quickly back away once you finish. DO NOT strike at her flank: she will begin targeting you after doing a backward leap/leaping bite combo if you do. Only strike at her side; the left side seems the best choice. Keep this up until the NPC Phantoms die, which should happen after she is at about 1/3 health.

Once the NPC Phantoms die, Aava will begin targeting you. DO NOT STRAFE at this point. She will unleash holy hell and wreck your ass with AoEs if you do. Allow her to use her biting and clawing attacks (she typically does either 2 swipes or a bite followed by 2 swipes) while facing her head-on. Simply back away before she strikes and after the combo, strike her face 1-2 times and repeat. The only moves you need to worry about are her back jumps followed by leaping bites, which are highly telegraphed but have a deceptively wide hit-box, her leaping swipes, and her spin attacks, which have almost no warning and a lagging hitbox extending ALL THE WAY TO HER OPPOSITE SHOULDER (she shouldn't use this unless you strafe). Move backward, not to the side, to avoid both of these. When you see her leap back, DO NOT APPROACH unless she is charging her soul spears, in which case you need to run forwards and roll between her legs, hit 1-2 times, and quickly move away once the attack is finished.

Optimal healing times are while she uses her ice spike AoE, which can be triggered by attacking her hind legs (not her flank or side, but in between the two) and her spin swipe, which can be avoided once you know how to trigger it and can predict when she will use it. This should take no more than 2-3 minutes.

Video Strategy:

Solo NG+3 Black Knight Greatsword
Aava: Ranged, Sword & Board and Power Stance
Ng+ boss strategy, solo, sl1, melee, no shield just a rapier
NG+2 Shield & Murakumo strategy
NG Rapier & Bow Strategy
Solo/Melee/NG+ with Bone Fist
Solo, Caestus Only
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  • Without the Eye of the Priestess, the player can barely see Aava. It is possible, although very hard to see Aava's very faint outline,
  • Even with a good shield Aava will most likely drain your stamina completely after 1-2 hits (especially in NG+ and further). However, the Baneful Bird Ring might be helpful and allow blocking 1 more attack, (especially for smaller shields)
  • If she has summoned her Ice Missiles, just walk to the side of Aava. Normally none of them should hit you.
  • Aava is very resistant to all magic - dark orb does 25% dmg only and the other 3 elements seem to be no better.
  • However, Dark Hail is actually handy for staggering Aava.
  • It is highly recommended to get your magic resistance as close to 900 as possible to minimize damage from her spells
  • Magic Shield and Rebel's Greatshield infused with Magic makes this fight almost trivial, as both provide 100% magic damage reduction
  • Fighting Aava with under 92 Agility  is incredibly difficult, most notably; the Leaping Ice Slam attack is impossible to avoid via dodge iframes, level up Adaptability  or equip some combination of the Peasant's Set,  Simpleton's Ring  and/or Handmaid's Ladle if you are running SL1 until you have sufficient Agility to avoid being hit.



    • Anonymous

      22 Jul 2020 20:04  

      So is Aava cannonicaly a he or she? In my language Aava is referred to as a he. I know this is a stupid question but I don't want to misgender.

      • Anonymous

        14 Jul 2020 01:27  

        As a hexer this fight is a pain in the a**. I summoned Glauica and Ellie but they do little damage and are too squishy as distraction if you dont kill Aava fast enough. Dont rely on them and dont stay behind Aava cause it will then only focus you instead of the npcs.

        • Anonymous

          25 Jun 2020 03:59  

          A fun fight once you figure out her moveset, but still tough. I found her more predictable without summons.

          • Anonymous

            08 Jun 2020 11:24  

            'Fighting Aava with under 92 Agility is incredibly difficult, most notably; the Leaping Ice Slam attack is impossible to avoid via dodge iframes, level up Adaptability or equip some combination of the Peasant's Set, Simpleton's Ring and/or Handmaid's Ladle if you are running SL1 until you have sufficient Agility to avoid being hit.' i found a way to easily dodge them and i never level adaptability (so it stays under 10) all u do is roll under it and it cant hit u, i also used the summon just outside the fog gate to keep its aggro off me but its really unnesasary if ur patient and hit only after it attacks

            • Anonymous

              07 Jun 2020 12:40  

              this boss has a hitbox that is absolute trash. dumb paw swipe attack makes 0 sense with how it hits you. and what the heck is the durability reduction for*****s and giggles? its an ice cat not a rusty McChonker

              • Anonymous

                19 Mar 2020 04:57  

                Should be noted that Aava will corrode your weapons. My red rust scimitar broke towards the end of the battle, and the final hit came from a fire orb, and only because I never bothered unequipping my pyro. And just like with the other DLC bosses, the damage dealt will decrease if you summon npcs.

                • Anonymous

                  29 Feb 2020 07:22  

                  She’s definitely weak to fire or slashing damage. My Fire Black Knight Halberd +5 was doing 600+ damage per hit. It was close to breaking so I switched to my Lightning Heide Spear +10 and was only doing about 350 damage.

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Dec 2019 08:33  

                    >Without the Eye of the Priestess, the player can barely see Aava. It is possible, although very hard to see Aava's very faint outline Partial credit. Without the Eye you can barely see Aava PERIODICALLY. Most of the time she is completely invisible but a transparent form will appear every so often.

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Nov 2019 20:45  

                      She's tough, but if you bait the Jump & Bite attack; it should be fine (for melee). When she almost land, roll to the right and give a few hits. Take a Havel Greatshield with you, equip load below 60% and shield-circle her other attacks.

                      • Anonymous

                        13 Nov 2019 03:29  

                        NG+7 says goodbye to NPCs and I return to fight alone. The attack is too weak and the weapon is easily damaged.

                        • Anonymous

                          28 Aug 2019 04:51  

                          Strength/vitality build strat: why are you reading strats fight it blind and solo like a man. If you really need a strat and can't first try this boss no guides no summons like the rest of us then make sure your gear is in check. It's easy to forget the nerd stuff: under 70%, 105 agility, havel's armor/shield, smelter hammer (70 strength 300 durability) or king's ultra greatsword (50 strength 220 durability do you even lift bro), and chloranthy/third dragon/royal soldier's/optional (baneful bird) rings. Stamina management is key and if you aren't completely full some of its attacks will dislocate your shoulders. Health management is also key so minimize shield bleed-through with chumpgems. I didn't have hitbox issues at 105 agility and rolling toward the boss (is there any other way?) so either level your agility like everyone else or alternatively if you want your shield to solve everything uninstall. Quickly switching to 2 handing for extra damage will likely be a waste because it leaps away but since I would still do it regardless of what I read on the internet do it anyway. If you do everything right you'll only be thinking one thing: why am I not hitting harder?

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Jul 2019 12:43  

                            My only problem with this boss is that it chugs my weapon durability, but I don't understand how is that possible lore-wise. It's a big magic tiger? How does that damage my weapon more than Smelter Demon, Iron King, etc.? I can understand Sinh destroying my weapon, it's a dragon that represents decay and sickness. But Aava? In my opinion it's a bug. They had this bug in previous versions on pretty much every enemy until it got fixed. Also, if you haven't broken Santier's Spear yet, this is the right boss for the job I guess.

                            • Anonymous

                              28 Jun 2019 18:18  

                              I see videos of players rolling under her jumping attacks... That doesn't work for me. It's not even her claws, but her middle body smashing me to the ground. Or the hitbox is very *****ed up and it's her claws. I'm stuck on this boss, last DLC to go, so I have to face it a few hundred times I guess until I get lucky.

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