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Baneful Bird Ring is a stability increase ring in Dark Souls 2. It was added with the DLC Crown of the Old Iron King
baneful_bird_ring.png "Ring of Raime the traitor.
Reduces stamina loss when blocking with a shield.
Raime was an agile swordsman who served King Vendrick, but after resigning from his post, he reconsidered his way of life and was born again as a stalwart warrior."


  • Gives +5 stability to weapons and shields.
  • Durability: 45
  • Weight: 2.0


  • Next to the Throne Floor bonfire on a corpse hanging on a railing behind some cogs half buried in ash, you must have the Brume Tower activated with the Scorching Iron Scepter to do this. Jump over when the elevator is up, and quickly cross over, go over to the corpse and claim the ring!
  • Location video


  • Useful for Small Shields, but unnecessary for Greatshields

    • Don't need the lifts...29 Aug 2016 11:00  

      You can jump to that ledge straight away. You don't need to have the lifts activated. There's a pile of rubble to the left of the ledge - you can't walk across it - so you need to line useful up alongside that. Jump right at that LAST second. If you jump too early, you'll land on the ledge below (you'll lose a little health), but you can go back up and try again.Myself, my brother and two friends have all completed this jump and got the ring WITHOUT having the lifts activated.

      • "Useful for Small Shields, but unnecessary for Greatshields" is completely false29 Aug 2016 11:00  

        Small shields will not benefit from this ring!Stability is how much stamina damage is blocked, in percent. 75 stability means 75% of the stamina damage is blocked. What we really care about is how improving stability reduces the damage we actually suffer from an attack, which is 100 - the stability. If we use a shield with 50 stability and get a +5 bonus, we will see the stamina damage multiplied by a factor of 45/50, giving us 10% reduction. On the other hand, if we have a shield with 90 stability and get +5, we will see the stamina damage multiplied by 5/10, which cuts the stamina damage by half.Using this ring while wielding a greatshield is unnecessary for easily blockable enemies, but it does allow you to block bosses and enemies that couldn't be blocked at all in the past. On the other hand, it's a waste of a ring slot if your shield only has 50 stability, and is probably a poor choice unless your shield has 75 stability or higher. The higher the stability, the more impact the ring will have.

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