Masterless Glencour

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- - Heide's Tower of Flame -

Masterless Glencour is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Masterless Glencour Information

Masterless Glencour is an NPC summon for boss fights. Judging by his appearance and name, he could be one of the last surviving Royal soldiers. He is very helpful during the Dragonrider encounter, where he is capable of defeating the boss on his own. Also able to summon him for the Old Dragonslayer fight in which he has a small chance of parrying the Old Dragonslayer.

In the Crown of the Ivory King DLC, he is also ready to help you if you obtained the ' Eye of the Priestess'. His summonsign was invisible and can be found on the bridge leading to the big Gate to the Kingdom, after the first bonfire. He will assist you in the fight against Aava, the King's Pet.

He uses a Zweihander, Varangian Shield, Hollow Soldier Helmet, Heide Knight Chainmail, Royal Swordsman Gloves and Leggings. His appearance seems to be that of a Royal soldier who has long been on the road and has picked up additional equipment on his journey.




Heide's Tower of Flame. Near the Dragon Rider boss fog.
Belfry Luna. Under the second set of stairs leading to the Gargoyle boss fight.
Frozen Eleum Loyce. On the bridge leading into the Kingdom.




  • As soon as he's summoned he will perform the "Bow" gesture beside this he will also use the "Warmup" often while waiting for you.
  • Upon defeating Aava he will perform the "Warcry" gesture.
  • During the fights against the Old Dragonslayer and the Dragon Rider, Masterless Glencour is extremely helpful, as he has an extremely powerful sword slam attack that will stumble both enemies, leaving them wide open to attack.
  • In Scholar of the first Sin you can also summon Glencour at Belfry Luna.
  • Masterless Glencour Fights very similar to Black Iron Tarkus from the original Dark Souls.

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